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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

A Mix Of Sorts

Hello . Its been about a week or so since I was here last . Seems like this is the new norm for me these days as I find things to keep me busy this time of year . Like the gardens and yard work , usually I have it done by now . I cant believe we are in the middle of October already ?!

The gardens are almost tidied up and put to bed for the season with the few exceptions of the odd flower and plant still in bloom due to this mix of sorts of Fall and Summer weather we have been having . The nights have been chilly with dewy mornings but the days have been sunny and warm  some days have been up to 19C or 66F which is warm for this time of year . The winds have been very high the past few days as we get the winds off of the lake and we have lost power here and there so we have been off grid for a day or so as well but that's ok we are always prepared for that kind of thing living in a rule area , like having a gas BBQ and a gas stove so I can still cook  and a wood stove if needed for heat and hurricane lamps and camping lanterns and a battery operated radio and if our phones are charged them as well   so we do just fine in power outages lol !
 Early this morning was nippy out but by the time Miggs and I went for our walk it was warm .

 Miggs loves the leaves she finds on our walks and often tromps through them , I think she likes the rustling sound they make  lol !
Talking about leaves , not all of our trees have changed down here but the ones that have are ever soo pretty !

 This is her favorite tree she likes to hug every day we are on our walk ,  see this tree snapped a few years ago and has no top to it and she insists on giving it a hug every day since then . Funny dog .

Earlier this morning as the sun was rising  in the east these big puffy clouds were rolling in from the west .

             I like the way these kinds of clouds look suspended in mid air and just hang there for a bit .

Most of our Fall birds have returned now and just today I saw our little Juncos bobbing about under and near the Cedar Hedge.

These guys are soo cute . The Blue Jays have been about squawking up a storm but wont stay still yet for a photo , takes them some time to get used to me with my camera  again  lol ! As we are on the migration path hoards and hoards of Grackles and Starlings have been passing through the valley on their migration flight and it can get pretty noisy with them all chatting as they fly over  , same goes for the Crows . Our Turkey Vultures are still soaring about the valley to I guess they will soon start to migrate .  The Robins are here in a abundance to as  some of them migrate through here as well and then we get the odd few who stay and tuff out our colder months . It can get pretty busy in the sky's and through the valley as birds come and go each season .

Well .. that's about it for me for now  , I hope to get more yard work done and more photo taking in to as this lovely weather continues .

                                                                 Until next time .
                                           Country Gal


Deb said...

No Juncos here yet but I am watching for them. I put the front garden to bed today and will tackle the others later. Lots of work to do. Love that little tree-hugger of yours. Give her a hug for me (and Harley). Are you on instagram yet, Elaine?

William Kendall said...

Beautiful fall colours! Miggs is such a delight.

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

The weather is amazing, and we are enjoying as much time outside as possible. Winter birds are around, but if it stays like this they may be wondering whether to stay or not. Enjoy the weather.