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Monday, January 14, 2013

Out Of Whack Morning


Well today started out of whack  for us . First we have fasted since 7 pm last night  as we had to get our yearly blood tests that we should of got a month ago when we had our physicals  but because of the holidays couldn’t get it done till today also cause Papa has to take the time off of work for it to  . I also had  a doctors appointment at 9:15 am so we went to the blood Clinique thirsty and starving gave our blood they took 6 vials  from me WOW ! that was a lot  I felt like telling them to leave me some  blood as I may need it lol  then went to the quacks, found out my mammogram was clean  FEW ! thanked the man upstairs for that one , then found out my foot that has been swelling  from time to time since April of last year  and have been back and forth to the doctor about  it is caused by Arthritis  and am to be on inflammatory meds when it swells up ! Will find out later if they find our blood work is abnormal or anything is out of whack !

We stopped off at Tim's for a drink and Timbits as we were both so thirsty and hungry ! Papa and I don't go out very much so it was a bit of a treat to go to Tim’s . Papa sometimes gets hot chocolate but not today he wanted his tea from home but I got my fave English Toffee Coffee YUMMY !


Papa went to work for a few hours and will be home later so it is once again Miggs , Harley and I and all is back to normal , I cant  stand it when our days have been out of whack , I am very much the habitalist I guess you would call it if that's even a word  or maybe just an old stick in the mud lol  . The snow is gone and the temps are cold again  possible for snow flurries  as the week goes on  .

                                            Until next time  Have a good day !

                                                   Country Gal


fernvalley01 said...

rough morning! I hate to start my day without my coffee!

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Anytime you have to start the day without eating until 9:30 it's not I totally understand your feelings. I bet the Timmies helped out later.


Frieda's Farmhouse said...

So glad you made it through! Thoses tests can be daunting!! Love your beautiful pictures & blog!

Primitive Stars said...

Hate out of whack mornings, oh Tinnies aways works for me to, Blessings Francine.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Glad to hear some of the tests were OK, Elaine. W too go for our checkups and blood testing in a few weeks. Never fu. Visits, but we do not see a doctor, but instead a nurse practitioner who always takes the time to answer all questions. And, we now seem to also be at the age where arthritis can cause a fuss, but with us it's sporadic. And, going out after a tough morning is always a nice treat.

Gone Country said...

I'm with you... I also like a routine and don't like to get out of whack!

English Toffee Coffee is one of my faves too! It was the first 'fancy' coffee that I tried while at an airport waiting for a flight. It was SO yummy, I was hooked!

Stay warm!