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Friday, September 30, 2016

Rainy Days


We have had more rain in the past few days then we have had all through the summer where we really  needed it . It has been rainy damp cold  windy and just plain BLAH !  Miggs and I have gone for a very short walk  as it has been pouring on and off and the off doesn't last long   .  I cant believe it is that last day of September  my goodness where do the days , weeks or even months go . Our trees are slowly changing and leaves are falling as are the temps   .

                      Miggs still likes to be out on the porch on her swing watching the yard even if it is pouring rain .

SEPTMEBER 2016 (2 of 2)-2

                             I do like rain drops on everything just don't like the gloomy dark over cast clouds that come with it all  .

SEPTMEBER 2016 (2 of 6)

        But the land and trees and what flowers are left  seem to be happy with all the rain so that's a good thing .

SEPTMEBER 2016 (3 of 6)

I ventured out for a bit this morning to take a few of these photos as it was raining gently , I tend to ache and are more stiff  in this kind of weather and feel like a rusty old bucket at times  and am always feeling  cold  but I do what I can regardless .

SEPTMEBER 2016 (4 of 6)

SEPTMEBER 2016 (5 of 6)


SEPTMEBER 2016 (6 of 6)

Not much going on in the yard in this rain , the odd bird   all wet and scruffy quickly grabs food from the feeders and goes back under shelter  the critters are all tucked in their burrows all warm and cozy as I haven't seen any of them at all  and we have one Blue Jay that sits up in our big old tree and  whistles   , he sounds like a police whistle   guess he is the  bird traffic cop of the yard  lol ! 

Well that's about it for me for now , I am hoping for some sunshine soon but that doesn't look promising for us yet maybe after the weekend we will see some sunshine   .

                                                                                                 Until next time

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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Wordless Wednesday


SEPTMEBER 2016 (1 of 1)-5

SEPTMEBER 2016 (1 of 1)-3




SEPTMEBER 2016 (1 of 1)-4


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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Drive By Photography


Papa Miggs and I went for a nice drive yesterday morning to a small town just 40 minuets north east of us   to drop of some thing to our small engines guy who looks after our tractors . I took my camera with us and did a few drive by photos .

SEPTMEBER 2016 (1 of 16)

                                        Silos of all kinds across the country side , I do like the look of farms and silos .

SEPTMEBER 2016 (2 of 16)

SEPTMEBER 2016 (7 of 16)

SEPTMEBER 2016 (8 of 16)

It is a challenge to take photos when we are  cruising  along on a small highway , you have to see and catch things fast and just take a shot as well as  catch your shot in between hydro poles and to be able to snap the shot with out getting one smack dab in the center of your photo lol !

SEPTMEBER 2016 (10 of 16)

SEPTMEBER 2016 (9 of 16)

                                                 Looking through the front window as we are coming down a hill .

Then as we turned and joined the traffic on another road we had a row of motorcycles in front of us  , seems they were out having a nice fall day ride as well ,  some with their teddy bears on the back   probably from a worthy cause lots of bikers do here  , like  the  toys for tots and other charities .

SEPTMEBER 2016 (12 of 16)

SEPTMEBER 2016 (13 of 16)

The weather has cooled right off  quite chilly at times as fall has officially arrived in the area and some trees have started to change whilst others are still very green  for now .

SEPTMEBER 2016 (3 of 16)

As we were moseying along and passed the Tillsonburg airport not far from us  I was looking the other way and Papa spotted this small air craft coming in to the runway for a landing . I was able to get a few shots of him as he got lower and lower and as we were on the road that runs across the field side of the runway for a bit  then the trees got in the way and I couldn’t get him on the touch down  .

SEPTMEBER 2016 (4 of 16)

SEPTMEBER 2016 (5 of 16)

SEPTMEBER 2016 (6 of 16)

Then after that we went into town on our way home and picked  up a few bits n bobs well Papa did I sat out in the parking lot with Miggs near the grass after she needed to go for a quick pee lol .

