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Monday, April 14, 2014

A Good Weekend


                First  …David would like to thank you all for your Birthday wishes  , he was thrilled to read them .


          Now for the good weekend we had with our boys . The weather was amazing warm and sunny with a thunderstorm Sat evening  , we were all out on the patio watching the lighting and of course Papa was time exposing photos of the lighting , he got some amazing photos I will post them tomorrow . 

We all did some yard work and then sat by the campfire and enjoyed the rest of our afternoon laughing and joking about lol !



APRIL 2014 (6 of 26)

                                                            The birthday boy , well man now lol. !

APRIL 2014 (24 of 26)

                                              Helping clean up a tree that was taken down !

APRIL 2014 (25 of 26)

APRIL 2014 (26 of 26)

                                      James and Papa just got back from dumping some of the tree in the back 40 !

APRIL 2014 (2 of 26)

                                                        James and Papa putting together my patio table !

                                            Sat by the fire and toasted marshmallows when all the work was done !

APRIL 2014 (12 of 26)

APRIL 2014 (10 of 26)

                     Miggs was very interested in the marshmallows  and was watching every move being made with them lol

                                                                    so she got a biscuit instead .

APRIL 2014 (8 of 26)

                      This was Saturday , Sunday we just relaxed for the best part of the day, then the boys had to go back in the later afternoon . It was a good weekend  .  They will be coming  down again in the summer . Papa will put them to work again I am sure lol .

       The weather this morning is windy and warm , rain is on the way and maybe a thunderstorm or two . Spring flowers are rising more and more from the ground now and our yard clean up is almost all done , Bird bath fountain is all set up , hoses are hooked up  and patio furniture all set up now to  . Next .. will be  the planting of flowers and filling the raised veggie garden with good soil  and planting veggies all  in a few weeks !

                                                                  Until next time my friends !

                                                                            Country GAL


Pamela Gordon said...

Wow, you folks are right into spring there Elaine. Glad it was a good weekend and birthday celebration for you son. Our fire pit may start to show in the next day or two but we'll have to wade through over a foot of snow to get to it! I heard it's going to drop to really cold temperatures there tomorrow. Be prepared! It will be a shock. LOL

Jane and Chris said...

Belated Happy Birthday,David!...but they made you work on your birthday?
I'd demand a do over!
Jane x

Primitive Stars said...

Morning, looks like a great weekend, nice weather. Oh roasted marshmallows, cannot wait to enjoy a fire, Blessings Francine.

Willow said...

Happy belated Birthday David ~ I have been late with the rounds it seems.
Glad you had a great weekend , so did we :))
Always fun sitting around a campfire after a good days clearing the ground work.

TexWisGirl said...

glad you had family time with your boys. said...

Elaine glad David enjoyed reading his Birthday wishes.

Do you ever watch the Pawn Star Antique store when people come in and ask how much they can get for the item. With the old man and the old mans son and they have a Grandson and Chummily not sure if he is a Grandson. Anyhow he is so smart and funny. he is a spot on guy he know s more then one can think.

Well of course Chummily is my favorite on there. Your son David the Birthday guy reminds me of him. Cute smile and looks like your son has a fab fun personality. Yet he is a goofier and can be a sly fox I bet.

Looks like you had a fun weekend.

Your boys look somewhat alike. Am I wrong?

So nice they got up to be with you both.

My sons are married and they come up as well. A mothers love know matter what age loves the boys up.

Like to hear all they have done since away from us old folks I say.

Thanks for the fun shots.

Patsy said...

The boys look happy to be there.
And helping out.

Cindy@NorthofWiarton said...

Looks like work & fun was had by all.

Amy at love made my home said...

Sounds and looks as though you all had a great time! Love the sitting round the fire toasting marshmallows idea! xx

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Belated birthday wishes to your son, David. Looks like after the work was done, everyone had a great time by the fire. Roasted marshmallows are my favorite too!

Gail said...

It is nice to have some help.

That is the way I want to spend my birthday.

William Kendall said...

Might as well get some errands done while they were at home anyway!

Miggs of course, was busy supervising.

Vee said...

Looks like a great way to spend the weekend...a little work...a little play...all good!

Crystal said...

Well Happy Birthday to David, sorry I missed it. Looks like a fun weekend, I cant wait to roast marshmallows, mmmm!

Anvilcloud said...

You have quite a collection of sheds.