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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Feeling Hot ,Hot, Hot


Well we wanted warm weather and we got it  , it has been hot and humid and very dry  hoping for some rain tonight .

I have been busy with  my gardens  and enjoying our yard and long walks with Miggs  in the early mornings before things heat up  and Papa has been busy with  his work and roofing  .

I have been having fun taking photos of all the birds , critters  and flowers  the butterfly's aren't around much right yet as all the flowers haven't bloomed yet  that they like to feast on but I did catch up with my first sighting here of a Swallowtail butterfly briefly as he stopped by to test the lilacs for a few minuets .

MAY 2016 (67 of 67)

                        He didn't have time to pose for me so I just took a photo of him anyways for my archives lol !

                      We have lots of baby birds here now all squealing to be fed and following Mama and Papa about .

MAY 2016 (37 of 67)

MAY 2016 (38 of 67)

                                       Then I spotted this little guy playing hide and go seek with me in my flowers !

MAY 2016 (34 of 67)

                                       Even though it has been hot and humid the yard has been joyfully busy !

MAY 2016 (45 of 67)

                               Mr Red winged black bird watching over his Mrs as she feasts below at the feeders !

MAY 2016 (66 of 67)

                     Then Alvin joined in the fun and was quite playful with the birds and the idea of food near his home !

MAY 2016 (55 of 67)

When we went to the garden center  Papa had picked himself up a few more Clematis  and planted them  , this one he made a little garden for her  by our arbor so she can climb up and over it !.

MAY 2016 (4 of 67)

Then this one by our pergola so it can do the same thing climb up and over to shade the water fountain for the birds and critters instead of me using an umbrella for shade and it will look prettier to !

MAY 2016 (2 of 67)

I planted all my  sun / shade  perennial plants around our big tree , with the new picket fence Papa built when they all grow and flower it will all look soo pretty !

big tree perennial  plants 2016

                                                                      I cant wait till they all spread and fill out !

MAY 2016 (8 of 67)

Papa is still working on our back garden edging as we liked his picket bird house idea we decided to do it there as well !

MAY 2016 (15 of 67)

MAY 2016 (41 of 67)

Miggs approves for that as well  lol . Well that was a long winded post wasn't it ? It is so hard to share all that one has done  and enjoyed with in a few days all into one post , especially as I love to take so many photos  lol !  But I will be off now as I have watering to do with hope we still get rain tonight and enough to help all our gardens grow .

                                                                                 Until next time .


Wednesday, May 25, 2016

A Busy Weekend

We just had a long weekend this past weekend and it has been a busy one  . Papa was busy putting on a steel roof for a friend for the best part of the weekend but had Monday , Yesterday and today off as a mini vacation plus it is his Birthday today , Happy Birthday Papa  . I got Papa his birthday gift early as I know he would enjoy it after this busy weekend he has had . Miggs likes to lay under it  .

MAY 2016 (48 of 55)

Miggs did not like Papa being away working over the weekend that's for sure  but when he got home on the one evening  she was showing Papa how she tells the squirrels in the tree that were screaming at each other and fighting to stop .

MAY 2016 (21 of 55)

MAY 2016 (25 of 55)

I have been busy in the yard and in my gardens weeding and making sure all my new perennials are healthy and watered as we haven't had enough  rain to give them a good drink  in over a week . Everything is coming along wonderfully regardless of the lack of mother natures  rain  which is better then tap water but oh well  all  is looking good now and I find watering my gardens with the hose and sprayer oh shower  very relaxing .  I also have been taking photos of bird couples and Mama’s and Papa’s feeding their babies as we now have lots of new baby birds about .

MAY 2016 (38 of 55)

MAY 2016 (12 of 55)

MAY 2016 (11 of 55)

This little baby Robin above was squeaking all weekend for Mama to find him and bring him food but he can fly really well now so wont be long till he is finding food for himself .

MAY 2016 (17 of 55)

                                                  Mrs Dovey below has been in her nest all week and hasn’t moved !

MAY 2016 (15 of 55)

MAY 2016 (41 of 55)

This Catbird  above is very skittish and hard to capture as they never sit still for long but I do love the sound of them . They seem to appear at dusk and dawn .

