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Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Summer Is Flying By & Still Enjoying It All.

 August that it . I cant believe how fast the month has flown by why in 4 days it will be the beginning of September already WOW !

This coming weekend is Canada's  Labour day long weekend  the last week of most summer vacations as after this weekend all the school kinds go back , Miggs will be happy as she will see all the kids at the bus stop on our morning walks and be able to do what she loves to do and that is sit in the circle of kids and lots of cuddles from the kids as they wait for the bus, when the bus comes Miggs barks to say goodby to them as they wave at her to , a few times she wanted to go on the bus with them lol .
The land and natures critters are all changing  , birds are beginning to migrate to and from their summer and winter destinations and squirrels and chipmunks are gathering like mad for coming seasons . As some mid  summer flowers die off  late summer and fall flowers emerge .

The monarchs are slowly heading south and stopping off at the Goldenrod that has bloomed earlier than usual  and the some wildflowers in the fields still hang on whilst others are just blooming  .

This past weekend Papa and I had a bit of Archery practice in our back yard with one of our friends who has been and Archer for many years , Papa also bought a lovely bow .

                 I like the cross bow and was using that  😃 but I might try a smaller bow then what the guys use our friend said so next time I will , he has all kinds of Archery equipment .

Papa and I have also been enjoying lots of evenings on our  patio porch with the Chiminea going as the echo of crickets and grasshoppers chirp through out the yard and valley .

 Our wonderful neighbors gave us some lovely  yellow beans  from their veggie garden and wonderful cucumber YUMMY  nothing like fresh home grown veggies is there ?

Miggs has been enjoying the cooler dog days of summer as you see here , she is such a ham but then you all know that now don't you? lol !

Well that's it for us for now we are looking forward to this up coming long weekend as Papa gets a three day weekend WOOHOO !

                                                        Until next time .


                                Country Gal

Friday, August 23, 2019


            It's Misty's or as we call her Miggs  10th  Birthday today .

                    Happy Birthday to the best dog ever 💕💕💕💕 from Papa and Mama .

                                                Extra special treats for her today 😉

                                                                  Until next time

                                 Country Gal

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Some Of This & That

Well hello all , I hope you have been enjoying this month of August as much as we have . I have been busy taking tons of photos whilst I have been outside tending to my gardens here and there .

                        This was the full Sturgeon moon last week . It was so pretty .

 This poor Eastern Swallow tail butterfly looks so worn and weathered , but he managed to fly pretty good despite the lack of wings .

 This  Green Frog who has taken residents in our pond has been such a delight to see every day .

 My gardens have been doing well again this year and are soo full of lovely coloured  blooms .

It was Harley's 12th birthday on Friday  , she's not much into playing with toys all though she has a favorite mousey  so she got extra treats for her birthday .

 We have been enjoying many lovely evenings on the patio porch with  the chiminea going as the evenings have been cooling off nicely.

Which brings me to theses photo  as in our wood sheds where we keep our dry wood I have been having fun exploring in the mini forest behind it all and finding all kinds of nifty fungi in logs on the mini forest floor .

Most of our summer birds have disappeared already but as we are n the migration path we do get the odd straggler . Mrs Wren here is on her third  and final batch of baby's and has had all three sets in three of our bird houses , here she was siting waiting for the coast to be cleared by Mr Wren as she sat with a beak full of goodies for the kiddies .

I have been enjoying taking photos of bugs as well , so many different ones  to photograph to.

I have been having a ball chasing bugs and butterfly's and spending all these wonderful summer days outside from sun up to sun set .

 I have been using my smart phone a lot for photos as I have it with me when I am outside and in the gardens so its amazing to have in a pinch  lol .

 This Thursday Papa and I will be celebrating our 10th wedding Anniversary and will be going for a nice brunch at one of our favorite restaurants in town called Mills Tale it used to be a flour factory and now is a fancy  large B&B  and is all done inside like a log cabin we love it and the food is amazing , we are simple folk nothing fancy for us  then Friday it is Miggs 10th Birthday and we will be going on a little trip to a nice park for a bit of a hick as we all love doing that going to different parks and exploring with Miggs .

                           Well that's it for me hope you all have a great week and weekend !

                                                                 Until next time .

                                    Country Gal


Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Taking It All In

I cant believe it is August already  this summer is flying by and I haven't finished taking it all in yet.I have been enjoying every day outside either puttering about in my gardens or just sitting reading a book or watching the nature we have enjoying our yard as well . Miggs and I have been taking early morning walks whilst it is cooler as the later mornings and days get humid. I have also enjoyed wondering about taking photos of all kinds of wonderful nature . 

There is a bit of a story with these photos.

Papa and I were sitting out on our patio under the porch and I heard this distinct call that only these birds make , we don’t get them out in the open too often as they nest and stay on the riverbanks of our river and in the marsh/swampy area we have  deep in the forest off the side of river and they usually fly from destination to destination  in the cover of dusk , so it is a real treat to hear them , even more so of a treat to see them and rare to get a photo . I was soo happy to hear it .  I started by using my phone as a lure  to get him a bit closer to the area by playing  the  flight call which was the call it was doing  by using my favorite  birding website Cornell lab of ornithology  aka all about birds .org  and it worked , he was getting closer  then he was hiding in one of the trees and I could not see him but still hear him , then it went quiet and I thought, oh darn he’s gone , but to my delight I heard him again and did his flight call again on my phone then I heard another one WHAT ? as  I got all excited like a kid in a candy store lol . I have never heard two in the same area before so I asked hubs to grab my camera for me and handed him my phone , as he used my phone for the flight call   to lure them in a bit more , they both were farther away then I wanted  but not far enough I couldn’t  use my telephoto lens and at least get a few shots of them in hopes my photos  turn out ok,  getting one in a photo is rare but two of them, what treat . 

                                                                 Juvenile Green Heron's
      Well that's about it for me hope you al are enjoying you summer as much as we are .

                                                                        Until next time 

                                        Country Gal