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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

After A Day Of Rain !


                  The sky opened up and sun was shining for the evening !

                                                                    I will let my photos tell the story !


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                                                                  More rain on the way today !                             

                                                                      Country Gal

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

April Showers


   Well ya all  know the saying  , right  ?,  April showers Umbrellabring May flowers Red rose

  It has been raining since early this morning and the winds are blowing and howling like crazy as well .  The grass is greening up with every drop of rain and the trees and bushes are soaking it all up and the spring flowers are singing the praises , so are all our birdies , happy, happy , happy  … and very wet lol !

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                                                                      Not angry birds, just wet birds lol !

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                          Look at all the buds on my Lilac tree and Mr purple finch loves the Oriole nectar even in the rain !

APRIL 2014 (10 of 13)

              Rain makes all nature happy, happy, happy  even when  all  is wet and soggy , this Gold finch was singing and chatting up his own storm lol !

APRIL 2014 (11 of 13)

                   May is just around the corner and with these April showers today and tomorrow, looks like I will get some May flowers !

APRIL 2014 (13 of 13)

Clouds are floating and churning in the sky  full of natures nectar as the winds push them over us with a few rays of sun shine peeking out every now and then whilst birdies are singing , grass is greening and all  is a new  ! 


                                                                             Until next time my friends !

                                                                                Country Gal

Monday, April 28, 2014

Our Weekend


  Hello all , Hope everyone had a good weekend !

It was  a busy weekend for Papa and I as we tackled the huge over grown row of  Cedar hedges behind our sheds and  stacks of wood for our wood stove . Papa cut off at least 6 feet or more of the tops of them as they were just too big and blocking a lot of the light for the yard  and I helped cut them up in to small pieces  so they fit in our trailer .   So needless to say today we are both feeling it .   The weather wasn’t to bad , sunny all though the winds were chilly on Sat but yesterday  was sunny warmer and calm winds .

APRIL 2014 (2 of 14)

                                               We woke to lovely sunny mornings and planed our day !

APRIL 2014 (5 of 14)

                Papa got started right away on hedge cutting  , I joined later as I had a few things to do first !

APRIL 2014 (6 of 14)

               The Cedar hedge was as tall as the Spruce trees  in the back there this is just the first section he cut down the rest has to be done on the left side of the photo !

APRIL 2014 (9 of 14)

  There he is on the ladder with the hedge trimmer , a mini saw on a stick I call it lol  cutting down huge tops of the cedars !     I took a few photos when we took our breaks and rested every now and then  .

APRIL 2014 (12 of 14)

                           Purple finch, such a pretty little bird . Oh just before we started our work Papa spotted an Orchard Oriole on my feeder and I saw a few Barn Swallows . We have the Baltimore Oriole , Humming birds , Red breasted Grosbeak , and Wren to still return  then we have all our spring and summer bird back !

Other then Cedar cutting and taking the odd photo that was our weekend . Papa took today off as a vacation day , good thing cause I think he is a little sore from climbing up and down that ladder reaching with the trimmer and pulling and hauling big chunks of trees lol !

                                                             What did you get up to over the weekend !

                                                                   Until next time my friends !

                                                                          Country Gal

Friday, April 25, 2014

Patiently Waiting


For the weather to get better to start planting . The  temps during the nights and early mornings have been cold but the days have been sunny and warmer but still to early for planting anything in my gardens . I am getting the garden itch though dyeing to get down and garden dirty lol. I still have a bit more of garden clean up to do .

       Whilst I have been patiently waiting I have been taking photos of what already is growing in and a round the gardens and yard and of the birds who have been entertaining me every day !

APRIL 2014 (1 of 34)

                         We have this pretty song sparrow serenading us each and every day from our Cedar hedge !

APRIL 2014 (3 of 34)

                                                    Mr Squirrel busy eating as he is watching for Miggs !

APRIL 2014 (7 of 14)

                                                           Mr Possum waddling along in the early morning !

APRIL 2014 (7 of 34)

                                                 Bachelor Buttons growing in the gardens by the drive way !

APRIL 2014 (15 of 34)

                                                  Close up of one tiny Maple tree bud ready to pop !

APRIL 2014 (4 of 34)

                                                                     Along with all these Maple tree buds !

APRIL 2014 (2 of 34)

                                          One of my Hyacinths with buds on as the rest slowly catch up !