MAY 2016 (7 of 55)

                                                                           My summer garden flag is now up !

MAY 2016 (10 of 55)

                                                  After our walks Miggs has been catching some rays of sunshine lol !

MAY 2016 (55 of 55)

My Lilac bushes have been soo lovely again this year and full of blooms , it is so nice to have the fresh sent of them in the house .

MAY 2016 (33 of 55)

                                                                       The evening sunsets have been pretty !

MAY 2016 (32 of 55)

MAY 2016 (53 of 55)

                 We have had nice chiminea fires going in the evenings as we enjoy the sun sets and birds singing and chatting away before the night falls  from the patio porch .

It may still be spring but the temps have been summer like here , our Hummers , Barn swallows , Eastern King Birds , Wrens , Warblers and Thrashers are all back now with the rest of our spring and summer birds  and our trees ,  hedges and all feeders  have been busy with birds whilst the bees buzz and feed on what flowers that have already bloomed and the odd butterfly flutters by waiting for my butterfly bushes and plants to bloom . Oh I do love this time of year .

                     Making another trip to the garden center today to get our last bit of plants and Miggs will be coming with us as she loves to go there and the centers staff just adore her  . 

                                                                                Until next time .


Thursday, May 19, 2016

It’s Been a Tough Few Weeks


It has been a tough few weeks for my family as my sister was in hospital fighting for her life ,  sadly she lost the fight and passed last Saturday , it has been a shock for us all as she was still very young and had just turned 62 on the Friday and passed the next day  Saturday evening  . No one had a clue or knew she had these aneurysms  in her brain  as there was no symptoms at all  . I would like to thank you all for your kind heart felt words and prayers for our family  it all really helped us through this difficult time . My sister Ann wishes for us to celebrate her life  and plant a tree or two as a memorial in her name so we will be doing that soon .   My sister would want us to carry on  so I am trying to do that , I even slowed down on my photography  these past few weeks but   my sister loved flowers , gardening , birds and nature as I do  and had said she loved my photos as she would see them on my face book page  and clicked  liked or commented on them  every time I posted them  .

I have been outside busy in my gardens for quite some time readying them for more perennials  and pulling weeds ,I find gardening very therapeutic as is photography and nature  so I got my camera and started taking more photos  again .

MAY 2016 (1 of 26)

MAY 2016 (10 of 26)

All the blossom's are out in full force , Lilacs are blooming bit by bit and my garden plants and flowers have all come alive as the weather has been sunny and warm .

MAY 2016 (6 of 26)

MAY 2016 (8 of 10)

         The bees  have been busy  collecting pollen on the blooms and blossoms  as the odd butterfly flitters by picking and choosing where to land   , birds and critters have all been busy feasting  at the feeders  and  nesting  , the yard has been busy and I am loving it .

MAY 2016 (23 of 26)

MAY 2016 (16 of 26)

MAY 2016 (17 of 26)

MAY 2016 (18 of 26)

MAY 2016 (19 of 26)

MAY 2016 (19 of 33)

                                     These two were dancing about sizing each other up and fighting for territory .

MAY 2016 (23 of 33)

MAY 2016 (25 of 26)

Miggs and I have been taking long walks in the mornings and she chasing squirrels on and off all day so she takes lots of naps in the warm sunshine in her favorite spot by  one of the gardens.

MAY 2016 (24 of 26)

A few clouds to the north but the sky's over us and to the south, east and west have been so clear and so blue with lots of sunshine .

MAY 2016 (14 of 26)

                  I didn't plant these at all they came from one of my planters that I dumped into the garden last fall . I like these Pansies  they are so hardy and pretty and they spread like mad . I am loving all the blooms that are popping up and out now and the birds are all back and keeping me entertained lol !

This weekend is a long weekend for us here in Ontario and the weekend where all  of us gardeners go plant shopping  at our favorite garden centers like myself , oh I cant wait, I  love our big garden center they have a cute little shop with in the center to . Yeah plant shopping then plant them all and enjoy .  So a busy yet fun weekend is ahead for us .

