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Sunday, November 5, 2017

Bit Of This N That

Its been a while I know but hey that's the way it goes some times eh?!

We have been on and off busy with getting all summer things cleaned up stored and did our last bit of garden clean up and put the flower gardens to bed for the season . It has been warm , chilly , sunny,  windy , frosty mornings , cloudy and  last night and today very very wet as we have had soo much rain and thunderstorm after thunderstorm but I am glad of the rain cause if it were all snow we would be buried in it !
Friday evening was lovely , clear and fresh and I was able to catch the moon rising in the east over the valley . I took some pics and did some playing about with textures and colours to my photos .

    I find photos never seem to do the moons beauty justice and all that it reflects on like one sees it with the eye  but one can try to capture it as best as they can  !

After Papa and I finished our lawn on Saturday from cutting it for the last time and  raking up leaves I am glad to see how green it is and how it still looks like a summer lawn . Talking about summer that is sadly well and truly done , this little guy seems to keep on keeping on .

 All though it was standing up taller a week ago and still looks so pretty against the dull of the day of today with all the rain and gloominess , shine on little one shine on ! 

 The feeders have been quiet as the birds don't seem to know what the weather wants to do and there are still bugs about as it has been warmer than usual so they maybe feasting on them for added protein .
The summer produced lots of bunnies about but this bunny doesn't seem to impressed with the wet day of today and turned his back to me in a HUFF !! Miggs cant chase anymore due to her arthritis so she just watches all the critters now quietly but she is doing well and we enjoy our daily walks when we can .

November is flying by fast like all the other months have and I cant believe that Christmas is not that far away . I guess the mild weather seems to help a bit and the fact that we are still soo green here . But if and when the snow does fly it will be pretty and a new canvas to photograph for the time being until I get cabin fever and fed up with snow and cold  lol !

               So I will be in and out of blog land as things have quiet down for the season here .

                                                              Until next time .
                                                                   Country Gal 🙂




~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Hello Friend! Its been a while since I stopped by! I'm feeling that same kind of slump you mentioned in your previous post. Must be the change of season! But I think you are finding and taking photos of the best of it! The moon photos are lovely, and I think they're a reminder to look up and enjoy, and down to enjoy those cute bunnies! :-)

Take care, and I hope your weekend is ending on a good note!

William Kendall said...

Cute little bunny!

I've been surprised by how long the sunflowers have held out.

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

We had pouring rain all day Sunday, but today was nice and sunny this morning, but clouding over this afternoon. I find November dull, and not very inspiring to take photos. I'm slowing right down again on my site, and won't be posting much at all while we are away. I'm even contemplating stopping altogether, will see how I feel after a good long break.

Rosella said...

Great pictures - especially the full moon! I've noticed some unusual and unseasonal blooms over here too. My Lavender bloomed again. Christmas will be here before we know it - eek!

A Joyful Chaos said...

Absolutely gorgeous photos. The moon pictures are breathtaking. Love seeing a harvest moon.