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Monday, September 29, 2014

I Know , I Have Been MIA


I have been MIA  for a few days , feeling a bit under the weather with this infection . I had an ear infection at first  on the right side , I have  damage in my facial muscles and nerves on the entire right side from Bells palsy many years ago so I have to be careful with any infections on this side  , then I had pain in the teeth thinking it was a tooth but I went to the dentist  and he did a full scan of my face and teeth and found out it was  a sever case of Sinusitis all through my right side and it has been painful . I have been on antibiotics for some time to get rid of the infection first , he did say my teeth are in good condition  I do take care of them so that was a good thing to hear  but he did say however he would like to take a better  look later   because as I was already suffering in pain  he didn’t want to put me in any more by poking around . I have one wisdom tooth on the right side that he says looks iffy but it may just be the infection that is causing it to look like it does in the scan . So by next week I will  hopefully be all clear of the infection and I can get back to him and see what’s what ! I haven’t been able to chew on the right side so not eating very much either or sleeping much . So this is why I have been MIA !  I have been feeling better here and there and have been able to get out  and do some clearing up of the gardens and taking photos and enjoy these summer like temps and beautiful weather we have been having . I thought it was fall ,   could of fooled me lol !

SEPTEMBER 2014 (4 of 5)-2

                     The mornings have been cool and foggy but the days have been sunny and warm ! 

SEPTEMBER 2014 (5 of 17)

                   Some of my flowers are still going strong and I haven’t had to bring in my Geraniums yet either !

SEPTEMBER 2014 (14 of 17)

I find that a lot of the Monarchs are fluttering though our yard on their long journey south as are the birdies, they seem to be making the odd pit stop for food and off they go . The Robins that have also been MIA for some time are back in droves as are the Starlings . The hummers and other summer birds are now gone  but  I have been hearing the Eastern Blue bird about the area so we still may have the odd summer  straggler lol . The Chipmunks have been busy stuffing their faces and storing food for the winter very busily dashing about ! Even the Cicada's are still around buzzing in the heat of the sun  and the crickets  have been chirping day and night  as have the grasshoppers in the day !

SEPTEMBER 2014 (6 of 17)

                                         Both Miggs and I have been enjoying this long extended summer weather !

SEPTEMBER 2014 (9 of 17) 

Regardless of the summer like weather the trees have been changing and leaves have been falling ! I cant believe it is the end of September already where does the time go?

Papa  and I had a good weekend . Yesterday  morning  we went to a wonderful scenic area down near the north shores of lake Erie near Port Bruce called Hawks cliff   and had a wonderful time there taking photos and enjoying the scenery and driving around  . I will post of this later . I  have lots of photos to go through lol !

                     So this in a nut shell  is what’s been going on in our neck of the woods , onwards and upwards I say lol !

                                                                           Until next time my friends !

                                                                           Country Gal

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Wordless Wednesday


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SEPTEMBER 2014 (7 of 12)


                                                                      Country Gal

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

First Day Of Fall


  Fall arrived last night at 10:29 pm and this morning it was waking us up and greeting us with a beautiful sun rise .

SEPTEMBER 2014 (4 of 16)

                 All though the air was chilly only about 5C or 41F  it was fresh and dewy and every so pretty .

SEPTEMBER 2014 (3 of 16)

Miggs was out first thing this morning  doing her rounds of the property and as you can see by the water drips on her face  having a drink of the dewy grass as she was sniffing along !

SEPTEMBER 2014 (6 of 16)

                                I heard Mr Robin chirping in the tree across the road as he greeted the sunrise ! I am surprised he is still here all though over the past few years there have been a few Robins that do hang around till the first snow fall .

SEPTEMBER 2014 (12 of 16)

                                                 Some trees are slowly changing whilst others are changing fast !

SEPTEMBER 2014 (8 of 16)

I then heard a ruckus with the Crows all cawing and carrying on flying around in a frantic state , then saw they were chasing something across the field !

SEPTEMBER 2014 (11 of 16)

Way in the distance I saw a Coopers hawk and he was a big one , there were 5 crows chasing him off , then he left the tree and landed in the field after they had bombarded him some more !

SEPTEMBER 2014 (13 of 16)

He sat only for a moment as the crows were still bombarding him from time to time but all that was over when the farmer came around the corner in his tractor cutting the field !

SEPTEMBER 2014 (14 of 16)

The sun is warm and the air is still cool as it is now almost 12 pm as I write this .  Temps are to hit a nice comfortable 20°C or 68 °F perfect ! The Cicadas are still here making their buzzing sounds , Crickets are chirping day and night  , fresh sweet smells of fields in the cool breeze , birdies feasting on the feeders and the odd Butterfly flutters past , however I haven’t seen the Hummer’s  this morning so they may have flown the coop  for the year lol !

