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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Building For The Weekend !


  We have had a busy weekend building things from a rickety old tent shed to a new picnic table ! The weather has been hot and humid but we survived and besides it was fun to build what we did ! I did some photos during a little break or two  then got back to helping Papa !

                                             First the shed !

The tent shed was a leaker as the material of the roof and sides had worn out , so Papa built on the existing frame as it was still sturdy and good with new brackets to hold steel sheets on and put a new roof and two new sides and now it is even more sturdy and leak proof !

                                          This was Saturday !!

JUNE 2014 (2 of 64)

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                            We had a little visitor as  slither from under the exciting shed  as we were building

                                                                              guess we woke him up ! 

JUNE 2014 (20 of 64)

                                                                               A little Garter snake !

JUNE 2014 (22 of 64)

                        So Papa picked him up and placed him in the wooded area behind the shed and off he went !

           JUNE 2014 (40 of 64)

                                                                       Then we continued building !

                                                                      So the shed is all done now ! .

Then today we both built a picnic table to go with our  fire pit , who needs to go camping when ya have these in your own back yard ! We had fun building it to ! Again  little breaks  to get photos !

JUNE 2014 (42 of 64)

                                                                                     From this !

JUNE 2014 (49 of 64)

JUNE 2014 (51 of 64)

JUNE 2014 (3 of 7)

                                                                                          To this !!!

                                                                            JUNE 2014 (4 of 7)

JUNE 2014 (7 of 7)

                       It was fun helping Papa with his building projects I learnt a lot  and sweated a lot to lol,

                                                                    I said to him , now what's next lol !

                                                   well I got the look of , women slow down ..GEESH !!!! lol !

JUNE 2014 (36 of 64)

                                                           And Miggs has supervised through it all !

                                                       Now we are in cooling off and relaxing  !

                                                                To all my fellow Canadian bloggers !

                                                                JUNE 2014 (54 of 64)

                                                                         Until next time my friends !

                                                                              Country Gal

Saturday, June 28, 2014

By The Camp Fire


The weather has been hot , humid and sunny here but the evenings have been cool and damp  so Papa and I have been having a campfire going relaxing after having busy days .

                                          Papa took this video and photos !


Nothing like your own personal camp fire .



                      Papa and I have also been busy  refurbishing a  tent shed with sheet metal using it’s existing frame as the tent material was ripped and leaked  this weekend it will be completed so I will share that on a later post .


                        Well time to get back to work , this early Saturday morning before the heat of the day takes it’s toll !

                                        Wishing all my fellow Canadians a  HAPPY CANADA DAY   weekend !


                                                                                 Until next time my friends !  

                                                                                    Country Gal

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Help Save Our Edison Drive Bridge


I have put this petition up in our local general store and other surrounding public places !

Help Save Our Edison Drive Bridge

The town of Bayham and Elgin council have made a decision to extend Old Mill Line to Edison Drive and remove the Edison bridge upon completion of the project in 2015. This bridge is a part of Vienna’s history .I have sent a letter to the Elgin council and Bayham as well as to the Alymer Express and Tillsonburg News in hopes that this will save our bridge or at least keep a part of it perhaps as a pedestrian crossover with in our history and heritage of this beautiful Vienna valley village we all call home .

Please sign your name and address if you would like to help save our History ,Heritage and nature of this beautiful old Edison Drive Bridge and surrounding area.

This is the letter I have sent !

