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Saturday, April 23, 2016

It Started Out Foggy



Oh yes very foggy I couldn't see across the road   yesterday  , so I did a few things in doors for the first half of the morning  , then the sun burned off all the fog and Miggs and I went for our walk and enjoyed yet another lovely day out side  , I even got my hands dirty from being in my gardens  oh it felt soo good . I also did some searching for what plants are what who seeded them selves and whether or not these newbies that I never planted were weeds or not . I am not that good at recognizing flower seedling leaves from weed leaves still working on that lol ! I did how ever find out that the plant in the driveway garden is in fact a weed , must of floated from the field when they cut it   .

APRIL 2016 (1 of 1)

APRIL 2016 (1 of 1)-2

Looks pretty has a pretty little white flower but in fact  they are very evasive and is a weed called Shepherds Purse weed so out it came .

Then I was puttering and yes taking photos  but look at what I was finally able to capture after days of them fluttering by non stop . I like to photograph spring things and keep in a photo journal as to  when they arrived here  each year .

APRIL 2016 (40 of 52)

A little Milbert's Tortoiseshell  butterfly what a treat to finally photograph this pretty little one enjoying some warmth from the sun and nectar from my Hyacinth's .

APRIL 2016 (45 of 52)

                                 Then I heard a buzz buzz and saw this bee  oh my aren't you a  cute little bumble bee .

APRIL 2016 (38 of 52)

Actually not a bumble bee but  commonly gets mistaken as one,  this is in fact a Carpenter bee  the bumbles have a fuzzy  larger thorax  or back end where these guy’s have like a leathery smaller shiny one .

APRIL 2016 (34 of 52)

As I was taking photos of these the birds were making a racket as if to say ..hey lady aim the camera over here !

                                                                                                 So that I did .

APRIL 2016 (2 of 52)

APRIL 2016 (4 of 52)

APRIL 2016 (5 of 52)

                                                               Mrs Cardinal was happily feasting and swinging .

APRIL 2016 (7 of 52)

                  Red Wing black bird was making a lot of noise whilst eating Dovey looks at him as if to say .. be quiet please !!

APRIL 2016 (17 of 52)

                                                                              Mr Cow Bird and the Mrs !

APRIL 2016 (19 of 52)

                                                                       the female Cow bird is quite plain looking .

APRIL 2016 (20 of 52)

                                                       Everyone was enjoying the sunshine and warm temps .

APRIL 2016 (9 of 52)

I read on one of my Ontario migration sites that the hummers have already returned in the southeastern part of the province so I figured why not put my nectar feeders up what could it hurt .

                            Then this little fellow sat on it and enjoyed the sweetness the House Finch love the nectar to .

APRIL 2016 (28 of 52)

                                                                       Hey little dude save some for the others .

APRIL 2016 (31 of 52)

APRIL 2016 (22 of 52)

              The Gold finch were flapping about in droves as they fight for the same spot , hey guys there is enough space for you all to share .

APRIL 2016 (23 of 52)

            Hey Bill what's with them guys , don't know Sid all they have to do is eat upside down it tastes better this way  .

APRIL 2016 (24 of 52)

                                                                               All you small birds are nuts !

APRIL 2016 (25 of 52)

                                                                            I’m confused what's all the fuss .

APRIL 2016 (26 of 52)

                                               Just peck from the ground plenty of space and seed here with the Mrs !

APRIL 2016 (27 of 52)

                                               Ya and a break from eating worms and bugs to , this is a delicacy .

APRIL 2016 (33 of 52)

                               Mum why are all the birds talking  , I didn't know they could and we understand them .

Its ok Miggs this is what country bumpkins do for good entertainment lol  country bumpkins are weird mum ! yeah well !

APRIL 2016 (48 of 52)

                                                                         Then Papa came home from work !

APRIL 2016 (49 of 52)

APRIL 2016 (51 of 52)

               Then well that was it for the day  supper was to be had and a relaxing evening with our little family .

                               A bit chillier today and cloudy.  Papa is just about to  trim the tops of the Cedar hedges with his dad helping . I better get out there and see if I can help at all to .

                                                                                   Until next time .

                                                                       Country Gal


Pamela Gordon said...

I enjoy this post and all the pictures today. Love the one of the goldfinches eating upside down! Funny. No sign of hummers here yet and It will be another couple weeks maybe. I put my hummingbird feeders up in early May last year and they arrived the second week. We are a week ahead of last year weather wise but are more than a week behind southern Ontario! Enjoy the weekend Elaine.

Henny Penny said...

Awww, such a sweet and cheerful post. Just once I would love to take Miggs cute little face in my hands and give him a kiss. He is adorable!!

William Kendall said...

The butterfly's quite eye catching... I don't recall ever seeing one like that here.

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

The upside down finches are so cute. Glad you finally got some photos of the butterfly and bee. I've put the hummer and oriole feeder out as well, so far only wasps have found it!! We had a young female grosbeak at the coconut feeder yesterday, thought she was a tad early. Enjoy the weekend, it's a bit cooler but nice and sunny and bright.

Deb said...

Is that a grackle staring at us? What a great shot. "Hi Miggs".

Denise inVA said...

These are great photos, enjoyed looking at each and every one. Have to say though that the ones of Papa and Miggs were pretty special. So much love between those two :) So darned cute to see them. Thanks for stopping by and clearing up my confusion between the crow and the raven. I was going to try and look the difference up today but the day got away from me. Have a great weekend :)

The Furry Gnome said...

Lots of good pictures! I like that butterfly and the bee.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

A fun post and great photos! I had to laugh at the Finches upside down, what little characters! We have a lot of carpenter bees around, and I'll admit that I've made a sport out of swatting them down with a badmitten racket, and stepping on them since they don't sting -- I hate to kill pollinators, but they've done so much damage to our fence. I'd never do that to a cute little hummingbird though! :-) --Hope ours come back soon!

Gail said...

These pictures pop!

I think maybe I misidentified a Carpenter Bee. The thought came to me as I took the picture...didn't look it up.

The upside down dining made me smile.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Seeing the goldfinch at your feeders, Elaine, brought back memories of seeing them in VA at this time of year. We had a similar feeder and they used to also hang upside down. This week, Inalso saw my first robin here in NH.

Margaret Adamson said...

My favourite bird on this post are the Gold Finch on the feeder anof course Miggs

Amy at love made my home said...

Spring is definitely springing in your part of the world! xx