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Sunday, October 29, 2017

Unusual Seasonal Changes

Hello !

As you all may have noticed I haven't been here very much lately . I have found that the change of season has got me ..well sort of in a blogging slump all though lots to photograph as different  things pop up with the changing season but  the changing season has gotten to a slow start as Fall has just really begun for us here weather wise and all has been in a  bit of a state as we try to catch up on all our Fall yard work and storing of summer things .

The mornings have been darker and the evenings have been shortened of day light and that sometimes gets me feeling a bit HO HUM !! 

                The mornings of sunrises have been wonderful.

                                                 And the frosty ones to .

 The leaves are still falling but not all the trees have changed yet as everything seems to be late this season .

I still have some blooms in the gardens that just aren't done yet and are determined to keep going .

 Our Fall  birds are all back and  the Blue Jays are about in droves and still are shy to my camera .

The forest floor in the back forty is covered in pine cones and this year has lots of fungi growing on it.
I cant believe October is almost over already. It seems like the months are just sailing by so fast and I feel a little lost with that , like I cant find my seasonal barrings all of a sudden but I guess in time I will get with the program of the seasonal changes again and catch up with them  hopefully soon seems like I am in a climate change , kind of like nature is this year is all confused by unusual season changes .
                                                  Until next time .
                                                                   Country Gal

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

A Mix Of Sorts

Hello . Its been about a week or so since I was here last . Seems like this is the new norm for me these days as I find things to keep me busy this time of year . Like the gardens and yard work , usually I have it done by now . I cant believe we are in the middle of October already ?!

The gardens are almost tidied up and put to bed for the season with the few exceptions of the odd flower and plant still in bloom due to this mix of sorts of Fall and Summer weather we have been having . The nights have been chilly with dewy mornings but the days have been sunny and warm  some days have been up to 19C or 66F which is warm for this time of year . The winds have been very high the past few days as we get the winds off of the lake and we have lost power here and there so we have been off grid for a day or so as well but that's ok we are always prepared for that kind of thing living in a rule area , like having a gas BBQ and a gas stove so I can still cook  and a wood stove if needed for heat and hurricane lamps and camping lanterns and a battery operated radio and if our phones are charged them as well   so we do just fine in power outages lol !
 Early this morning was nippy out but by the time Miggs and I went for our walk it was warm .

 Miggs loves the leaves she finds on our walks and often tromps through them , I think she likes the rustling sound they make  lol !
Talking about leaves , not all of our trees have changed down here but the ones that have are ever soo pretty !

 This is her favorite tree she likes to hug every day we are on our walk ,  see this tree snapped a few years ago and has no top to it and she insists on giving it a hug every day since then . Funny dog .

Earlier this morning as the sun was rising  in the east these big puffy clouds were rolling in from the west .

             I like the way these kinds of clouds look suspended in mid air and just hang there for a bit .

Most of our Fall birds have returned now and just today I saw our little Juncos bobbing about under and near the Cedar Hedge.

These guys are soo cute . The Blue Jays have been about squawking up a storm but wont stay still yet for a photo , takes them some time to get used to me with my camera  again  lol ! As we are on the migration path hoards and hoards of Grackles and Starlings have been passing through the valley on their migration flight and it can get pretty noisy with them all chatting as they fly over  , same goes for the Crows . Our Turkey Vultures are still soaring about the valley to I guess they will soon start to migrate .  The Robins are here in a abundance to as  some of them migrate through here as well and then we get the odd few who stay and tuff out our colder months . It can get pretty busy in the sky's and through the valley as birds come and go each season .

Well .. that's about it for me for now  , I hope to get more yard work done and more photo taking in to as this lovely weather continues .