Just a little news on me  ya all know I like happy on my blog but I thought I would tell you and keep ya in my loop  with it ! I had an MRI 2 weeks ago on my head  and they found a small brain lol  ha ha !!  they found a small spot on my Pituitary gland  must be small alright as this gland is the size of a pea lol  so I am now waiting for the time date and where for a consultation with a Nero surgeon  how long that could take who knows ! But for now all is good and I will just keep on keeping on .

                                                                  Until next time my friends !

                                                                Country Gal

Monday, September 22, 2014

Welcome Autumn Or Fall


How ever you say it  we welcome you  .  I call it Fall and it arrives today at 10:29 pm and this morning it feels like fall temps are a chilly 10C or 50 F no humidity at all a lovely fresh breezy cool morning , Blue jays and Crow are squawking  and other birdies are  having breakfast at the feeders  ! Miggs and I are off for our walk  . I have posted  here a few  fall photos from my archives !

                                                             Changes of fall over the years !


                                                                      Our Valley 2010 , still green today !


                                                    Miggs playing in the leaves whilst Papa is raking 2011


                                                              Miggs still plays in the leaves every year !


                                        Downy wood pecker 2012  still waiting for him to show up to the suet's this year !


                                                                                     First frost 2012

Summer 2013 (31 of 36)

                                       Bumble bees collecting as much nectar as they can 2013 ! All gone already now !

SEPTEMBER 2014 (24 of 32)

Today 2014  not many trees have changed some flowers are done whilst others still thrive , cool temps and breezes with warm sunshine , rain here and there .  Hummers are still hanging in here but others have left weeks ago . It is amazing how different the seasons are from year to year , how it seems to go in cycles .

                                                                Fall over the years has been different but always beautiful !

                                                                              HAPPY FALL !

                                                    Country Gal

Saturday, September 20, 2014

This & That Rambling

The weekday mornings have been cool and fresh and the sun rise has been wonderful as it is different from weeks gone by of summer , I guess it is from the cooler air and the change of season that is upon us  .

SEPTEMBER 2014 (5 of 5)

                                                                       The sunrise in my kitchen .

SEPTEMBER 2014 (2 of 5)

The days have been lovely as well with warm sun and cool fresh breezes . Some of my flowers are still doing well others not so well . I have left the coneflowers alone this year so the Goldfinch can feed on them other wise I would already have them cut down  so they look a bit  straggly . I enjoy my early morning tea on the back patio and mid morning coffee on the front porch after Miggs and I get back from our walk  this time of year  .

SEPTEMBER 2014 (2 of 3)-2

The hummers are still hanging around as is the odd Robin but all the other summer birds have gone now and the bees are dopey and slow, the odd butterfly is still around  but doesn’t stop   and the crickets are still wonderfully chirping all day and night  and even the Cicada still buzzes from time to time . Some of the cooler weather  birds have returned and my feeders are full  of extra goodies of wild bird seeds and the suet’s are waiting . I feed them this in the cooler weather as they need the extra fats and energy  for the cooler months ! Soon I will have all the cooler weather birds here .  The Canadian Geese are taking on their fall flight  paths at sunrise and sun set  , I love hearing and seeing them as they pass over our house  ! Yesterday morning  I saw 5 Northern Flickers on the lawn  but they are so skittish they took off before  I could grab my camera  but they will be back again so I will be ready , hopefully lol !

This morning was strangely humid but as the day has gone on the sun and cool breezes have chased the humidity away thank goodness . Papa  cut the grass yesterday evening  and we both have been puttering for the best part of the day  today after we came back from town earlier this morning   . I will be getting deep into my gardens next week to tidy away the summer flowers that are done  , other then that not much happening here we are just enjoying the changing  of the season .

                                                             Rain for later this evening and over night .

                                                                          Until next time my friends !

                                                                             Country Gal

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Wordless Wednesday


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                                                                                Country Gal

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Fall Is Just Around The Corner


Tuesday  the 23rd is the first day of fall and it is already feeling like it . This morning we woke to temps of only 5C or 41 F  quite chilly , we had to turn on the furnace this morning to get the chill out of the house !SEPTEMBER 2014 (3 of 11)

                         The dew this morning was pretty as the sun was rising and shining on it making it twinkle !SEPTEMBER 2014 (7 of 11)SEPTEMBER 2014 (10 of 11)

             The sun was warming the land up fast and the dew heated up and formed a light fog across the land !

SEPTEMBER 2014 (11 of 11)

                                                              Almost looks like smoke in the back ground !

SEPTEMBER 2014 (8 of 11)

I love the sunrise’s colour of orange as it gently  shines on everything , I love photographing things in the sun rise light !

