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Thursday, July 31, 2014

A Humdinger Of A Month


  I cant believe it is over already . The weather has been fall like with sunshine , rain and cool breezes and the morning's have been foggy and dewy .   Speaking of humdingers , I finally have been able to get photos of our hummers yesterday  as they have been around more feasting on their nectar feeders , zooming from one to the other !

JULY 2014 (8 of 24)

  Believe it or not these are two different hummers lol ! Look closely  at the one on the bottom photo he has more prominent  markings then the other on his throat  and doesn’t look as scraggly on his backside lol !!

JULY 2014 (18 of 24)

                           This little guy was playing with me whilst I was photographing him sitting up on the hedge

                            I am sure he was laughing at me saying  ,ya cant catch a photo of me lady !! want a bet hummy lol  ! .

JULY 2014 (10 of 24)

                                             This morning as the sun was rising the fog was rolling through the valley 

                                                           it looks amazing when it does this so mystical  like !

July 2014  (1 of 6)

July 2014  (5 of 6)

Well  that’s July ! Where does the time go eh?  Papa is off tomorrow as he booked it off  and goes back Tuesday  as here in  some parts of Canada  Monday is a Civic holiday .

                                                                                               So until next time my friends , Have a great weekend !

                                                                                                              Country Gal

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Already ?


It’s Wednesday and the  second last day of July already ? ! , oh my where does the time go ?  The weather has been cool here since Monday almost fall like and it has affected a few of my flowers  & plants  to where they have just died off  but the majority of my gardens are still going strong thankfully !

JULY 2014 (26 of 41)

It has been pretty  quiet here with the weather change  all though the birdies have been happily  chirping and active eating us out of house and home still  but I love watching them .

JULY 2014 (74 of 80)

JULY 2014 (14 of 16)

                                         The mornings have been lovely cool  misty and dewy with pretty sun rises !

JULY 2014 (6 of 16)

JULY 2014 (1 of 8)

Lots of different breeds of butterfly's this year enjoying our yard and gardens  this little guy is a tiny Pink -edged Sulphur.  I am still working on getting photos again this year of the hummers but they have been fast and skittish this year .

JULY 2014 (42 of 49)

Lots of Queen Ann's  lace is about this year and amongst them the crickets are singing all day and night , I love the sound of crickets ! I have also heard the odd Cicada buzzing when it was humid  but since the cooler weather they don't seem to buzz at all .

JULY 2014 (32 of 49)

                                  Miggs is enjoying the cooler weather whilst on squirrel patrol  each and every day .

We are lucky to live in this valley with so much nature   , it takes my breath away every day with it’s wonder and beauty !

                                                                           Until next time my friends !

                                                                             Country Gal

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Well ! That’s The Weekend Over


Already ??? My how time fly’s when your busy !

Papa and I have been busy , Papa cutting the grass and both did the trimming , then me laundry and watering the gardens , Papa trimming the cedar hedges and both taking down the old gazebo that we never use and making a new little patio for our chiminea which we tested last night as we sat on the patio porch enjoying it …  this was before it’s patio was done lol !

JULY 2014 (2 of 6)

Papa refurbished this chiminea we got free from our neighbours , he did a wonderful job and it works beautifully !

JULY 2014 (3 of 6)

It has a nice deep bottom and it burns the wood so nicely and it smells wonderful , oh how I wish I could bottle the smell of wood smoke !

JULY 2014 (10 of 13)

Harley was sitting in the living room window watching the bees and butterfly's  in the front garden , she was purring and talking to them the entire time !

JULY 2014 (1 of 41)

                                                         Yummy watermelon,  one of Miggs favourite treats !

JULY 2014 (2 of 41)

          We get seedless watermelons  and cut the meat of it off and put it on a plate or in a bowl for her as the seeds are toxic to dogs and the white of the watermelon and rind or skin of the water melon are both harmful to dogs .

JULY 2014 (7 of 41)

                       Oh but how she loves the meat of the watermelon just look at that face as she chews it .

                                                                     That's her look of ….YUMMY !!!!!

JULY 2014 (9 of 41)

                                                                               All gone Miggs !!!!

JULY 2014 (11 of 41)

                                                               Got any more mum ??? Maybe later Miggs !!!

JULY 2014 (13 of 13)

                              I haven’t seen this butterfly before , I looked through my Ontario Butterfly website and it wasn’t listed . Maybe it is a new species . He sure did like my cone flowers though !