                                                                 Until next time .
                                           Country Gal

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

A Bit Of This N That

Well I haven't been here much now have I ?!  Been busy with gardens and yard clean up as my plants bit by bit come to an end . The weather has been wonderfully summer like except for today  it is windy rainy and chilly out there but we need the rain that's for sure . Our Thanksgiving  long  weekend all though a lovely one has been and gone already , I cant believe how fast the days and months are going .
I have been noticing nature is a bit on and off course this season , some birds are still here and should of migrated long before now and  Monarchs and other butterfly's are still fluttering through on their migration path all though this is very late for them and bees have still be about collecting what nectar they can find for this time of year .

The days had been sunny and warm so these guys took advantage of it to get a bit more food  on their travels .

The past few mornings were dewy , foggy and chilly and I noticed lots of webs about so I had to get pics they are so interesting each and every one of them are different , one of  natures mysteries !

                               For I haven't seen one spider even near any of theses.

Our Crab apple tree in the back was covered in webs I have never seen so many in the same place especially in trees .

                                           Oh look pic above   a spiders idea of a hammock  lol !

                                                    They were literally every where !

                 Even on the top of our Chiminea ! looks like their road ways to get to and from .

 Saw these pretty leaves  in the bird bath.  I like the reflection of the colours , I did clean it out and refresh their water after lol !

Talking about colours , lots of colours are popping up everywhere here now  . Some  have all changed and some are just changing and like the bird bath pic some have fallen already to . Looks like this weekend  we will be getting a start on the leaves Miggs will like that as she loves to play in the piles of leaves lol !
Speaking about Miggs yesterday she was rolling in some leaves and sat up with this stuck to her nose for the longest time goofy dog !

                     That's how much she likes this time of year with all the leaves lol !

   Miggs , its not polite to stick your tongue out at our blogger friends  lol ! Oh I see your sending them kisses , well that's better !

Well who do we have here ?! Why it's Alvin , collecting seed from under the feeders to take to his hidy hole . Hello Alvin !

I also noticed this little mini sunflower beside Alvin in the garden .  A little late but ok we will see if it blooms .

Whilst I was busy doing This N That and taking photos as usual lol I hear an aircraft I hadn't heard here before , we get lots flying over as there are two small airports with in 20 min from us  .  The sky was hazy !

   So I came out into the middle of yard and took a pic of him in the distance then he turned around and came right over for me  they will do that if they see some one on the ground taking their photo . Thanks buddy that was great , nice aircraft !

 So that is all for me for now. I don't want to bore you to much lol .! The rain is slapping against the house with the winds and the air is chilly so a good day for indoor This N That  me thinks lol !

                                                                    Until next time .
                                             Country Gal

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Feels Like Summer Again With A Bit Of This & That

Yes we did have some fall weather last week  but suddenly summer weather has appeared again , humid sticky air but the breezes have been cool .
Our kids were down for the weekend and all had a nice time and visit . James helped Papa and cut the grass for him .

 Both James and David are newly certified welders and are both enjoying their new welding jobs and our oldest David made this for me  , a horse shoe napkin holder I love it .

 We had a nice Chiminea fire Saturday evening  and roasted some marshmallows , sat around the patio table near the fire and chatted laughed and enjoyed the evening . Sunday was a puttering day then after supper they went home. It was nice to have them  here for the weekend .

I have been seeing lots of Monarchs flutter through the yard and occasionally stop by on their migration path that we are so lucky to be on . I am a member of the Facebook group Monarchs Migrating Through Ontario and have let them know I am still seeing them and give them a count and as some of the group raises , tags  and releases  them , I like to let them know whether they are tagged or not  and how many I have seen on each day ,so far none have been  I have seen.

 Miggs is enjoying the weather and follows me everywhere as I have been in the gardens getting them cleaned up , trimmed back and ready to be put to bed for the next  season .

Last night the moon was soo pretty in the clear but damp sky .

        Well that's about it for me for now we are supposed to have rain but all the dark clouds have been going over us with out releasing a drop and we need rain bad , it hasn't rained in a few weeks , the only reason we have some green grass left is the odd dewy morning that has saved the odd patch here and there .

Hope you are all enjoying the  Fall well Summer well ok Fall season summer temps lol !
                                                                  Until next time .

                          Country Gal