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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

It's Been Quiet Around Here

  Hello  , hope you are all well and getting through some of this wacky weather.
There hasn't been much going on  here at all with us hence the lack of posts and photos lol  . I have been doing a lot of watching the birdies at the feeders from my windows and Miggs and I have done a few of our morning walks when the roads are clear and the weather settles or gets sunny . We were all green for a bit there as the snow from the last storm melted then we got more snow and now that is melting and I see green patches of grass again but we are waiting for another snow freezing rain , rain storm to blow through  later today .

 We did have a few Cow birds show up at the feeders the other day which is odd this time of year . Maybe they know something we and the other birds don't like an early spring after this coming storm ,could this storm be the last one ? one can only hope so but like they say March WOW  soon to be here already  can be quit unpredictable .

Miggs just informed me that Spring is exactly 4 weeks away from today , I am excited about this and am already looking out for our spring birds through out our valley and yard  , Oh I have longed to hear the Robins , Red Winged black birds and Song Sparrows again . This time last year both the Robins and Red wings were already back .

Both Miggs and I are looking forward to all that Spring brings and the clocks bouncing forward to for more day light . Did any of you see or capture last nights  Super Snow moon ? it is the second super moon of 2019 to grace our skies, appearing bigger and brighter to the human eye than usual as it makes its closest approach to Earth in the lunar cycle.  Unfortunately it was cloudy for us so didn't get a chance to see or capture it  but the next super moon will be March 21st  .

                      Any who that's about it for us like the title says its been quiet here .
                                                                     Until next time
                                          Country Gal

Monday, February 11, 2019

Special Weather Statement

 Hunkering Down Again
As of tonight we are to get another nasty winter storm rolling over southwestern Ontario with snow , freezing rain then rain and high winds its going to be ugly out there . We are ready for it with the generator standing by and all we need incase of power outage .  Bird feeders and suet feeders are full as well for the birdies as they seem to feast before and during storms .

Special Weather Statement
 Several hours of freezing rain Tuesday.

Precipitation will begin as snow overnight. Snow will change briefly to ice pellets, with 2 to 5 cm accumulation, before changing to freezing rain. Freezing rain will continue for several hours before changing to rain Tuesday afternoon. Travel is likely to be affected.

Additionally, strong easterly winds gusting up to 80 km/h are expected Tuesday.

This freezing rain is associated with a Colorado low that will cross Southern Ontario Tuesday and Wednesday.

Freezing rain warnings may be required as this event draws closer.

So this is pretty much what Miggs and Harley will be doing during the storm lol !

                                  So stay safe and cozy all who are in the path of the storm .
                                                                  Until next time.

                                          Country Gal


Thursday, February 7, 2019

From My Windows With This & That

 We have had to stay indoors due to this wacky whirl wind of  weather with ice, snow and rain here and the temps have been up and down and up and down .  I did however manage to get a few photos of the amazing  encasement of ice that covered everything , the trees , bushes and what ever it could get a hold of it did .

                       It was a dangerous mess out there on the roads but in the yard oh so pretty .

 The poor birdies were a bit confused as they slip and slide from feeder to feeder hanging on as best as they could.

Every time the wind would blow the trees all we would hear is clack clack of the ice on them .

Poor Miggs wasn't impressed either every time she needed to go out and do her business , no staying out in this weather lallygagging about straight in and out  it was for her  lol.

This was all yesterday and today it has all melted soo fast with the rise in temps both our snow and ice and more rain had fallen as well  so lots of green grass showing again. Our river is jammed  with ice and slowly overflowing just a matter of time and the lower part of the valley will be flooded again this year seems every year a big warm up comes and the river floods . Hope everyone's house along the river fairs if it lets go , last year it was bad .

I see there is to be changes to google+ comments and users come March with blogger if you use blogger posting template then the message should be there for all to read whats going on. I hope it doesn't upset to many user's .
 Any who that's about it for me for now I hope all are getting through all this funky weather ,spring isn't to far away only 40 days away WOOHOO !
                                                             Until next time

                                             Country Gal

Monday, February 4, 2019

Welcome February

Well I cant believe it is February already  and we have had quite the warm up in the temps to yesterday and today  hitting a whopping +8 degrees or 46F and sunny  that's balmy compared to the frigid cold we had  .Most of our snow is gone now and lots of green grass is showing and the Male Northern Cardinals are singing his spring mating song already and I heard a Robin in the valley chirping when Miggs and were out for our walk .  Spring is in the air  here.
I haven't been taking to many photos but did take a few this morning .

                                                    A quick pic of this mornings sunrise .

We see grass now where Papa snowplowed the paths in the yard for Miggs to get around , it is nice to see but it is now a mucky muddy mess lol.

  I don't know what Mr Groundhog said for us  this past Saturday for groundhog day but either way spring is only in 44 days WOOHOO!

                                          Enjoying the warm up for now . Until next time .

                                                                     Country Gal