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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Longing For Spring


Ok I liked winter up until this week ! I have had enough . First, snow, cold biting winds then freezing rains then rain for days and sloppy muds thunderstorms and warmer temps to tease us , now it is as windy as heck freezing cold and snowing again . Weather is attacking everyone some worse then others and I am fed up with being cooped up in doors from the snow and  now biting winds and cold . WHEN WILL IT END ?

Haven’t seen sunshine for days , I need sunshine to feel it’s warmth and see it’s glow ! Oh please Mr sunshine can you come out to play ?

It is the last day of January and I have had enough of winter . Spring you can come any time now you don't have to wait till March 21st , really you don't !

   For I long for  Spring for it’s buds,  flowers  butterfly's and yes even bees, warm sunshine and breezes  and  more pretty birdies for the sweet smell of grass and fields as they grow to the Robin singing as the sunsets down the horizon below !

Spring post


                 I hold these photos close so  that I can see that yes Spring is on it’s way how I long for thee !

                                                              Until next time , have a good day !

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Wednesday, January 30, 2013



     This is what we have had  yesterday as it thunder stormed and rained  so heavily !

winter scenery (1 of 1)-35

                                                                 Puddles ! In our back yard !

winter scenery (1 of 1)-33


                                                       Puddles on top of ice  and snow !

The weather today is pretty much the same only no snow left at all and the ground has warmed up so much that all the puddles have now soaked in to the ground , now there is a soggy, boggy muddy, mucky mess out there !  The temp right now is  8°C or 46°F and rising  not bad for this time of year !

              Papa is home from work today feeling a little under the weather so he will be taking it easy !

                                     Until next time hope you have a good day !

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                             Country Gal

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Gloomy But Warm


Still  rainy and foggy  here but the temps are warmer  right now it is + 1°C or 34 °F  as the day goes it is to warm up to  9 °C   or  48 °F  not bad .

Yesterday it drizzled all day but I managed to get some photos !

winter scenery (1 of 1)-28

                                              I like watching the fog roll into the valley !

winter scenery (1 of 1)-29

Mr Squirrel all wet munching on a peanut as he keeps and eye on Miggs and I !

winter scenery (1 of 1)-27

The birdies were in a  feeding frenzy yesterday as it was raining . All I saw was birds bobbing about as they collect the seed off of the ground !

winter scenery (1 of 1)-24

Mr Cardinal who never lets me get a close up !

It started to rain heavy so we went in and this is what most of the afternoon consisted of !



                                          Napping, at least for the girls !

                            Until next time hope you have a good day !

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                             Country Gal

Monday, January 28, 2013

What Next ?


During the night we had a mix bag of perception , Snow then freezing rain now rain what Next ?

Yesterday we went to our Saddle Club meeting and found out the club has lots more members so that's good and the club took votes as to how and what we were going to do this year in the way of  events and all kinds to fundraisers .  Papa and I are now on a roll to getting our photography business going more thanks to word of mouth from members and showing others outside  the club  what we have done for some of the club members and that they are very happy with their photos, plaques and DVDS and their friends love our work to . See horse people know lots of horse people  and are always getting together so that`s good for all lol ! It was a good meeting and I cant wait for club to start up again in the spring  !

The temp is mild the clouds are heavy and my Miggs is soaked to the bone but insists on staying out side under the porch to watch the squirrels !



All I hear  is TAP,TAP, TAP as the rain and snow is melting and falling from the eves trough's and down spouts .


I filled the feeders but the birdies are taking cover from the rain , guess they will be hoarding  when the rain stops !

                                   And me ?     Well I am just going to putter !




                                                                                 And plan !

                                                                        Got my new catalogues !

                                                                 Until next time  ,  Have a good day !


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                                       Country Gal


Sunday, January 27, 2013

Winter Walk

                   Part 2

This is the other side of our valley that I like to walk in , there  is a lovely field along side and behind us .


This is the pathway we use to get to the field sometimes .


We met up with Aunty Marylin and Shadow out for their walk !

       winter scenery (1 of 1)-6

This old bridge goes over the river . The bridge was built in the 1700s the long road from it  leads through a wood  area and then comes to a dead end .

winter scenery (1 of 1)-5

The path I am on is beside a farm and this guy has lots of old farm equipment just sitting in his field !I love photographing old farm equipment !

winter scenery (1 of 1)-21

winter scenery (1 of 1)-7

In this field there are a lot of what I call gnarly trees they twist and wind in every direction !

winter scenery (1 of 1)-22

All the birds love this little piece of wooded area , it is great for birding and photography !

winter scenery (1 of 1)-4

So many pretty  and different breeds of pine trees in this area as well !

winter scenery (1 of 1)-23

The path goes all the way around the field to a road . I was starting to get chilly so I headed back !    

winter scenery (1 of 1)-9

                          And here we are Home Sweet Home !

