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Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I love movies, pictures and paintings of mystical wolves and unicorns. I have collected a lot from the internet . There is just something about them , the beauty, mystery and fantasy draws me to them , here are just a few pictures I would like to share !



call of the wild

                     Hope you have a little mystery in your day!

Monday, November 29, 2010



photo taken by Papa .

Today would of been my mums 74 th birthday.

She passed away suddenly 2 years ago on Thanksgiving in Oct may she (R,I,P)

The sun is shining this morning a beautiful orange pink color reflecting through the lightly  scattered clouds as it slowly rises to its glory. I like to think of the sun being my mum smiling down on us !  Love you always !

Saturday, November 27, 2010


DSC_0001I had the woodstove going again yesterday . Its soo funny cause when I am bringing in the wood to stack in the box Harley kitty starts to purr like a motor bike loud and proud, lol hence the name Harley my fav motor bike lol long before I even start the fire, but when I do get the fire going this is what she does.
DSC_0002 DSC_0004
                Think she is enjoying it ?
Whilst shes doing that Miggy is panting cause she doesn't like the heat and I am enjoying a hot chocolate in my favourite mug .
                     Hope you all have a warm day !

Friday, November 26, 2010



We have had the strangest weather here, its been raining like crazy,then windy as heck some what mild and cold ,cold , cold,  every thing is crispy and lightly frozen, poor Miggy couldn't figure out why her chew rope felt different this morning when I let her out. I forgot to bring it in when it rained and over night the temp dropped so now she has a frozen rope toy lol but she still insisted on running around with it like a mad dog lol  whilst Harley kitty watches her from inside through the window with a look on her face as though thinking to herself,( WHAT A NUT CASE, FORGET ALL THAT NONSENSE TOOO COLD ) ! as she curls up in her favourite spot on her scratch post.  There was a tiny snow flurry this morning and that was it. This time of the year 20 years ago we were buried in snow.I have noticed a great deal of change every year with our winters. The sun is trying to come out but there are big dark bluish grey clouds all around it and they are moving fast, makes it look really mystical.There is a difference in rain cloud color and snow cloud color, these were snow clouds, just waiting to find the perfect atmosphere to let go on ! I have no idea what mother nature has up her sleeve for us today, snow, rain, hail, sun, cloud, who knows, its still windy out there and cold, has a real winter bite in the air. We live minuets from Lake Erie and we get a lot of the winds from off of the lake . I guess I will just have to see what's in store for the weather today, no point in relying on the weather man they are usually wrong , good old fashioned farmers Almanac , instinct and  the teachings of my father  to look listen and smell the weather is how I determine what its going to be  for us !  So I guess we will stay in were its warm and cozy.    

                   Hope you all have a warm wonderful day !


Wednesday, November 24, 2010


These are the books I have collected to snuggle down with  to read over the winter.Some are a continuous series.  I sometimes have two books on the go !




             Share with us what  Authors you enjoy reading !

Tuesday, November 23, 2010



Us Canadians had ours in Oct, but if ya want ya could send some of the yummies my way lol.

What's your favourite recipes and foods for the winter and holiday time. I have started a recipe page here on my blog , if you have any  recipes that you like or want to try  or would like to share them send them to me and I will post them on my page  so we can all see and possibly give them a try. I have a few favourites on the page myself.  DSC_0006        We can all get in on the recipe swap whether its your recipe or not  go ahead give it a try and share with all of us your yummies and favourites !   Have a  yummy great day !

Monday, November 22, 2010


The weather has been really weird, one day it was cold like winter and windy, the next it was sunny and warm and today its rainy warm and thundering , thank goodness all this heavy rain isn't snow or we'd be buried in it up to our necks , ok ok everyone else would be buried in it up to their waists I on the other hand would be buried up to my neck lol   I'm only 4'9 . I have often said that I need to carry a flag with me in case I get stuck  in a snow drift , the only thing ya would see is the flag lol , The weather all over Canada is weird some places have been hammered by snow and really cold temperatures and other places have rain and warm temps weird or what !  I hope mother nature makes up her mind soon and sticks to one type of weather .            

