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Friday, November 24, 2017

Bits & Bobs From This Past Week

It has been quiet here over the past week not much going on at all . The land is pretty bare and boring and not a lot to photograph really , it tends to get like that for a while until the weather  and season changes again , all though it has been very mild and sunny here today . I don't think we will be getting much of a winter this year again even though they say we will be getting a typical Canadian winter  which I find hard to believe as our typical winters used to start at the end of October with lots of cold and snow and go right up until spring , but that hasn't been happening for a few years now thanks to the climate change, maybe farther up norther Ontario the winter will be typical but not down here in southwestern Ontario I think not but one never knows eh?!

We did have a nice get together with some of our neighbour hood friends for a nice brunch this past Sunday at a lovely restaurant/ Inn in town called the Mill Tales Inn . It was once an old flour mill back in the 18oos  converted  into this lovely Inn and restaurant , the brunch buffet is YUMMY ! Good food and company for all !

Yup that's Papa in the photo above standing up there to the left of  the photo taking photos to lol !

           It was a nice time . I see all these people at this table almost every day on Miggs and my walks and they just love to pat her and give her cuddles and the odd treat  .

Miggs and I have been enjoying our morning walks still and being out in the yard  all though some days  have been chilly it is still nice to get outside for a while .


I have taken a few pics here and there but again it is quiet out this time of year . I like to be able to see the nests in the trees now that the trees are all bare . Such amazing construction to them .

  This nest is very tiny about the size of the inside of my hand build in our Japanese willows  . I think it was one of our  hummers nest .

This nest is way up high in our big old 150+ Manitoba maple  near the top . It is a squirrels nest .

As I was searching around for more things to photograph I spotted this little guy on our Chiminea lid. .

                     I guess the mild temps and sunshine has brought him out for the day .

Well it is that time of year where we all get prepared for Christmas and some of us join the shopping crazy crowds from now till then . This year Papa and I will be having a quiet Christmas maybe go to the in-laws before Christmas to see family as most will be busy visiting other family members over the holidays . We don't know yet if our kids will be coming down over the holidays this year as they have other sides of family to see as well but I am sure we will be hearing from them if they cant make it down .

I would like to wish our American blogger friends a Happy Thanksgiving weekend .

Well that's about it for me here . I will be in and out of blog land mostly out lol  as I am sure much of you will be to as the busy time of year gears up  .
                                                          Until next time .

                                                                   Country Gal 


Friday, November 17, 2017

Walking The Back 40

Taking a nice walk in the back 40 on a nice fall morning with Miggs before we get tons of rain over night and into tomorrow . I do love this area .

         This  forest area is just behind our house and the field is both behind and beside our house .

 This path goes all the way around the forest and field . It makes for a lovely place to walk, bird watch explore and enjoy what nature has to offer and of course photograph  .

 Most of our trees in the valley are bare now but there are a lot of lovely golds , greys , browns, reds and even some greens still all mixed together out here  .

 Deep in the back of the tree line below the top of the valley is our Otter river a bridge and a dead end road that travels deep in the forest  to the left of the photo . I would have pics this time of the river  but since they tore down the  100+ year old bridge and rebuilt a panel bridge there  a year or two ago they haven't put  a walk way along the bridge and the grates of the bridge are to wide for dogs and animals to cross . I have written to our local paper about it , still waiting for the county and municipality to wake up and put in a solid walk over ,  so I cant take Miggs with me and well.. she is my walking buddy so I  wont be going over the bridge any time soon . So this this lovely area is where we like to walk more now . 

                                                                   Until next time .
                                                                                    Country Gal

Monday, November 13, 2017

Miggs In The Last Clean Up Of Leaves

The weather has been all over the place here . Cold , frosty, mild, sunny, windy cloudy rainy and  the odd dusting of snow  here and there .

Over the weekend it was quite pleasant out so Papa Miggs and I decided to get out there and clean up the last of the fallen leaves . When we had the frost the past few mornings the trees shed their last leaves in the yard and are all bare now .

One thing Miggs loves to do this time of year is play and lay in the pile of leaves and of course strike a few posses for me lol !

Miggs like it when Papa uses the leaf blower to collect the leaves and make big piles of them .

                                She also loves to dive in and catch the blowing leaves .

           And well sit in the piles to lol ! She has a look on her face as if to say , Can ya see me ?! youhoo mum n dad I am here !

        This is something she has done since a tiny puppy every fall of leaf clean up ! Crazy funny dog !

On another note , the birds have been feasting at and below the feeders , especially the Blue Jays who cobble up the seeds whole .

There is a dusting of snow on ground and leaves  in this pic it was a few days before we tackled the last batch of leaves .

Mostly quiet about the yard and valley this time of year at least the birds are keeping me entertained as does Miggs with their silliness .

                                                    Until next time .
                                         Country Gal

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Bit Of This N That

Its been a while I know but hey that's the way it goes some times eh?!

We have been on and off busy with getting all summer things cleaned up stored and did our last bit of garden clean up and put the flower gardens to bed for the season . It has been warm , chilly , sunny,  windy , frosty mornings , cloudy and  last night and today very very wet as we have had soo much rain and thunderstorm after thunderstorm but I am glad of the rain cause if it were all snow we would be buried in it !
Friday evening was lovely , clear and fresh and I was able to catch the moon rising in the east over the valley . I took some pics and did some playing about with textures and colours to my photos .

    I find photos never seem to do the moons beauty justice and all that it reflects on like one sees it with the eye  but one can try to capture it as best as they can  !

After Papa and I finished our lawn on Saturday from cutting it for the last time and  raking up leaves I am glad to see how green it is and how it still looks like a summer lawn . Talking about summer that is sadly well and truly done , this little guy seems to keep on keeping on .

 All though it was standing up taller a week ago and still looks so pretty against the dull of the day of today with all the rain and gloominess , shine on little one shine on ! 

 The feeders have been quiet as the birds don't seem to know what the weather wants to do and there are still bugs about as it has been warmer than usual so they maybe feasting on them for added protein .
The summer produced lots of bunnies about but this bunny doesn't seem to impressed with the wet day of today and turned his back to me in a HUFF !! Miggs cant chase anymore due to her arthritis so she just watches all the critters now quietly but she is doing well and we enjoy our daily walks when we can .

November is flying by fast like all the other months have and I cant believe that Christmas is not that far away . I guess the mild weather seems to help a bit and the fact that we are still soo green here . But if and when the snow does fly it will be pretty and a new canvas to photograph for the time being until I get cabin fever and fed up with snow and cold  lol !

               So I will be in and out of blog land as things have quiet down for the season here .

                                                              Until next time .
                                                                   Country Gal 🙂