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Friday, November 29, 2013

More Snow


It started yesterday afternoon at 3 pm and went on for 6 or more hours . It was pretty to watch it in the street light and the spot lights we have on the house and in the  centre garden  . We had our wood stove going so I thought I would take a few photos of the cosiness whilst it was snowing outside !

November 2013 (2 of 4)

For now our wood stove is in the kitchen one day we will move it to the living room were we can enjoy it more as we aren’t kitchen dwellers lol .

November 2013 (4 of 4)

                            A fire going and soft light of the kitchen on a snowy night  .. oh how cozy !

I was eager to  see what the outside looks like so I jumped out of bed looked out the window and grabbed my camera  I am like a kid at Christmas time when taking photos !

November 2013 (2 of 8)-2

In the valley in the above photo the sun was just starting to rice as there is a bit of orange through the trees at the top of the valley ! I have taken many photos of this valley for I cant get over the beauty it holds each season .

November 2013 (3 of 8)

Isn’t it just soo pretty . I was hoping it was the wet sticky snow that we got and it is so that makes for great photo subjects !

November 2013 (6 of 8)

                                         Our back yard looks like a winter wonderland !

November 2013 (7 of 8)

Miggs loves it for as soon as I let her out she ran with her nose in the snow all the way around the yard !

November 2013 (8 of 8)

The temps are mild and the winds are calm for now a great morning to get out and enjoy with my Miggs and that’s just what I am going to do . The sun is almost fully up now the rooters on the farm down the street are crowing everything is white , sparkly and crisp . Just finishing up here and drinking my last drop of tea and off we go for a winter wonderland walk !

                                            Until next time …. have a snap happy day !

                                                      Country Gal

Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Three C’s


Crisp , Clear and Cold this morning . The temps were this ………November 2013 (8 of 12)

early this morning but there was no wind so it didn’t feel that cold to me , either that or bundling up like the Michelin man is working when Miggs and I go for our walks  lol !.

There was a lovely sun rise this morning !

November 2013 (2 of 12)

                                         Even Harley enjoyed the sun rise .November 2013 (9 of 12)

It wasn't to bad out so Miggs and I did go for our walk  after it took me a bit to get all bundled up lol , it was calm and quite pleasant out as we walked .

When we got back home we played in the yard for a bit , I thinking after an hour and a half of walking up and down hills  Miggs would be tired   but of course she wasn’t .. I was the one that was  tired lol  . I changed my garden flag yesterday  from fall  to winter  , even though it isn’t officially winter by the calendar , mother nature says and shows it differently !

November 2013 (10 of 12)

                                                             I just love this winter print !

November 2013 (12 of 12)

            Possible snow squalls for later this afternoon but for now we will just enjoy the sunshine .

                                                Until next time … have great day !

                              To all our American blogger friends Happy Thanksgiving !

                                   Country Gal



Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Winters With Miggs !


                                             Over the years !


                                                                        December 2009

                                                                       Miggs  first winter !

                                         Not much liking this cold White stuff yet  !!!!!


                                                                     January  2010

                                         All cuddled up with her toy , to cold out there mum !

                                                                         December  2010

                                                Miggs discovered she loves snow by this time !!DSC_0004

                                                                          March 2011

                                 After Miggs  knee reconstruction surgery !  It took 5 months of recovery


                                                                         December 2011

                                               Free to play again after surgery !  Not to bad out here !


                                                               WHOOHOO !  SNOW !!!!!!

                                                                           January 2012DSC_3938


                                                                        February 2012

                                                     Keeping Mr snow man company !



                                                                        December 2012

                                                              Gota wear my Santa paws hat !

December (1 of 1)-4


                                                                      February 2013


                                                                      March 2013

SPRING 2013 (1 of 1)-28

Fall 2013 November (1 of 36)

                                                     To Today    November 2013

                               Miggs has always loved the snow and has loads of fun in it ! 

Weather here today :  Cold and windy ,  temps are -2°C Feels like -8°C or  28°F   Feels like 18°F with a bit of sunshine later this afternoon possible snow squalls !

                     Wishing all of our  American  blogger Friends a Happy  and safe Thanksgiving !

                                                     Until next time … have a good day !

                                                                  Country Gal

Monday, November 25, 2013

Sunday’s Snow fun


Yesterday was sunny and mild after Saturday’s winter storm . Miggs and I went outside and played in the snow for an hour or two after I re filled the birdie feeders and I went around and took more photos !

Fall 2013 November (10 of 36)

                     Miggs just loves to snuffle in the snow and this is what she looks like after !

Fall 2013 November (17 of 36)

                                                    Snow balls all over her face silly girl !

