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Monday, March 28, 2011


Apron that is ! Or as my British mum called it a Piny !

I am so glad that the Apron/Piny has never gone out of style and is still around in full force. My mum  made all hers and always wore an Apron/Piny when she was baking and cooking for us  all  on the farm  and even when she went out to feed the chickens lol. I have an old photo of her doing just that. I think that's why I am glad they are still popular not only in  professional food establishments but more so still in the country kitchen were they originated from in the pioneer days.  I myself do not wear them as I don't do very much baking  and that's when I would need it the most lol  I cook but not bake very much. I do love the look of the Aprons/Piny especially now that you can either buy so many styles that are hand made from the country craft shows or better yet make your own and personalize them . I should wear one as I am always wiping my hands on the towels I keep  for just that purpose as I am cooking. I am not that good at sewing but I do have a machine. I would like to start to make my own Aprons as for me it would be a tribute to my mum as we had great times whilst she wore her Aprons/Piny’s as that's how I like to remember her the most.


                                  My favourite photo of my mum ! see her Apron/Piny under her coatGrannysApron


CLX-valuing vintage aprons-88819980

          Here’s to the Apron/Piny that has lived and thrived over the centuries with all their colors and patterns and have helped make the tastiest foods in the world whether it be professional or in the forever country kitchen.

                          Until next time my blogger buddies, Hope you have a wonderful day.

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Gail said...

Wonderful memories! I love aprons!

Dar said...

I Love Aprons/Pinys as yo call them. I have not heard them called a Piny. I smiled to read this as memories of my Gram and Mom, came flooding back. To top it off, while cleaning out a bin in the laundry room, I ran across one of my Grams aprons that she always wore while baking and cooking. She made the best Kuchen, a German fruit or poppyseed filled dessert. I can smell her kitchen now.
Thanks for such a sweet memory. I love the picture of your Mum feeding the chickens in her Piny. Have a wonderful week!

fernvalley01 said...

My Grandma always wore one, I used to , but it seems more often I just stick a towel in my front pocket to wipe my hands. Probably would be easier to wear an apron

Sall's Country Life said...

Yes, what a great memory! My Grandmother always wore her apron too. Love the pictures of the bright colored ones. Grandma's were always dreadfully dull ones Ha. That is the cutest picture of your mum and her chickens!

Patsy said...

It is so nice to remember when.

Deborah Jean @ Dandelion House said...

Howdy Country Gal!
Darling blog you have here! I love the photo of your mum with all of her hens...I have a similar one of my Grandmother... I need to find it!
Thanks for coming by via Verde Farm and following... I think we'll have double the fun on the hop tomorrow!
See you then!