I live in Vienna Ontario and just found out about the possible removal of the Edison Drive Bridge .
I am appalled at this news , for one thing it should be  a historical land mark as it is part of Vienna's history and I like to think that all the people from the past   who lived and worked in this valley village of Vienna liked this bridge and used it as their life line to get from  one side of the river to the other and how it bared up in the 2 floods that  happened in the 1800s would be shocked at this news as well , I mean just think of the stories that were told as the folk from the past  went over it in horse and buggy , with wagons filled of lumber  , the laughs the smiles  the tragedy  of the fires and floods in this village of Vienna  this old bridge saw and heard so much that it tells it's own story to all who pass over it ! .  I love this old bridge as it brings wonder of what it meant to those from the past and what it means to us now and for the future . I have seen and met up with plenty of neighbours who also enjoy going for walks over this bridge with family and friends . I to enjoy walking over it with my  dog , family and friends who come to visit who are all in awe of this beautiful old bridge and the fact that it is part of Vienna's history !  I have taken photos of this beautiful old bridge and  nature photos of the river and the surrounding area   that is still all natural and beautiful as it has not been touched by man.  It is part of  the heritage and history  of this wonderful valley village of Vienna Ontario and who knows how many times  Thomas Edison went over this bridge and what it meant to him and maybe he hoped for its long historical life for future generations   . Soon there will be no Ontario , yours to discover left if people like this keep taking away our history and our heritage no matter how big or small it may be , people like this keep taking away our historical sites , buildings , bridges  etc and it is  a shame that no one cares enough about our great province and county and all it's history and heritage that made this province and country what it is today . This valley village of Vienna Ontario is a beautiful place with lots of  history ,wonderful forests , river, fantastic nature and I for one want to keep it all this way for this is the reason we moved here and love it so much.  These small towns and villages need their history to stay alive for our future generations . There has got to be a better way then destroying it, maybe  incorporate some of it into a new bridge or even into  a pedestrian bridge only  to keep the history of this beautiful old bridge in my beautiful valley village of Vienna Ontario alive  .

                                                          Am I ticked  off about this … you betchya  I am !!!

         This village has a history dating back to 1811, but its main claim to fame is that it was the birth place of one of the Grandfathers of Thomas Alva Edison - inventor of the electric light-bulb. Thomas Edison was a prolific inventor and held over 1,000 patents. After the death of Thomas A. Edison from complications of diabetes on October 18, 1931, opening his birthplace to the public as a memorial and museum became the private project of his wife and their daughter  which is now the Edison Museum in our village of Vienna !

                                                         This is the Edison Drive Bridge !


                                     Lots of us enjoy walking this bridge as it runs over the Otter river !


FAMILY  (1 of 1)-6

                                                         Lots of beautiful nature is around this old bridge !


                     Wonderful natural scenery of the river and forest can be seen from this bridge  from season to season  !


                                 Lots of wonderful memories have been photographed on this bridge as well !



                            Even if they do go through with this as I fear they will and demolish this bridge  hopefully not the river or nature that is with in it or around it  at least they could make part of this bridge as a pedestrian walk only to the beautiful surrounding area of our river and keep a part of this bridges history and heritage alive   !

                                                                                 Until next time my friends !

                                                                                    Country Gal

Rain Drops For Wednesday


It is rainy , dull , foggy and humid here today and I am glad for the rain as we needed it after all the sunny hot humid days we have had . 

                                                                   Also a good day to get out in theses

JUNE 2014 (14 of 18)

                                                                          And take rain drop photos !

Yup … in my jammies of course as it was the early morning I was out taking these photos ! I do like a gentle rain as I am photographing things , it’s  quite refreshing !

                                                           JUNE 2014 (3 of 18)

JUNE 2014 (4 of 18)

                  I love how the rain drops glitter in certain light and how they just hang there each and every one a different shape size and form !

JUNE 2014 (6 of 18)

JUNE 2014 (8 of 18)

                                                 JUNE 2014 (9 of 18)

                             The valley has a foggy mist hanging in it and over it as the humidity and rain mix !

JUNE 2014 (17 of 18)

                                          Oh and of course I cant forget about our Miggs with her wet face and paws !

JUNE 2014 (16 of 18)

                                           She likes to roam the yard licking the rain drops off of the grass !

JUNE 2014 (11 of 18)

                                                    So for today there will be rain drops everywhere  !

                                                                        Until next time my friends !

                                                                              Country Gal

Monday, June 23, 2014

A Weekend Of This N That


The weather was perfect this weekend sunny with cool breezes . It is officially summer  WOOHOO !  Gardens  are growing  birds are chirping and busy with their babies all is good ! Papa and I were doing a bit of this n that this weekend . We finally finished the big pile of logs we had behind Papa’s workshop , he cut them up and I loaded them into the trailer .

Fall 2013 (9 of 35)

                                                                                        From this !

                                                                                            To this !

