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Friday, August 28, 2020

A Wedding , A New Puppy, & Lots Of Photos Of Both

 Hello , hope all are well and safe .

It has been a couple of busy weeks for Papa and I . Our eldest son got married last Saturday in their yard  all decorated wonderfully  and Papa and I took all their photos  for them as part of their wedding gift , it was a lovely day .  Every one of the wedding party looked soo lovely and our now Daughter in-law Cindee looked so pretty and our sons the groom David and his best friend  of 25 years the best man  and his children and Davids younger brother James all looked soo handsome .


                            Center is David our eldest  the groom , left is his brother James and to his right is his best friend  of 25 years and basically our third son Dylan .


                                    Papa , Myself , David and his lovely wife Cindee .

        Papa and I took hundreds of photos and we put them all on a flash drive for David and Cindee and we also did a surprise for them , see Papa and I also do our own videos on the computer using a program called pro show , we used their wedding song as the music as special effects of the photos were presented through out the video , from the start of the video to the end they were both in happy tears that we did this memory of their wedding for them and Papa and I were pleased with their reaction as we knew this would be just what they wanted . Two thumbs up .๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘


                                   The newly married couple our son and daughter in law 

                                                                   David and Cindee ๐Ÿ’—

Papa and I have been looking for a four legged member to join our family for some time as we were ready . We turned to a rescue for non profit organization with in our area , it took a while and she first went to a foster home  then they put up a post on their Facebook page and we fell in love sent in our application  , There's a story to her coming to us .

Well our application fell through a no go they decided to place her with some one else so we were very heart broken , so moved on a looked at some more  , a few weeks went by and then all of a sudden the rescue emailed me asking if we were still interested in her  , I said oh yes , yes , yes , then asked why what happened  , of no fault of this beautiful pup the people had a change of heart and we found out this was in fact her second home  , I said well this will be her final and forever home a dog to us is forever , so we met her fell in love even more and she is now home with us where she belongs. 

We would like you to meet our furbaby 

                                                                SUMMER ๐Ÿ’—

                                              She also comes to the name Summer Time 

She is 14weeks and already I have her trained  to come when called , to sit , stay, lay down , in your bed , speak for a treat , its night night time , supper time, waits when told and she walks perfectly on her leash and loves to go for walks , car rides , and play in the yard with us , she is soo smart and has been excellent at the house training just one potty accident the first day , Summer was born on the the reserves in northern Ontario where the rescue collects lots of puppies from there  , Summer is a mix of Coonhound ,Husky and Terrier and she is amazing . All our family friends and doggie neighbors just love her and are so happy for her and Papa and I .

       We already have hundreds of photos and video of Summer and we are just loving her and enjoying having her be a member of our little family , Harley kitty has been pretty good with her and vise a versa but Harley just tolerates all dogs and then goes up to her room and sleeps till she has to meet with her again sometime lol . Summer will be a medium size so perfect for Papa and I and our little home .

                         Summer has a goofy side and lots of vocal character as well .

So this is what Papa and I have been up to . Hope your ready for lots of Summer posts and antics .

                                                       Until next time , Stay safe 


                                     Country Gal

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Summer Is Flying By So Fast & A Wedding Coming Up

 Hello , I hope all are well and enjoying this summer , All good here at Woods Country Cove , Papa and I are well as is our family and we are just enjoying this summer all though it is flying by so fast  , and following the rules of this still pandemic  . Boy oh Boy life is so different now isn't it ?!

I have been enjoying our yard and gardens taking photos and staying cool under our patio porch , which soon we will be building into a screened porch , right now we have a camping screen house that just fits under perfectly as this humid summer has brought out all kinds of bothersome bugs when one want to sit out on the patio .

It may look weird but for now it works till we get this odd shaped patio porch screed , Papa will be doing it soon when he takes some more of his vacation off next month .

A few photos of my favorite butterfly , Spice bush Swallowtail .

I have been literately standing in the center of my gardens studying my subjects and taking their photos , I can do this all day๐Ÿ˜€ 

Some are taken with my big camera  but most are taken with my smart phone ,

 We have an exiting weekend coming up for us and our eldest son  and his fiancรฉe , they are getting married this Saturday in their back yard , it will be a small wedding with just family and a few close family friends , one of their friends is ordained so she will be marrying them and another friend is a florist so she will be doing all the flowers and Papa and I as we are photographers will be taking their photos  , so we are looking forward to that  and yes masks will be worn and all precautions have been set in place , our province is in stage 3 now and small private outdoor events with 25 people  are allowed . Will have photos to share here  of this after .

Our trees  in the yard and in the valley at the very tops of them are slowly showing signs of change  already  , the temps at night have been a bit cooler on and off but the days have been very muggy and humid not surprising as August is our hottest month lol . 

Papa and I have been quietly just taking this summer and strange times  all in stride and day by day and hope you all are to and stay safe and make the best of these strange times we are all going through . 


                                                     Until next time 


                                    Country Gal