Then we headed home  .  When we got home and put our bits n bobs away  I  cut and trimmed the grass whilst Papa tidied up his shop and had a fire going as he had some wood scrap's to burn .

SEPTMEBER 2016 (16 of 16)

Then it was supper time by the time we were all done .  We enjoyed our drive and the sights as well as puttering in the yard when we got home , it was a nice day . Today .. Sunday  we just puttered . I helped  Papa as he  trimmed the Japanese dapple willows back as they grow all over the place like mad and fast   , then he trimmed our big  old Manitoba maple  tree back a bit  to as it had grown since we had done it in the beginning of the spring after it had half of it crack and  fall to the ground . Then  we relaxed for the rest of the  sunny afternoon and into the evening .  The mornings and over night temps have been quite chilly  , this morning it dropped to 8C or 46F   and now  as it is late afternoon the sun is shining  and getting weaker the breeze is cool as we get the breezes off of the lake , temps are only about 19C or 66F  and going to be cooler by this evening ,  so soup for supper for this Sunday evening  , It is also time  for us to get back into  roasts for Sunday suppers now to that the cooler temps are upon us  and having the stove on wont make it to hot in the kitchen now either   and more home made  soups , stews and chilies in the slow cooker , YUMMY !

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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Another Season Over



         Well folks that's summer over with and now we are about to enter fall .  The Autumnal Equinox or fall as we know it starts  Thursday morning, September 22, 2016, at exactly 10:21 a.m. EDT.

2016 fall

The weather here has cooled  off over night and in the mornings  and the sun sets earlier , rises later and is in a different position in the sky's  now . I can see the land changing once again .

SEPTMEBER 2016 (21 of 28)

It was chilly and fresh  this morning  but nice it dropped down to  10C or 50F   but it all  warms up during the day  with cool breezes. I have been a bit busier the past few days tidying up some gardens  and getting them all ready to put to bed  soon and have been doing this in the mornings after Miggs and I go for our walk  and re fill the feeders , then by the afternoons well  .. camera time lol ! ok any time is camera time for me !

Our Blue Jays arrived a week or so ago but never came down to the feeders till this guy decided to give it a go and put on a  bit of a show for my camera and I  .

SEPTMEBER 2016 (6 of 28)

He flew down to the feeder and grabbed a seed and sat there tap tapping it , guess he doesn't gulp down the seeds whole like  the rest of them do lol !

SEPTMEBER 2016 (8 of 28)

                         Then he noticed me and gave me that long stare , then he puffed up trying to look all tuff lol !

SEPTMEBER 2016 (10 of 28)

                    I couldn't help but laugh to myself thinking your gona be the joker of the yard this year aren't you buddy ?! .

SEPTMEBER 2016 (12 of 28)

                                                                  Then he struck a pose for me and flew off .

This time of year the feeders are busy and lots of birds return and sadly some leave  .   This time of year is good for Fungi  as it is damp and dewy at night and in the mornings and Fungi love the damp and I love photographing all kinds of fungi .

SEPTMEBER 2016 (13 of 28)

SEPTMEBER 2016 (16 of 28)

SEPTMEBER 2016 (17 of 28)

                                     Every season has it’s wonders and a new canvas to photograph  doesn't it ? I find it does !

SEPTMEBER 2016 (23 of 28)

Fall …. a time for harvest , warm fires , falling leaves ,  pretty colours of leaves , pumpkins ,  warm hearty comfort foods YUMMY !  blankets , sweaters and last but not least  decorating in yellow , red and orange .

SEPTMEBER 2016 (26 of 28)

                                  Miggs likes the fall to ,with it’s cool fresh air and warm sun shine to nap in , oh it’s a dogs life .

Well that's about it for me  for now , we are just enjoying  the new season and taking our time with everything   , it is so nice to have the windows open  and the cool fresh air and breezes drifting through the house .