APRIL 2014 (18 of 34)

                    I have six Lilac bushes in a row that are all budding and getting ready to pop ! All different colours  , from white to two different pink  colours  and a lovely deep burgundy purple .

APRIL 2014 (21 of 34)

                We have a little Forrest of pine and Cedar trees behind our sheds and the ground is covered with pine cones , pine needles and Cedar leaves ! I love the look of a forest ground in the sunny shadows !

APRIL 2014 (24 of 34)

                                                  Everything is greening up , growing  and budding !

APRIL 2014 (28 of 34)

                                                               All the birdies are busy eating and nesting !

APRIL 2014 (14 of 34)

                                                   Miggs is practicing for the dog days of summer lol !

APRIL 2014 (6 of 34)

APRIL 2014 (8 of 34)

                                                                             Tiger Lilies are growing !

APRIL 2014 (34 of 34)

                                              Sun rise from my window this morning before the rain starts !

                                                             And Geraniums blooming in doors .

APRIL 2014 (31 of 34)

                           When the nights become warmer these Geraniums will be going out on the front porch !

APRIL 2014 (3 of 3)

                So as you see things here are slowing growing and almost there  . I just need to  be a little more patient a bit longer to get in my gardens and plant  but in the mean time I will enjoy natures beauty in everything growing and developing all a new   and all the birdies that come and go as the season warms up !

                             Like Mum always said , Good things are worth waiting for and ya can hurry a good thing !

                                                                      Until next time my friends !

                                                                           Country Gal

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

This & That


  The weather has been wonderful sunny and warm temps hitting  highs of  22°C or 7oºF perfect .  Over the Easter weekend Papa and I were busy in the yard and took Miggs for a spa day , had a nice family Easter dinner  and just enjoyed the lovely weather .

Yesterday was just as nice , Miggs and I went for a long walk with our friends Debbie and her dog Tikka  they just live up and around the corner from us which is on route of our walk so we join up , most of the time Miggs stops at their house and listens for Tikka and Tikka watches for Miggs and I lol  they are best buds and Deb and I both enjoy walking and chatting up a storm so that works out well , we have a lot in common about nature and loving the simpler life !

Any who , yesterday I was out taking photos as spring is coming along beautifully !

APRIL 2014 (2 of 22)

                  This little guy was  nesting in this barn house last year that Papa built  and  was looking for the barn house a week ago so Papa put it up over the weekend and the little guy moved in right away . He sits there and chirps as to tell all he has claimed it . It is made to be a Wrens house but he manages to squeeze in and out of it ok lol !

APRIL 2014 (5 of 22)

            Then I noticed he had  the wife there so she seemed pretty happy about their living quarters lol ! I take it he did a good job of house hunting as she was singing the praises !

APRIL 2014 (6 of 22)

                                                                            One lonely Goose flew over !

APRIL 2014 (9 of 22)

                 My favourite place to be in the sunny warm weather , where I can sit and watch all in the back yard and eventually enjoy blooms and colour with in my gardens !

                                   APRIL 2014 (10 of 22)

                 I scrubbed down the patio table and the place mats and as you see here hung them on the line to dry !

APRIL 2014 (11 of 22)

           Sitting at my patio table with camera in hand Mr Robin came to visit , they get really close to us now !

APRIL 2014 (12 of 22)

                              He kept an eye on me and the ground for bugs or a worm moving under the grass !

APRIL 2014 (13 of 22)

                                         Miggs was walking the yard  keeping an eye on the critters !

APRIL 2014 (19 of 22)

                   But she didn't see Mr Bunny squeezing under my shed lol ! We have to live trap and relocate and seal up the holes under my shed  for if we don't it gets pretty over crowded and stinky under there as there are also squirrels rooming under my shed as well , I wonder if I should charge them rent lol !

APRIL 2014 (17 of 22)

                           This Purple finch was happy he had the feeder all to himself as he was munching away  !

APRIL 2014 (18 of 22)

       Today  it is still nice out but rainy  and foggy in the valley  but hey that's ok cause April showers bring May flowers !

APRIL 2014 (21 of 22)

Birds are chirping and singing as it is raining the temps are a warm 10°C or 50ºF  and it is all supposed to clear up this afternoon and the sunshine is to appear  , so this morning I will putter indoors whilst it is raining and get outside later if it clears up .

                                                                           Until next time my friends


                                                                           Country Gal