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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Last Days Of November


WOW ! where do the months and days go . The weather has been mild here and still no snow on the ground for us  . The only moisture we have had is rain  and today was a lovely mild 13C or 55F  sunny with cloud and the winds are gently blowing , a perfect day for being outside and that is exactly where I was  , enjoying this late fall with all of its colour and our birdies feasting and playing in the cedar hedges  and at the feeders . 

I find the fields this time of year to quite pretty with all of its golds off whites , browns , silvers , greys and the odd pop of red from berries .

NOVEMBER 2016 (21 of 50)

NOVEMBER 2016 (27 of 50)

NOVEMBER 2016 (29 of 50)

NOVEMBER 2016 (35 of 50)

     I find each season has its wonders and its own  eye candy to capture ! The land is never really boring looking if you look hard enough .

The birdies were playing hide and go seek with me today as they  peeked out at me with my camera from the safety of  the  cedars . It was fun to watch and capture them all though they are fast little things and flap here and there and bob and weave to try and confuse me lol !

NOVEMBER 2016 (3 of 50)

                                                         This little Chickadee was having a ball playing peekaboo .

NOVEMBER 2016 (4 of 50)

                                              Hard to take photos when one is giggling at their cute playful  antics lol !

NOVEMBER 2016 (6 of 50)

                                                           Then some other birds got in the game to .

NOVEMBER 2016 (11 of 50)

NOVEMBER 2016 (14 of 50)

                                          Hey laaady !! over here ! said little red breasted nuthatch , they are soo cute .

NOVEMBER 2016 (15 of 50)

                    We have so many different breeds of birdies here it is hard to keep up with them and who is who lol !

NOVEMBER 2016 (9 of 50)

NOVEMBER 2016 (16 of 50)

We had a fun time playing peekaboo . Then I went out the front and took photos of Papa’s Christmas creations he put up over the weekend ! He has the new kaleidoscopes on the front lawn that shine like a disco ball they remind me of with red , green , blue and white  Christmas colours on the front of the house to . Now there will be a challenge for me taking night shots of it all light up  .

NOVEMBER 2016 (47 of 50)

Well looks who is hiding behind the dear on the right of the photo , why it is Miggs watching something across the road lol !

NOVEMBER 2016 (50 of 50)

I will be decorating a bit inside soon , we have gone from a big tree over the years to a small one , I call our Charlie brown tree and less  is more now for us to !

NOVEMBER 2016 (10 of 50)

Miggs  is just happy to be  by my side  no matter what month or day it is or what the weather holds and that is ok by me .

                       I welcome December with new possibilities , the odd  little adventure and a maybe a new canvas for photos  .

                                                                                      Until next time .

                                                                                     Country Gal

Sunday, November 27, 2016

A Jack Of All Trades .


He is a jack of all trades  and a master of none lol ! Papa  that is  who can do so much and  likes to try his hand at all kinds of things  . He has picked it up crocheting  again and is making an afghan .  He used to crochet many years ago and like with his wood working he  enjoys making things with his hands he also can sew  and knit as well as all  kinds of things  like build things , fix things , do pluming , electrical , mechanics , technical /computers , crafts , photography and more  .

When we went into fabric land for the wool and for the crochet tools and then got to the counter to pay the lady typically thought all of it was for me  then Papa piped up and said no  he is making it .  The look on her face was WOW ! that's cool  and then she said to him good for you .  People are in shock at first but then are in AWE that he can do these things  and will even admit  them lol !  Proudly I may add !

NOVEMBER 2016 (1 of 10)-2

NOVEMBER 2016 (2 of 10)-2

NOVEMBER 2016 (3 of 10)-2

                                                         Papa just started this yesterday late afternoon .

NOVEMBER 2016 (5 of 10)-2

NOVEMBER 2016 (7 of 10)-2

To be honest I wasn't going to put any of this up on the blog cause some people , like  guys  at his work may see it and think some silly things but to be honest I think it is great he can do so much and likes to do it and it is rare to have a man that can do just about anything he puts his mind to no matter what that might be . I am proud of Papa for all he does  , yeah ok we joke about some things like this crocheting he is doing or  what others may see it as stereo typed things but he likes to do them  and  really who says one has to be of a specific gender to enjoy and do these things  .

NOVEMBER 2016 (8 of 10)-2

NOVEMBER 2016 (9 of 10)-2

Miggs seems to like the idea to as she sits beside him as he is crocheting and likes to sniff and play with the wool some times  and thinks her stuffy toys can help to  lol !

NOVEMBER 2016 (10 of 10)-2

                                           Slowly getting there .  Not bad for just starting yesterday late afternoon .

Now Papa has taken a bit of a break from Crocheting and  has gone out side to set up the Christmas decorations  with ideas he has  for that   , but bet your boots he will be back in soon and get right back to making his Afghan .

                                                                              Until next time

                                                                                Country Gal

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Feeling Like A Gloomy Gus !


That's what my mum called me when the rainy gloomy weather kept me inside day after day and that's what it has been doing the past few days . I cant believe I am about to say this but I prefer snow then rain  this time of year , at least  with snow one can go out in it , rain and mud not so much lol ! I find at least snow is bright even with cloud, rain low clouds and mud DULL stuff  !