JUNE 2014 (16 of 33)

                                 To this ! Pile is getting smaller !!!!! I find as we get older  we take more breaks lol

JUNE 2014 (23 of 33)

JUNE 2014 (26 of 33)

                                    Caber toss a few hundred of these logs that will   build up your muscle lol !   

JUNE 2014 (31 of 33)

                                                              And of course Miggs was supervising lol

                                                    JUNE 2014 (32 of 33)

                                                                          To this ! FEW!!  finally .

JUNE 2014 (2 of 4)

                                                            All tidy and stacked away in the wood sheds !

JUNE 2014 (4 of 4)

                                            I cleaned out the fire pit  and prepared for another camp fire !

JUNE 2014 (13 of 33)

                                      That was Saturday and Sunday we just relaxed and enjoyed the day !


JUNE 2014 (2 of 33)

JUNE 2014 (11 of 33)

                JUNE 2014 (13 of 28)

                                                                       So that was our weekend ! perfect !

                                                                             Until next time my friends !

                                                                                 Country Gal

Saturday, June 21, 2014






                                                         HAPPY FIRST DAY OF


Summer 2013 (11 of 45)


                                                                                 Country Gal

Friday, June 20, 2014

Busy, But Not !


Have you ever had one of those weeks where your busy but not busy?  Any who I have  and before I new it  it’s Friday already WOW ! were does the time and days go lol !

Well my busy moments were being in the gardens  dead heading , weeding ,  going for walks and catching toads from the lawn and releasing them into my back garden  ,we have a lot of toads around this year and so far I have 4 in my back garden .  One thing we don't have a lot of this year are Hummers and again Monarchs  a sad thing not to see many at all here !  Oh and squirrel rescue !!

JUNE 2014 (17 of 28)

All my flowers are now starting to spread , plump up and bloom more ! It has been a late season due to the long nasty winter we had but all is doing well  now and catching up !

JUNE 2014 (19 of 28)

I have lots of cone flowers of all sorts of colours and with different  types of flowers and they will be ready to pop any time now ! Tiger Lillie's to !

JUNE 2014 (27 of 28)

                 Every stock of my Knock out rose bush has buds on this year and some have already bloomed !

JUNE 2014 (26 of 28)

       We have had some dewy mornings as you can see on top of the lantern the wet glittering in the early morning sun  and that helps the gardens a lot as the day gets heated up now !

JUNE 2014 (28 of 28)

JUNE 2014 (12 of 28)

JUNE 2014 (14 of 28)

JUNE 2014 (18 of 28)

JUNE 2014 (21 of 28)

Mrs Robin with a beak full of lunch for her baby that was in our big tree , she was trying to entice him to come to her as she chirped with a muffled chirp  calling him down !

JUNE 2014 (23 of 28)

                                       He didn’t budge so she ended up going to him in the  thickness of the tree !

JUNE 2014 (1 of 28)

Miggs , well Miggs has been on squirrel alert as we have a few new ones around , babies that is and they are learning how to run fast and dodge her .. except for one the other day  a black one he dodged the wrong way and she caught it . I had to yell at her to leave it and to get away as I wasn’t quite sure what she would do with it …well I had a feeling in the back of my mind always that if she did catch one she would roll it around a bit and lick it hoping she doesn’t shake it to death like her toys . Well she did roll the poor thing about a bit no blood or bits of any kind but she did give him the bath of his life , poor little thing was soaked to the bone and when I finally got  her away from him , he was tuckered out and barley moved  breathing very fast with the look in his eyes as if to say “what the heck just happened” , then he got up stumbled off to the big tree and rested some more there , needless to say I haven’t seen him around since . Now we have a cute little grey one who is quite a cutie  and is learning the yard rules from Miggs fast lol ! and can dodge her pretty good for now !

JUNE 2014 (3 of 28)

                                                                        She chased him up the tree !

JUNE 2014 (7 of 28)

JUNE 2014 (10 of 28)

                                                                    And now she is telling him off …

So busy ? yes ! interesting I must say the least but there has been time to slow down take photos and enjoy it all !

JUNE 2014 (13 of 28)


                                                            Until next time my friends ! Have a good weekend !

                                                                                Country Gal