                                        Miggs was waiting for me !

winter scenery (1 of 1)-8

             Hi Miggs where you a good girl for your Papa ? of course Mama !

            Hope you enjoyed our little winter walk yesterday and today in and around our valley

        Until next time, if ya cant beat the winter at least bundle up  get out there and enjoy it’s beauty !

                                                 Thanks For Popping By !

                                                        Country Gal

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Winter Walk

                       Part 1

I figured since it snowed all day yesterday and into the wee hours of the night I would go for a walk a photo shoot walk . After Miggs and I came back from our walk I went alone just me and my camera . I figure if you cant beat winter at least you can enjoy it’s beauty .

This time Miggs stayed home with Papa whilst he snow ploughed !

winter scenery (1 of 1)-10

So want to come with me for a winter walk  ? The temps are mild and winds are calm come on lets go and see what sights there are around Our Country Cove !


winter scenery (1 of 1)-11

winter scenery (1 of 1)-12

winter scenery (1 of 1)-14


winter scenery (1 of 1)-2

winter scenery (1 of 1)

  These photos are of the river that is steps from our house in the valley and just at the back of our friend and neighbours  house ,  isn't it pretty ?.

winter scenery (1 of 1)-17

They have a boat launch area just to right that goes into the river !

winter scenery (1 of 1)-16

And she love’s bird houses and has lots all with in the trees near the river !

I must of taken over 100 photos as I just got so caught up in our valleys winter beauty . This all faces Our Country Cove .

       So we will continue our walk tomorrow on the other side of  the valley of Our  Country Cove !

                                                 See ya tomorrow ! Have a great day !

                                             Thanks For Popping By !

                              Country Gal

Friday, January 25, 2013

It’s Snowing !


The snow started at about  9 am this morning and has been snowing ever since and they say it is to continue through out the day and night .

The winds are calm and the temps are mild  -7 °C  or 19°F they say it feels like -14°C  or 7 °F  but not to Miggs and I it was great. We went for a nice walk as it was snowing  ,it was soo pretty and peaceful .

Then we came home after an hour , I filled my birdie feeders , we played in the yard for a bit and  then I took photos  .


                                  Treeing yet another Squirrel  Miggs ?


                                 Mr Blue jay debating when to attack the peanut bowl.

                                    Whilst the other birds peck at the ground for fallen seeds !


There were 4 male Cardinal's flapping around here but do you think I could get a close shot of any of them NOT a chance they are so skittish !


I just looked out the window and the snow has picked up and is now thicker . Guess I better go get Miggs in all though that’s like pulling teeth as she loves it out there !

miggy xmas (1 of 1)-5

                                      Wood stove is going and I am about to have my coffee  !

                                                 Until next time have a good day !

                                       Thanks For Popping By !

                           Country Gal

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Forever Home !


A month ago there was this sweet  little  Calico  or Tortoise shell  some call it cat that was hanging around the back of our sheds and I wasn’t to sure whether it was there to have kittens or just to take a rest or lost . We sadly have so many stray cats here and most are all from the same family as they all look like our Harley  whom was also a stray here  .  I have no idea how many litters the poor Mama has had where ever she is  .



I was keeping and eye on this cutie as to see what was going on . I went to her or him I didn’t know at the time to make sure all was ok and why he or she was here and if they had tags or a collar on , nope no ID , a friendly little thing  but Papa and I could not afford to take this kitty in and that broke our hearts  so my in laws took  in  this cutie and yes it is a her ! They live next door !

She is warm safe and in her forever home with a dog and another cat .


                                                                      Meet Lucky .

Isn’t she just soo pretty and a friendly little thing to ! Her sister is behind her Tiggy who also was a stray  and she has a sister dog named Shadow and they all get along wonderfully !


Lucky is about 6 to 8 months old the vet figures and if we look at photos of our Harley at this age they look the same in bone structure and build  only different colours '.

                             We are soo happy she is safe and in the family  .

                                          Until next time  , have a good day !

                                         Thanks for popping by !

                             Country Gal

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Cold But Sunny


The temps have been dreadful yesterday was the coldest day  for us this year  -13 °C with the wind chill it  was - 25 °C   but the sun has been shining so I can handle it a bit better when there is sunshine the only thing is the clearer the sky's the colder it is  , I guess you cant have everything now can you lol !

              The sky’s in the mornings are so clear and crisp in one part .



                                                  Then gloomy and cloudy in another . This is south of us over lake Erie !

           I bundled up this morning after restarting the wood stove and went out and took photos !


This is a jet airplane gaining altitude and the sun rise was reflecting in it’s vapour trail from behind the top of the trees on top of our valley !




A puff of cloud  all by it’s self floating along in photo below !


Then finally the sun appeared and now it is shining through out the house and all over the land !


                             This is what was going on for most of the day yesterday  with the girls .



                                         TodayA few cloudsA few clouds -14°C feels like -22°C


                                                Until next time hope you have a good day !


                                      Thanks for popping by !

                                                                Country Gal