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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Praying For My Sister



We don't get to see each other very much even though we only live 3 hours apart but we do talk via Face Book , texting and  on the odd  family get together   . I got a phone call today  from my brother-in-law  that my sister Ann was taken to hospital last night  and they had found two aneurysms in her brain and will be needing surgery tomorrow morning .  I will not be blogging for a while as we will be with our family . I pray all will be ok and Ann will pull through this with flying colours .

                                                                   My heart is heavy .

                                                             Country Gal

Wordless Wednesday



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                                                                                 Country Gal

Monday, April 25, 2016

A Weekend Of This &That


We had a lovely weekend being busy outside . Papa his dad and I were trimming down the cedar hedges on Saturday a big job that is  very tedious  and tiring for the arms, legs and back  , Papa tied down the ladder in his dads old truck whilst his dad drove slowly as Papa was able to trim and cut the cedars  , I popped around to take photos then of I went to help and guide them along .

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            I did say this is the red neck way of doing this  but when you don't have the right equipment to reach well you've  got to improvise but safely and that Papa is all about safety thank goodness cause I really cant take him up on ladders  I shudder every time .

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So this took most of the morning and Papa arms and back were sore afterwards but it is mostly done now but he now has to cut about 2 to 3 feet from the top soon as they have grown way to tall  that will be another weekends work .

Whilst Papa rested  I cut the grass with my old girl Betsy who we just got back form our small engines mechanic who replaced the parts in the back end, but then when we started it she was smoking  from the engine some where so Papa and I took part of the front the  heat shields off  and found all kinds of gunk  trapped in it    this must of been years of it , so we gave her a good cleaning Papa air cleaned it all to with his  air compressor just to make sure no pieces were left  put it back together  and off I went and no more smoke was to be had ,  this tractor is new last year to me but really she is 20 years old and one of the well build ones actually this type of tractor gets muscled up and raced all over the world  , she boogies but I just cut the grass with her and pull my garden trailer about when I do yard work,  every now and then I kick it up a notch and let her go full out for a bit of fun lol !

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Papa got sneaky again and took photos , I had no idea till I was done cutting the grass then went to use my camera and saw them on it lol !

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                                                                              I love my little tractor  we fit lol !

We puttered for the rest of the day   as it was soo nice then Sunday as the sun was rising again in hopes of another nice day  but then the clouds rolled in and it got down right chilly but we still did some yard work . Papas mom had all kinds of  perennial plants that I have been wanting to get  so she divided the ones she had  and gave them to me ,  so for now they are in pots and I am figuring out where to plant them  based on how much sun they need and so on . 

Papa did the trimming around the gardens as well and I tended to the chiminea , it was a good day to have a fire going  took the chill away and smells soo good to .

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That morning as the sun was rising just before the clouds rolled in I was taking photos of shadows the sun left behind as it shines in the front of the house .

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                                                              I know I sometimes take photos of weird things lol

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                                                                                My bakers from my kitchen curtains .

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                                                                                   Then the actual sun rise !

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                                                            Just as the clouds rolled in and was hiding the sun !

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The sun did pop out every now and then through out the day but the clouds stuck around more then I would of liked , then that evening  I saw the sun trying to break through the clouds as it was setting .

APRIL 2016 (28 of 34)

                                                                            I do like dramatic looking clouds .

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But the clouds won as the sun went down ,  the dampness crept over the land  the peepers started to sing in the marsh by the river  the birds were mostly tucked into bed except for a few who were like kids and chatting very quietly in the hedge as the Robin sang his evening lullaby   the geese took their last flight for the day over head  , Miggs and I went in   , Papa and I had a cup of  tea Miggs had a treat  and that was our weekend done as it was 8pm .

Today  is cloudy with sunny periods for now but rain and possible thunder storms  later this afternoon  and for tomorrow to . April showers bring May flowers  , I cant believe it is the last week of April already  WOW ! time fly's !

Birds are leaving whilst others are arriving now , just waiting for the Humming birds and Oriels to show up  they usually come in on the spring storms so maybe after these two story days they will arrive  and their feeders are up full and waiting for them .  We are also  still  waiting  for  the return of  Brown Thrashers , Oven Birds , Warblers, House Wren , Eastern King bird, Barn and Tree swallows  and sometimes we get other breeds that don't stay here  but they usually stop off on their migration for a rest for a day or two so that's  a treat  to see and hear them and  hoping I can get a photo or two of them  before they leave for the rest of their journey to their  destination .