                                                                          Until next time .

                                                                Country Gal

Sunday, May 15, 2016

We Will Miss You


Papa and I went to visit my sister Ann in the hospital yesterday along with her husband  Bob. We spent the day there till the evening ,  minuets upon our leaving she passed away .


I believe you were waiting for me dear sister as I have not been able to be there every day as we live farther away ,to be there with and for you and for your husband Bob  and family for I felt you were content and could hear us  as you knew all would  be alright with your family and we will look after each other  so you can rest  in a peaceful place  , your spirit is in the heavens  as an angel now  looking down on us knowing we love you and will miss you  and will always remember you  in our hearts and memories  . 


                                                                        May 13th 1954  -  May 14th 2016

                                                                                May you rest in peace .

                                                                 Love always and forever  your little sister  Elaine .

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Please Help Me Identify This Plant & An Update On My Sister


I am needing help in  identifying this flower or weed I think it may be . I for the life of me have searched through all weeds of our province on site and cant find anything that looks like it and I haven't had any flowers that look like this either . We do live in the country and by fields and have birds carry stuff over the gardens and drop things or the wind blows seeds of all sorts here but I have never seen it before .

MAY 2016 (29 of 33)

I like the look of it and to me it looks a bit like a breed of Milkweed but cant seem to pin point that either .

MAY 2016 (32 of 33)

I tried to narrow the identifying  down  but I am at a stand still nothing I search seems to look like it at all. I am stuck lol please if anyone knows what this plant is could you let me know  I would greatly appreciate it .

MAY 2016 (31 of 33)

  Update on my sister Ann : 

The neurologist's did relieve pressure and fluid from her brain and she did have a reaction of pulling her hand back when the nurse squeezed it and she was moving her head a bit to so that is a glimpse of hope there as the brain is what tells the arms ,  hands , neck and head to move the feet and legs are controlled by the spine , before there was no response from her brain at all  but now there is a bit so they said give it a few days and we shall see , so still hoping for a miracle  and hoping not to much damage has happened or been done . I haven't felt much like blogging these past few weeks  but I do read all your lovely comments when I do post  and I thank you for that .

                                                                                      Until next time .

                                                                                    Country Gal

Monday, May 9, 2016

Over The Weekend



Papa and I were busy over this Mothers day weekend . We were both out gardening and Papa built a new garden edging for me for around our big tree as the edging of logs we had were all rotten and falling apart .

MAY 2016 (6 of 14)

                                                                    I  helped him as well and took a few photos  .

MAY 2016 (7 of 14)

                                       And of course Miggs was there supervising , more like watching squirrels lol !

MAY 2016 (10 of 14)

A picket fence with fake bird houses on to spruce it up . I love it  . I will be painting the top half of the bird house pickets all different colours  , one white with a yellow roof , one blue with a red roof and so on .

Then Papa looked at the old trellis there and thought it needs a new stronger one for our Clematis as it grows huge and gets heavy so he built that and attached it to the tree .

MAY 2016 (13 of 14)

And there we have it the cutest garden edging we have in our yard . We had a trailer of top soil and filled up this garden and some of our other gardens ,  I will be putting shade plants in this new garden  in the next week or two when I go to get more perennials at my favorite garden center .

When we took a break from this  garden building I heard a familiar sound up in our birch tree  . It was our little Yellow Warbler .

MAY 2016 (3 of 14)

                                       He was bouncing all about feasting on the cattail seeds of the birch tree .

MAY 2016 (2 of 14)

Then I got back to work with the top soil and gardening , I  am happy to say all of our spring and summer birds are back now  including our hummers  and the trees , bushes and flowers are all blooming . I have put my Geraniums out side now hanging  on the front porch .

Update on my sister  Ann who is still in a coma , the Dr's don't understand why , she should of been out of it by now , they had a neurologist do tests  and found there was pressure on her brain so they now have released that and  we are in the waiting and hoping stages still . I just hope that if all this works and she comes out of the coma that all this doesn't leave her with major disabilities and damage  as she wouldn't want that . It has been a long bumpy road for us all  .

                                                                            Until next time .

                                                                     Country Gal