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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Wishing You All



                                                         A safe and

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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Well.. That’s Christmas All Done



I hope you all had a lovely Christmas . We here sure did , lots of lovely family time , gifts , Yummy food and laughter.

Santa Paws was here for the girls and Miggs was so happy to  check her stocking as she did every morning and see that Santa paws had finally been and left all kinds of treats and a toy in her stocking . 

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Each year Santa paws gives Miggs a toy a stuffy but this year he got her a different kind of toy a rubber piggy  she was happy but really didn't know what to do with it as it was hairless  lol . It was funny as she kept trying to play with it but wasn't to sure of what to do with this hairless toy lol !  But she plays with it now and walks about the house  with it making its piggy noise .

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She also got lots of YUMMY treats and has been enjoying them at treat time instead of the usual treats she gets .   As for  Harley well she couldn’t care less about the whole Christmas thing  but she gets a stocking with treats in lol !

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So that's this years Christmas over , it all goes so fast .  I have already taken down the inside decorations  as we didn't have much up , yeah know less is more kind of thing . Now we are looking forward to the new year and the adventures it will bring us . This week as Papa has the time off for the holiday's  Papa has been busy revamping  the mudroom/ laundry room , new walls  as it was paneled  before , paint and eventually all new storage cupboard's put up  , looking forward to all that  being done and organizing all the storage space  .   The weather has been bearable  , cold at times with sunny breaks   but we have had a lot of mild days over Christmas  to with  rain and now we are back to green grass with the odd patch of snow  left about . In the next week or so I will be revamping my kitchen cupboard's and getting them all cleaned out and sorted and more organized  so I will be busy with all that  , its that time of year where all things  get re organized around here  , do you reorganize your house in the new year ?!   .

                                                                             Until next time or next year lol  have a

                                                                              Happy New Year .

                                                                           Country Gal

Monday, December 19, 2016

Taking A Blog Break Over the Holidays



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Thursday, December 15, 2016

It is Bitterly Cold Now


Well .. we have our bitterly cold winter temps here now , with the wind chills it has been feeling like – 25C  BRR ! and that has kept us in for the most part , as well as being busy as it is that time of year  and I have been a bit under the weather to  . I cant believe Christmas is so close already .

The birds have been feasting at the feeders in the snow squalls we have been having and today we had a nice clear blue sky and sunshine whilst everyone north of us had been in a winter storm and all were closed and canceled , yeah know it is bad weather when snow plows are pulled off the roads .

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I took these photos from inside the kitchen , these feeders are closest to the house , the others are across the yard in the back by our crab apple tree  and all are full of hungry birdies  and critters in the back .

DECEMBER 2016 (5 of 7)

Miggs keeps trying to go out and stay out in the sun but the temps and winds are just to cold so she wonders back to the house and barks to come in .

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DECEMBER 2016 (7 of 7)

                    Just to cold out there for her now that she is getting older , I can relate to that  for sure lol !

We have a bit of Christmas shopping to do tomorrow as Papa is taking the day off and this weekend we are expecting a big snow storm , so we shall stock up and get all things we need done tomorrow and then by the weekend  we will be cozy inside with the wood stove going and watching movies I expect lol !

Well other then this things have been pretty quiet here , over the Christmas holidays Papa will be tearing the mudroom/laundry room apart and re vamping it with all new walls and storage cupboards and brightening it up , so looking forward to that and hopefully the kids can make it down for a day or two this year again over the holidays  that would be nice to see them .

On a sad note , these past few days  my in laws had to say goodbye to their old dog Shadow  . She was 10 and had bad hips and back legs and Sercombe to them . We will all miss you Shadow and Miggs will miss playing with you and having a visit .

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                                                                             RIP Shadow ..Crying face we love you Red heart


                                                                                       Until next time .

                             Take care and be safe in the winter storms over the weekend in Ontario and any where else they may hit .

                                                                                        Country Gal

Sunday, December 11, 2016

It is Snowing !


It has been snowing since 7am this morning and it is so pretty . This is the first real snow fall we have had so far there is about 3inches or 7cm and it is still coming down .

Papa went out to shovel the walkway and Miggs went out to  , She thought it would be fun to run through and catch the snow Papa was throwing .

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Then after they were done Miggs thought she would just sit and catch the snow falling from the sky lol !

DECEMBER 2016 (11 of 22)

                                           The birds and critters have been all busy at the feeders as it snows .

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DECEMBER 2016 (10 of 22)

                                                         I like how peaceful the land  can be as the snow falls .

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                                                                                  And oh so pretty !

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DECEMBER 2016 (5 of 22)

                                        Well that's about it for today for us this quiet yet pretty Sunday as the snow falls .

                                                                                                Until next time .

                                                                                         Country Gal

Monday, December 5, 2016

Its Looking A Lot Like Christmas .


With our out door Christmas lights and our indoor little bits here and there with our Charlie brown Christmas tree it is looking like Christmas at Woods Country Cove  all though I prefer to have a little snow for our outside Christmas light photos .

DECEMBER 2016 (4 of 14)

                    The two little wood Christmas trees on either side are what Papa made years ago in his wood shop ,

                                                                                             they are soo cute  .

DECEMBER 2016 (6 of 14)

I just love this street lamp light it looks so nice in our kitchen by our woodstove and makes it feel like an old fashioned Christmas in there every year .

I did the little bits here and there about the house today and Papa did all the outside a few days ago . All though it looks pretty I think snow would help a bit more .

DECEMBER 2016 (14 of 14)

DECEMBER 2016 (9 of 14)

Papa loves his new kaleidoscope's he got that glitter and flicker coloured lights on the house as well as the traditional Christmas lights ,  the out side is all decked out now so all we need is some snow , not a lot just enough to cover the grass. The past few Christmas’s it has been green and we haven't had snow till January . The weather people keep saying we will be getting a typical Canadian winter soon well if that were true we would be buried in it long before now lol ! Oh well I guess parts of our Ontario especially the southwestern part  you cant say is the great white north anymore  just the true northern part of our Ontario that still is as they get more snow and earlier then we do down here  . It has been a mix of sun and cloud mostly cloud and windy and chilly  here with the odd rain fall . Papa and I went to a nice restaurant in town Sunday morning for brunch  , we go with his parents as they live up the street and a few neighbors in our valley village  that have become good friends over the years .  We try to go to different places or at least keep to the best ones  . This year we went to a place in town called Mills Tales . It was a lovely place  , a converted old saw mill with all the original big beautiful wood beams in the ceiling's  and  lovely  wood walls with old wagon wheels done up as over head  chandler's  and as you enter in , there is a room that has all kinds of old vintage things in it like hand made quilts and the history of the area and the mill   it was lovely and the food was YUMMY and lots of it a buffet of everything  , I like buffets lol  service was good to and friendly folk   and a good price  to  , definitely going back to this place in the near future . Then we went to Papa’s parents for a little Christmas get together with family ,  all in all it was a good weekend .

  Well that's about it for me. I just checked the weather and see we might get some snow later this week  , other then that not much going on here , birdies and critters are feasting and eating us out of house and home but that's ok we love having them around . Miggs and Harley are .. well being Miggs and Harley and Papa is coming along well with his crocheting his afghan .

                                                                                    Until next time .

                                                                                  Country Gal