                                                                               Until next time .

                                                                         Country Gal

Saturday, April 23, 2016

It Started Out Foggy



Oh yes very foggy I couldn't see across the road   yesterday  , so I did a few things in doors for the first half of the morning  , then the sun burned off all the fog and Miggs and I went for our walk and enjoyed yet another lovely day out side  , I even got my hands dirty from being in my gardens  oh it felt soo good . I also did some searching for what plants are what who seeded them selves and whether or not these newbies that I never planted were weeds or not . I am not that good at recognizing flower seedling leaves from weed leaves still working on that lol ! I did how ever find out that the plant in the driveway garden is in fact a weed , must of floated from the field when they cut it   .

APRIL 2016 (1 of 1)

APRIL 2016 (1 of 1)-2

Looks pretty has a pretty little white flower but in fact  they are very evasive and is a weed called Shepherds Purse weed so out it came .

Then I was puttering and yes taking photos  but look at what I was finally able to capture after days of them fluttering by non stop . I like to photograph spring things and keep in a photo journal as to  when they arrived here  each year .

APRIL 2016 (40 of 52)

A little Milbert's Tortoiseshell  butterfly what a treat to finally photograph this pretty little one enjoying some warmth from the sun and nectar from my Hyacinth's .

APRIL 2016 (45 of 52)

                                 Then I heard a buzz buzz and saw this bee  oh my aren't you a  cute little bumble bee .

APRIL 2016 (38 of 52)

Actually not a bumble bee but  commonly gets mistaken as one,  this is in fact a Carpenter bee  the bumbles have a fuzzy  larger thorax  or back end where these guy’s have like a leathery smaller shiny one .

APRIL 2016 (34 of 52)

As I was taking photos of these the birds were making a racket as if to say ..hey lady aim the camera over here !

                                                                                                 So that I did .

APRIL 2016 (2 of 52)

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                                                               Mrs Cardinal was happily feasting and swinging .

APRIL 2016 (7 of 52)

                  Red Wing black bird was making a lot of noise whilst eating Dovey looks at him as if to say .. be quiet please !!

APRIL 2016 (17 of 52)

                                                                              Mr Cow Bird and the Mrs !

APRIL 2016 (19 of 52)

                                                                       the female Cow bird is quite plain looking .

APRIL 2016 (20 of 52)

                                                       Everyone was enjoying the sunshine and warm temps .

APRIL 2016 (9 of 52)

I read on one of my Ontario migration sites that the hummers have already returned in the southeastern part of the province so I figured why not put my nectar feeders up what could it hurt .

                            Then this little fellow sat on it and enjoyed the sweetness the House Finch love the nectar to .

APRIL 2016 (28 of 52)

                                                                       Hey little dude save some for the others .

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              The Gold finch were flapping about in droves as they fight for the same spot , hey guys there is enough space for you all to share .

APRIL 2016 (23 of 52)

            Hey Bill what's with them guys , don't know Sid all they have to do is eat upside down it tastes better this way  .

APRIL 2016 (24 of 52)

                                                                               All you small birds are nuts !

APRIL 2016 (25 of 52)

                                                                            I’m confused what's all the fuss .

APRIL 2016 (26 of 52)

                                               Just peck from the ground plenty of space and seed here with the Mrs !

APRIL 2016 (27 of 52)

                                               Ya and a break from eating worms and bugs to , this is a delicacy .

APRIL 2016 (33 of 52)

                               Mum why are all the birds talking  , I didn't know they could and we understand them .

Its ok Miggs this is what country bumpkins do for good entertainment lol  country bumpkins are weird mum ! yeah well !

APRIL 2016 (48 of 52)

                                                                         Then Papa came home from work !

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APRIL 2016 (51 of 52)

               Then well that was it for the day  supper was to be had and a relaxing evening with our little family .

                               A bit chillier today and cloudy.  Papa is just about to  trim the tops of the Cedar hedges with his dad helping . I better get out there and see if I can help at all to .

                                                                                   Until next time .

                                                                       Country Gal