                                                 Fall 2013 November (4 of 36)

                               I seem to get a lot of photos of Miggs sticking her tongue out lol

Fall 2013 November (19 of 36)

I had just filled the feeders  and the birdies were going crazy a good way to get photos though as I hide around the corner of my shed near the feeders hehe … aren’t I sneaky ?

Fall 2013 November (24 of 36)

                                        Fall 2013 November (29 of 36)

                     I love how the white of the snow enhances and reflects the colours of everything !

Fall 2013 November (30 of 36)

This little guy always plays hide and seek with me with in the tree when I have my camera !

Fall 2013 November (31 of 36)

As I was standing in my photo spot at the birdie feeders I noticed snow falling from above but it wasn’t snowing . The birdies were flapping around making the snow fall from the trees , I think they were trying to get snow to fall on me .. cheeky things lol!

Fall 2013 November (11 of 36)

I like how snow sticks to things and how it is only on the one side of this tree , the side it was blowing against .

Fall 2013 November (6 of 36)

                         Mr Dove is catching some warmth in the sunshine in the back garden !

Fall 2013 November (15 of 36)

Miggs and I played some more after I took photos then we went in for the rest of the day as the winds were picking up and it was starting to feel colder .

  Today the sun is peeking out from big thick snow filled looking clouds the winds are blowing and  the temps are  -3°C Feels like –11°C  or 27°F Feels like 12 °F  .  I may grin and bare it and bundle up and take Miggs for a walk as the roads are clear or just play in the yard in the snow .

                                               Until next time … have a good day !

                                                              Country Gal

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Let It Snow , Let It Snow !


Well old man winter has arrived here in south western Ontario . Yesterday we had high winds and blowing snow squalls  and cold BRR ! 

I took some photos yesterday of it snowing !

Fall 2013 November (6 of 6)-3

We could barely see the valley from our windows for the amount of blowing snow !

Fall 2013 November (2 of 16)

                               Sparkling snow on the untouched road under the street light !

Then as we woke this morning it has snowed a lot more so of course I had to hang out the door in my jammies to get photos of the pretty winter wonder land .

Fall 2013 November (3 of 16)

                             The morning  sun has been popping out as snow gently falls still .

Fall 2013 November (10 of 16)

                 The birdies were happily feeding at the feeders . The temps are mild and refreshing !

Fall 2013 November (6 of 16)

         Miggs is waiting to go out . When she does this is what she looks like after only a few seconds of being released  into the snow !

Fall 2013 November (8 of 16)

Always has to have her face deep in the snow licking it as she runes and walks along  crazy dog !

Fall 2013 November (13 of 16)

I just love how the snow enhances everything that once was brown and boring looking !

Fall 2013 November (12 of 16)

It is to snow on and off today  ,  the sun is peeking out so everything is so much brighter and crisp looking .

Fall 2013 November (16 of 16)

This little Junco is taking a rest on our old tree maybe warming his toes as he waits for the feeders to be cleared of the other birdies !

        The valley is so pretty after the first heavy snow fall  as it sticks to everything and makes for a new canvas for me to photograph  !

Fall 2013 November (5 of 16)

                                So this is our Sunday today  a day of snow , sun , cold , cosiness and beauty !

                                             Until next time ., have a snap happy cozy day !

                                                                    Country Gal

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Beauty !

Fall 2013 November (1 of 1)

                                                               Is in The Eye Of The Beholder !     

                                                        Country Gal

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Maybe A Cozy Up Day Today


6°CRain showersor 43°F

             Yup that’s what the weather is for us so far this morning . It is early in the morning and light rain is falling right now . Miggs , Harley and I are just  enjoying the cosiness of the morning for now . I have my cup of tea blanket and book here as I am typing this sitting in my jammies and  it is dusk out .

Fall 2013 November (2 of 2)

                       Fall 2013 (8 of 27)-2

I just put Miggs out side and she runs and chases a squirrel first thing then turns and looks at me as if to say hey mum it is raining a bit out here lol crazy dog !  Oh and  this is what Harley does every morning  Miggs goes out !

Fall 2013 November (1 of 1)

    Warms one of Miggy’s beds , more like steals it ! Harley has her own beds but she prefers her sisters so they seem to share every now and then  !

Well off to do a  bit of my morning things like decide what to make for supper and see what the  rest of this  day will bring us ! 

I just looked out the window as it is getting lighter and I see some sunshine with in those clouds in the east , maybe with a bit of luck  the weather man will be wrong and Miggs and I will be able to go for our walk this morning . I hear the Blue jays squawking and our Crow George making a ruckus  in one of our trees .  

                                                   Until next time  .. Have a good day !

                                                            Country Gal