Whilst all the other blackbirds migrated I have noticed this one Grackle who seems to have stayed and didn't want to pack up his bird bag and fly south .  The birds don't seem to mind these gloomy gus day’s as long as they have plenty to munch on .

NOVEMBER 2016 (1 of 6)

NOVEMBER 2016 (6 of 6)

NOVEMBER 2016 (3 of 6)

                    These Blue jays are comical and at one point there were 8 of them on the ground under the feeders .

                                                                 Miggs was snoozing on the job earlier lol !

NOVEMBER 2016 (4 of 6)

                                                                  See Mr Squirrel in the back ground lol !

Miggs and Harley also seem like gloomy gus’s on rainy days like this to as Miggs came in and joined Harley , yup on Miggs bed . Harley takes it over when Miggs is out aside or they just share lol !


                                                                   A gloomy gus day where all snuggle up .

               Oh well at least the rain stopped and it got a bit brighter so Miggs and I had a nice walk this afternoon .

                                                                                   Until next time .

                                                                                   Country Gal

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Weather In Our Yard


The talk of the yard is the weather . It is cold  windy with dreary dark clouds hanging over with a pop of sunshine every now and then  with the odd  light snow squall but the dusting we had over the weekend is now all melted and our yard is now back to green and brown .

  The birdies have been feasting up a storm flying to and fro from feeder to feeder . These feeders are near the house  by  our big old tree I have more in the back by our crab apple tree and all are near the thick cedar hedge as it fences our yard and the birds  use it  as a shelter  .

NOVEMBER 2016 (9 of 12)-2

NOVEMBER 2016 (6 of 12)-2

NOVEMBER 2016 (12 of 12)-2

                                          A bit nippy out for a bath guys . The thought just makes me shudder . BRR !

Miggs  has always loved this weather and likes to play and chase squirrels in it and lay’s on her swing and bed out there on the patio porch .  I saw her around  our big old tree giving a squirrel what for lol !

NOVEMBER 2016 (2 of 12)-2  NOVEMBER 2016 (3 of 12)-2

                                                                      PEEKABOO  Miggs I see you over there lol !

Other then the busy birdies , critters and Miggs doing their thing not much has been going on here , pretty quite as the cold  winds blow and the odd snow squall falls . I layer up and Miggs and I go for our walks in the mornings  all though it is cold it is refreshing and when we get back we have a little  play time in the yard  fill feeders if need be and then we cozy up inside for a bit till Miggs wants out again ,  basically that's our days  putter and enjoy what each day brings us . 

         We would like to wish all our American  friends a Happy Thanksgiving on Thursday November 24th .

                                                                                                Until next time .

                                                                                             Country Gal

Sunday, November 20, 2016

POOF!! And There It Is !


SNOW   just a dusting but snow none the less . Why Friday was warm sunny  and 20C or 68  . 

Yesterday Papa and I had to pop up to town to get a few things . I really needed new winter boots as mine were old and have had it  . The weather  all started to go down hill first thing in the morning  as it rained , sleeted and rained some more the winds picked up all day and through the night and got very cold  .We woke to a dusting of snow cold blowing winds and ominous dark clouds with the odd pop of sunshine.   I think old man winter has arrived all though not officially by calendar . Our first snow fall well ok dusting of snow lol ! The birdies feeders and suet's are all filled up but not that much active this early as they are still huddled in the hedges snoozing  but later they will be feasting and flitting about to and fro .

NOVEMBER 2016 (1 of 12)

                                               Miggs seemed to be good with the dusting of snow this morning .

NOVEMBER 2016 (2 of 12)

Miggs likes to take her morning biscuit outside to eat and then well the snow is what she was happy about .

NOVEMBER 2016 (3 of 12)

I was inside in my jammies taking photos and Miggs rolled so fast and squiggled along the ground just getting all that cold snow all over her   I guess this is her way of greeting the white stuff , silly dog !

Papa had been working long hours all this week and so today Sunday is his rest day so we are just inside enjoying the coziness of supper in the  slow cooker  the warmth of the house whilst the cold winds blow and the smell of sandalwood incense all wafting through the air slowly . YUMMY !

NOVEMBER 2016 (12 of 12)

                                        Oh my Miggs you have the first snow flakes all over your face .

NOVEMBER 2016 (4 of 12)

                                                       She heard me in the kitchen preparing supper lol ! She is in now all cozy .

I have blooms as they just love the warmth and day light they get in our living room windows . This time of year my Christmas Cactus always gives such wonderful blooms  after being dormant all summer they will  bloom on and off till February now  .

NOVEMBER 2016 (9 of 12)

NOVEMBER 2016 (11 of 12)

              My African violets have been blooming since September  and now my Geraniums are starting again to .

NOVEMBER 2016 (10 of 12)

Not much going on here for now all my gardens are done and put to bed for the season and we are all ready for this next season now  yes the W  word  WINTER  which is upon us already by the look and feel of things   . I don't get  into Christmas to early like I used to  so for now it is a quiet time of year, a time to just take a breath and go with the flow for us  .

