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Monday, November 25, 2013

Sunday’s Snow fun


Yesterday was sunny and mild after Saturday’s winter storm . Miggs and I went outside and played in the snow for an hour or two after I re filled the birdie feeders and I went around and took more photos !

Fall 2013 November (10 of 36)

                     Miggs just loves to snuffle in the snow and this is what she looks like after !

Fall 2013 November (17 of 36)

                                                    Snow balls all over her face silly girl !

                                                 Fall 2013 November (4 of 36)

                               I seem to get a lot of photos of Miggs sticking her tongue out lol

Fall 2013 November (19 of 36)

I had just filled the feeders  and the birdies were going crazy a good way to get photos though as I hide around the corner of my shed near the feeders hehe … aren’t I sneaky ?

Fall 2013 November (24 of 36)

                                        Fall 2013 November (29 of 36)

                     I love how the white of the snow enhances and reflects the colours of everything !

Fall 2013 November (30 of 36)

This little guy always plays hide and seek with me with in the tree when I have my camera !

Fall 2013 November (31 of 36)

As I was standing in my photo spot at the birdie feeders I noticed snow falling from above but it wasn’t snowing . The birdies were flapping around making the snow fall from the trees , I think they were trying to get snow to fall on me .. cheeky things lol!

Fall 2013 November (11 of 36)

I like how snow sticks to things and how it is only on the one side of this tree , the side it was blowing against .

Fall 2013 November (6 of 36)

                         Mr Dove is catching some warmth in the sunshine in the back garden !

Fall 2013 November (15 of 36)

Miggs and I played some more after I took photos then we went in for the rest of the day as the winds were picking up and it was starting to feel colder .

  Today the sun is peeking out from big thick snow filled looking clouds the winds are blowing and  the temps are  -3°C Feels like –11°C  or 27°F Feels like 12 °F  .  I may grin and bare it and bundle up and take Miggs for a walk as the roads are clear or just play in the yard in the snow .

                                               Until next time … have a good day !

                                                              Country Gal


Amy at love made my home said...

You take such lovely pictures, so nice to see the birds busy on the feeders. It is so funny how dogs love to play in the snow isn't it. It's almost like they don't know what to do with it, so they have to try everything to work it out! Lots of joy though. xx

Margaret Adamson said...

Hi. Miggs seems to love that snow. Greta shots of Miggs and the birds.

Margaret Adamson said...

Hi. Miggs seems to love that snow. Greta shots of Miggs and the birds.

NanaNor's said...

HI there, I meant to tell you yesterday that Hunter loves rolling in the snow(silly small dog)and burying his head and ears in the snow. He just got groomed on Thursday and already smells because of being outside so much; I put his flannel coat on him so that it would help with the smell.
Have a great day!
Hugs, Noreen

TexWisGirl said...

miggs and her muzzle are cute. the birds are happy with your feed!

Sarah Adams said...

How nice! Love snow and the pictures!

Muffy's Marks said...

Brrrrrr we had -6 on Sunday morning. It has warmed since then. Love Miggy and her snowy face. She is a rare one!!!

Faye Henry said...

I always love your photos, Elaine and the one with the dove is so sweet.. Thanks for your lovely comments on Bevy's blog.. You are such a dear friend.. xo

Anonymous said...

no snow for us yet ... but it is on its way in the next couple of days .. Miggs sure does love the snow, brings back memories of our dog as she loved the outside too

Primitive Stars said...

Love the snow days, nice to have for the holidays......enjoyed Miggs and the birds, feeding frenzy...You are sneaky but great photos, Francine.

Pamela Gordon said...

Sweet photos of Miggs and all the birds. Your feeders certainly are a busy spot! And you have a LOT of snow. It's still green here. :)

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

What wonderful photos. That second image is spectacular. I love the snow on Miggs' face. Such a fantastic portrait.

colleen said...

Thanks for the great pics they make me be more aware of the nature around me. I get so busy I sometimes forget to stop and smell the roses...or I should say look at and take some pics of snow on the trees!! Keep up the good work!!

Linda said...

You certainly have a lot of snow, Elaine...
So nice to see the Finches again...not sure where ours go around here in the winter...
Have had a few Robins, eating the Juniper berries...
Enjoy your week♥
Linda :o)

fernvalley01 said...

Oh! Miggy pics!!! I adore her!