JULY 2014 (12 of 13)

                A big thunderstorm is to  possibly  hit here  tonight with warnings of torrential rains and possible high winds and tornados  , the temps are going to drop   and make it feel like fall , the weather station and channel  have been tracing it .. so we are off to batten down the hatches and get the camping lanterns  and hurricane lamps ready  just in case we loose hydro  … it may be doozy !

                                              Until next time my friends ! Hope you all had a good weekend  as well  !

                                                                                      Country Gal

Friday, July 25, 2014

Some Flower Power For Friday


                                                                                      Macro style !!!

                                               JULY 2014 (19 of 41)

JULY 2014 (21 of 41)

JULY 2014 (22 of 41)

JULY 2014 (25 of 41)

JULY 2014 (23 of 41)

JULY 2014 (26 of 41)

JULY 2014 (27 of 41)

JULY 2014 (30 of 41)

JULY 2014 (34 of 41)

JULY 2014 (38 of 41)

JULY 2014 (36 of 41)

JULY 2014 (37 of 41)

                                             JULY 2014 (13 of 41)

JULY 2014 (15 of 41)

JULY 2014 (6 of 8)

                     Love flowers and the power they have to bloom with all kinds of shapes colours and feed the bees , butterfly's and hummers !

JULY 2014 (1 of 1)

                                                 Another wonderful sunny summer day with cool breezes .

                                                           Until next time my friends ! Have a good weekend !

                                                                                  Country Gal

Thursday, July 24, 2014

This & That


The weather has been a mix of sun, rain , humidity and cool. Yesterday was over cast but with cool breezes today the  sky is filled with sunshine and cool fresh air !

Yesterday I was busy trimming our Japanese  Dapple Willows . It took me a few hours as they were thick and very tall ! Let me tell you my hand is killing me today , hand trimming hurts lol !

JULY 2014 (3 of 49)

I didn't take a before photo but I think you can tell how big they were by the amount I cut off and stuffed in this trailer lol !

JULY 2014 (1 of 49)

                              All trimmed up both top and sides, then Papa came home and did more of the top for me with the hedge trimmer that is to heavy for me to use  .

JULY 2014 (2 of 49)

         At one point they were touching Papa’s work shop there  on the left and he couldn’t get through to cut the grass ! But he can now !

JULY 2014 (4 of 49)

Like my rock garden .. literally . I pulled all the weed from it as I haven't done anything with it this year and again laid down the garden tarp , come fall I will put some Hostas in as it is a half shade half sun spot !

JULY 2014 (6 of 49)

I don't know if this little guy falls under the butterfly or moth variety but he was soo pretty and tinny and when he spread his wings the back side of them were a vibrant  light blueish, purple  colour !

JULY 2014 (11 of 49)

                               Our gardens are doing well  and I am in them weeding every other day and dead heading  .

JULY 2014 (16 of 49)

JULY 2014 (17 of 49)

JULY 2014 (21 of 49)

The birdies have been eating us out of house and home this summer . I have been filling feeders every day that's 4 feeders a day like this one ! Hummers have been few and far between this year .  Both the  Orioles  Baltimore and Orchard have been supping up  their nectar from the feeders as well .  I am happy to report though the rise of Monarchs are more this year here as last year I saw maybe two  ,so far 6 this year so that hopefully is promising that they are on a come back .

JULY 2014 (29 of 49)

As for my Miggs … who has been my faithful garden companion following me around keeping me company and always on squirrel patrol  is enjoying the cooler weather to .

JULY 2014 (31 of 49) 

                                                                   Miggs … are you snoozing on the job ?…..

JULY 2014 (30 of 49)

                                                                         What me  ??…. Never mum ! 

JULY 2014 (33 of 49)

                                                          Always alert and looking pretty  hehe !!!!

JULY 2014 (4 of 16)

  This morning is a beautiful cool fresh  morning , I was out taking photos at 6 am of the clouds and sun rise !

JULY 2014 (5 of 16)

JULY 2014 (8 of 16)

JULY 2014 (11 of 16)

I just love the sight I see every morning of the sun rising  over the valley and as it  sets  in the evenings and it shines on our valley !  These cool temps have brought back the Blue jays already as I can hear one squawking as I sit here typing  with my windows  open as the air is fresh and  with a  cool breeze blowing .

Every morning these little guys  the  Easter King birds  fly high over and around  our yard and  the field beside us collecting bugs for their breakfast in the sun rise making quite the squeaking noise  as they fly about  , we have lots of them and I enjoy watching  them swoop and hover over head !

JULY 2014 (16 of 16)


                                     Well that is it for This & That I am sure I will have more to post about soon .

                                                                      Until next time my friends ! Have a good day !

                                                                                   Country Gal