SEPTEMBER 2014 (9 of 11)

Birdies waking up and getting breakfast  chirping and singing . The hummers are still here feasting  on the nectar feeders , George our crazy Crow cawing his head off  up in the old tree  and Miggs barking at him as the two communicate with each other some how, who knows maybe dogs and Crows understand one another at least ours seem to lol  . The Blue jays squawk like mad  flapping around chasing each other . Canadian geese flying over head as they make their day break flight as all wakes up to chilly fresh air and sun shining .

The day was lovely with warm sunshine and cool breezes perfect for working out side which is what we did and again had our  chiminea going with the wonderful smell of wood smoke in the cool fresh air .

Yesterday I had mentioned that we went to our friends house for a fish fry supper ! It was DELISH! the fish Michael catches and prepares it all  himself  then Danielle makes the salads and deserts YUMMY ! Papa’s mom and dad were there to as they are also friends with them   and we had such a nice time chatting and laughing  , it was  wonderful  .  These two lovely people are the ones we bought this old farm house from and we are so  happy to be friends with them they really are good folk ! Thanks Danielle and Michael  .

                           The day has come to a close now  and we are winding down from a lovely weekend !

        Monday looks to be another lovely sunny fresh cool day , another nice day to get out and do some more tidying up of the summer flowers and plants  that are done , go for a walk with my Miggs and take photos of fall sneaking up on us !

                                                                Until next time my friends !

                                                                 Country Gal

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Chilly Days & Through My Kitchen Window


The temps have  cooled right down and it is quite chilly at night and in the mornings .  This morning we had to turn the furnace on low to get the chill out of the house !

Speaking of chilly I made Chilli last night for supper in my slow cooker and it was Yummy !

SEPTEMBER 2014 (13 of 16)

SEPTEMBER 2014 (16 of 16)

There is a story to this Chilli making . As I was preparing the ingredient's for the chilli I was being watched , not by the cat or dog  but buy a little Hummer outside my kitchen window .

SEPTEMBER 2014 (1 of 16)

He was sitting there on his feeder looking and listening to be clang and bang around in the kitchen , I was keeping an eye on him the entire time making sure he stays put so I can get my camera and take photos when I was done . Sure enough he did stay put  and I got these photos through my kitchen window . He would pop down to his feeder then pop back up to sit and watch me again , he saw I had my camera taking his photos and I think he was striking a few poses for me lol !

SEPTEMBER 2014 (4 of 16)

SEPTEMBER 2014 (12 of 16)

SEPTEMBER 2014 (9 of 16)

This little guy and his buddies there are 5 of them are still hanging around fuelling up I guess they will be taking off soon for their big journey , I will be sad to see them go , they are so cute and cheeky !

Well it is chilly here as I mentioned and rainy this morning . Friends of ours Danielle and Michael  Hi Danielle we will be there soon , she reads my blog lol  they live a block or two away   have invited us to join then  later today for a big fish fry up YUMMY !  Fresh fish caught from our lake Erie by them  good food and company great for a rainy chilly day !

                                                                    Until next time my friends !

                                                                           Country Gal

Friday, September 12, 2014

This & That & That & This



             The weather has changed chilly now this morning it was 10C or 50F with chilly breezes . Everything is slowly changing as the fall season closes in  . Plants in the gardens are at the end and some are still in full bloom .

SEPTEMBER 2014 (31 of 32)

SEPTEMBER 2014 (19 of 32)SEPTEMBER 2014 (21 of 32)

                                                  SEPTEMBER 2014 (18 of 32)

                                                 Early morning sky's have been soo pretty with the sun rise !

SEPTEMBER 2014 (8 of 32)

SEPTEMBER 2014 (13 of 32)

During the torrential rain storm the other night Papa had to go out and clean out one of our gutters in the front as it was clogged and over flowing . After he did that he stopped for a moment to watch the clouds as they were racing over head . He was standing outside my kitchen window and I saw an old photo opp .

SEPTEMBER 2014 (3 of 4)

                       Here we have the three stooges  sitting on top of the feeder as they do every day !

SEPTEMBER 2014 (5 of 32)

I had a MRI on Monday on my head as my blood work for my hormones said one of them was high and it shouldn’t be  well the MRI found a small spot on my Pituitary gland  so I have to go for a consultation some time when they let me know when and where  . So this could be part of why I haven’t been feeling well for some time  yes I don’t let on here that I have been struggling with stuff cause this is my happy place for me , a place where I like to share my photos and the nicer things of Woods Country Cove and from yesterdays post the strange things to lol !

                                Fall is in the air for sure here and I am looking forward to photographing the colours !

                                                                         Until next time my friends !

                                                                                Country Gal