                                                                                          Until next time .

                                                                                        Country Gal .

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Last Nights Super Moon



Last night the moon was a super moon and it was at  its closest  to the earth , last time this happened was back in 1948 .

It was a cloudy evening as I looked out the window a few times looking for the moon  and for a moment there I was a bit disappointed thinking that I wouldn't get to see this super moon as the clouds were thick  but then I looked out the window and to my surprise  there it was . I wouldn't be able to catch it on the horizon as we live down in a valley so I have to wait for it to rise above the horizon and the top of the valley forest .

NOVEMBER 2016 (1 of 26)

Taking photos of the moon at night is a challenge on its own at times  but having heavy clouds in front and around it is even more so of a challenge . It was nice and quiet in our valley as I stood out there watching the moon rise and taking photos .

NOVEMBER 2016 (6 of 26)

NOVEMBER 2016 (15 of 26)

I had my ISO at 800 for night shots and just kept playing about with my F-stop and my shutter speed to see what ones came out the best  I am still learning night shots . It was damp and chilly out and the dampness tends to fog up the lens fast so that is a challenge as well  and all are taken hand held to .

NOVEMBER 2016 (3 of 10)

I like taking photos of the moon especially with clouds about or as it is rising around trees as to me it gives my photos more contrast and makes them seem more interesting then just a photo of the moon  in the dark sky .

NOVEMBER 2016 (20 of 26)

I know lots of folk were out there taking photos of this moon and having fun with their cameras as well . It is a once in a life time sight to capture as is many of life's moments and natures wonders .

           Well that's it for me for now hope all you photographer's and  mooners were able to get out there see and capture this rare sight .                      

                                                                                                 Until next time .

                                                                                              Country Gal

Monday, November 14, 2016

A Bit Of This & That


I don't really have all that much to post about , as we move along through this month so far . Saturday  afternoon Miggs went to the groomer and got the pampered works , now she is all clean and trimmed up instead of stinky and shaggy like she was in this photo  but I am sure she will smell like a dog again soon enough lol !

NOVEMBER 2016 (3 of 7)

Whilst Miggs was at the groomers  in town  , Papa and I went to do some shopping at Costco in the city 40 min away  to stock up again on things . We don't go shopping this late in the day especially on a Saturday afternoon , it was nuts , lots of shoppers but it all went smoothly and now we are all stocked up again for another few months  .

Then Sunday Papa spent the morning cleaning up the rest of the leaves and  had a campfire going , love the smell of a camp fire in the fall air . Our trees are now bare and so is our lawn thank goodness  as we thought the leaves falling and cleaning them up seemed like it would never end lol ! Our property is surrounded by a cedar hedge like a fence if you will and so it helps to keep other leaves from the forest  , the field  or anyone else's property  blowing into our yard so once they are all gone that is that till next fall . 

  I spotted this spider web hanging from  our patio porch this evening as the sun was setting   , no spider was to be seen  though , maybe he is in cognito waiting  , we still have bugs about as it hasn't been cold enough .

NOVEMBER 2016 (4 of 7)

The weekend weather was nice and sunny and not to bad temp wise either , the sky's were clear and blue and the sun shining .  The weather this week is to be nice and mild  with lots of sunshine and the odd rainy day  defiantly not our typical November weather that's for sure but I will take it  .The night sky last night was clear  all though the winds picked up and it was chilly . I saw the moon was bright in the night sky  as I looked out the window after supper   and took a photo or two of the moon, my it gets dark so early now .

NOVEMBER 2016 (7 of 7)

This moon is  called a super moon . But on  (Nov. 14) that's tonight  at 6:15 pm. EST, the moon will arrive at its closest point to the Earth  a distance of 221,524 miles (356,508 kilometers) away. This distance, which is measured from the center of the Earth to the center of the moon, is within 85 miles (137 km) of the moon's closest possible approach to Earth it will be the closest it has been since Jan. 26, 1948 . Fascinating isn't it ?!   I do love the moon ! Hope the sky's are clear tonight for us mooners lol !

                                                                                            Until next time .

                                                                                      Country Gal

Friday, November 11, 2016



                                        On this day  we bow our heads in prayer and  in silence to remember .

                                                                                  The Fallen  and  The Brave .

I saw a soldier kneeling down,
for this was the first quiet place he had found.
He had traveled through jungles, desert’s rivers and mud
He'd tasted sweat and shed his blood.

He folded his hands and looked to the sky
I saw his tears, as they welled in his eyes.
He spoke to God, and this is what he said
"God Bless my men, who now lie dead

I know not what You have in mind,
but when You judge them, please be kind
when they come before You, they will be poorly dressed
but they'll walk proudly, for they have done their best.

Their boots will be muddy and their clothes all torn
but these clothes they have so proudly worn.
Their hearts will be still and cold inside,
for they have fought their best and did so with pride.

So please take care of them as they pass Your way
the price of freedom they've already paid."

Author unknown



                                                                                      Lest We Forget ..poppy_thumb4

                                                                                     Country Gal