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Thursday, February 7, 2019

From My Windows With This & That

 We have had to stay indoors due to this wacky whirl wind of  weather with ice, snow and rain here and the temps have been up and down and up and down .  I did however manage to get a few photos of the amazing  encasement of ice that covered everything , the trees , bushes and what ever it could get a hold of it did .

                       It was a dangerous mess out there on the roads but in the yard oh so pretty .

 The poor birdies were a bit confused as they slip and slide from feeder to feeder hanging on as best as they could.

Every time the wind would blow the trees all we would hear is clack clack of the ice on them .

Poor Miggs wasn't impressed either every time she needed to go out and do her business , no staying out in this weather lallygagging about straight in and out  it was for her  lol.

This was all yesterday and today it has all melted soo fast with the rise in temps both our snow and ice and more rain had fallen as well  so lots of green grass showing again. Our river is jammed  with ice and slowly overflowing just a matter of time and the lower part of the valley will be flooded again this year seems every year a big warm up comes and the river floods . Hope everyone's house along the river fairs if it lets go , last year it was bad .

I see there is to be changes to google+ comments and users come March with blogger if you use blogger posting template then the message should be there for all to read whats going on. I hope it doesn't upset to many user's .
 Any who that's about it for me for now I hope all are getting through all this funky weather ,spring isn't to far away only 40 days away WOOHOO !
                                                             Until next time

                                             Country Gal


~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Great icy photos, it really is pretty covering everything! None of that for us, just some warmer temps that is apparently warming up the snakes from hibernation - YIKES!!

Hope everyone near the river stays safe!

Margaret Adamson said...

Very wise staying inside with weather like that

William Kendall said...

I think the biggest chance will be for those who exclusively used Google+ for their comments. They're going to lose those comments. For most of us, it's just having the button for it disappear off our screens, which has already happened, I've noticed.

The cardinal in the birdhouse is a welcome sight.