                                                                                    Until next time .

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Friday, September 16, 2016

The Yard Has Been Busy


The sun has been shining and the breezes are cool and fresh , this time of year lots of activity in the yard as all prepare to migrate . Fall is just around the corner  now . Days like this  gives me lots of fun photo ops . The Blue Jays are back and are squawking up a storm every morning now , they are timid for a bit of me and my camera but they will soon warm up to us lol !

The Goldfinch have been feasting on the feeders fighting and pushing each other off of them even though there is plenty for all  and attacking  the dead heads for seeds of the cone flowers .

SEPTMEBER 2016 (9 of 68)

SEPTMEBER 2016 (10 of 68)

SEPTMEBER 2016 (11 of 68)

These guys get pushy that's for sure , this feeder maybe low but there was another one right beside them that was had quite a lot in it but nooo they all want this one   .

SEPTMEBER 2016 (12 of 68)

SEPTMEBER 2016 (14 of 68)

                                             This guy here is giving the other a body check and trying to knock him off  .

SEPTMEBER 2016 (15 of 68)

SEPTMEBER 2016 (16 of 68)

                          I could  hear them arguing as they fight for a spot chirp chirp  , no I was here first , no I was  !

SEPTMEBER 2016 (17 of 68)

                                                                                  I will pull your tail then .

SEPTMEBER 2016 (18 of 68)

                   No you wont  , ah ! gotchya , nana  you lost your spot . Needless to say after all the fuss I filled this feeder  for them lol !Just when you think you have seen it all here lol !.

Hummie and his buddies were all over the place to chasing each other and feasting ,

SEPTMEBER 2016 (22 of 68)

SEPTMEBER 2016 (37 of 68)

It was a busy day in the yard for sure . Except for Miggs she was just watching it all taking in the cool breeze and fresh air whilst all this was going on .

SEPTMEBER 2016 (3 of 68)

                                              Some of the gold finch moved to the  dead heads of the cone flowers .

SEPTMEBER 2016 (31 of 68)

Then we had one of the squirrels show up with what looked like an apple in his mouth running about looking for a spot to either bury it or eat it .

SEPTMEBER 2016 (41 of 68)

It turned out is wasn't an apple after all it was a Chestnut and he found a nice hiding spot to  shuck and chuck the green outer shell .

SEPTMEBER 2016 (47 of 68)

                     To his left there is the outer shell he peeled off of it soo fast and then he took off with the nut in his mouth .

SEPTMEBER 2016 (49 of 68)

                                                                     All he wanted was the Chest nut in side .

                                        The carpenter bees are busy collecting as much pollen as they can now .

SEPTMEBER 2016 (63 of 68)

This guy is covered in it and as he digs deeper into the marigold he gets covered with even more each time . Fascinating !

SEPTMEBER 2016 (60 of 68)

SEPTMEBER 2016 (64 of 68)

  It was a good and fun day for photography , I love days like this where there is so much activity going on in our yard . The day came to an end with a lovely full moon . The Harvest  moon .

SEPTMEBER 2016 (22 of 22)

Over our valley as light cloud floated by and damp air developed as the sun was almost fully set on the western horizon . The yard quiet now as all tucked into bed for the promise of another sunny fun busy day in the yard .

SEPTMEBER 2016 (15 of 22)

Sorry it was such a long post but so much was happening this day and I just went nuts with  trying to capture it all  , 130  photos later lol !  I keep my camera on continuous  so I can just snap away   and all are hand held I don't use a tripod I have learnt to use my body  as a tripod  and the odd table or chair or what ever there is I can steady myself and my camera if I need to , it’s a challenge I enjoy and is faster for  some of the subjects I  photograph   !  I am always taking lots of photos playing learning enjoying all part of  why I love nature and photography so much .

           Well that's it for now for me, time for Miggs and I to go for our walk  . Have a good weekend !

                                                                                          Until next time

                                                                                         Country Gal