We had our boys down for the weekend, of course Miggy loved that more people to play with and jump on in the morning to wake them up lol    It was a good weekend !  Not much planed for today as its raining and storming out, I will just read my book, tidy up some, maybe watch some tv and so on. Hope everyone had a good weekend, until next time my blogger friends have a great day!



internet pic


Friday, November 19, 2010

SNAP !!!

Last night just after Papa and I turned in for the night at about 11 I heard a SNAP!  I said , Papa I heard the Snap. So Papa went to check on all the traps and he yelled GOTTCH YA ! Whether it be a animal or a rodent we still don't like to hurt them , but sometimes ya just have to do what ya have to do., we would of preferred to catch him and release him  in a field but he was a cheeky one . So we no longer have a little shadow staying with us, besides I was going to start charging him rent lol.

I am hobbling around today due to I have done something to my ankle and foot, I have no idea what or when , it is one of those mystery injuries so I have a tenser bandage  on to soften the blow of walking and some mioflex cream to help draw some heat and blood to the muscle, so for today I am hop along  lol  . Our boy's are coming down tonight to stay for the weekend, Papa is happy about that cause he will have them to help him do some chores and do guy things lol, I will have two more strapping mouths to feed as we sit around the dinner table as a family, Laugh, eat and enjoy. So today I will hobble around tiding up and preparing for the boys to arrive. Until next time my blogger friends. Have a wonderful weekend.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


This morning was  funny for me ,as our cat Harley was very interested in the stereo and cabinet it is in, I couldn't figure out what the heck  she was doing. I thought she has lost her marbles !



  I'm  like    HARLEY !!!!!get out of there !


                            HARLEY !!!!!  what's with you!


            OK KITTY!!!! get out of there NOW!!! I yelled !

Well later on in the morning, all this started about 7am  , Harley finally got out of there and went and laid down , I was watching the morning show as I usually do for a bit having my tea, Miggy was just laying in the kitchen.  Then all of a sudden I see this shadow run behind the TV and up on the back of  the fireplace, I thought I was seeing things had to do a take two, thought to myself, ok, I'm the one loosing it now lol, well I saw it again a few minuets later, it, it , it was a little mouse, poor little thing was so scared and very tiny! But I thought to myself  he can be scared out side not in my house lol I called Papa at work to tell him, he said did ya get a picture of it, I  said no silly I am trying to catch it ya nut. I then went to pull out the fireplace from the wall as it is a fake one , pulled all the electronics out  in hopes I can catch the little bugger, but no go, he was soo small he hid behind the TV that we have mounted on the wall, there are so many little nooks and crannies he can fit into there, well nutty me went and got gloves on to handle him in case I was able to get a hold of him, as well as some peanut butter,  doing all this in my jammies,putting the dog out side so she wont go nuts and try to chase it and knock everything flying, well he had a little nosh at the peanut butter and then turned his nose up at it after, guess our peanut butter isn't good enough for him lol   , so I tempted to just wait it out and see if I could catch him, on top of the living room being a mess now, me having a hot flash the cat not being a very good mouser the dog now out side barking her head off,  I had no luck ,he is a cheeky little mouse and seems to have a thing for electronics, must be a male lol.  He would hang over the top of the TV and stare at me as if to say nana nana you cant catch me  , so in spite of all this, mousey is still behind the TV keeping warm lol   As I was going through all this I was kind of laughing to myself thinking what a sight to see here lol. Papa will have to set traps tonight in hopes we catch him not what I wanted to have to do but so be it,guess we wont be using peanut butter lol,So needless to say I will be on the look out for him all day, find myself looking around the floor a lot today lol. The wonders and joys of living in the country in an old farm house.

I will keep you informed as to whether we catch him or not !

                        Hope you all have a good day !

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


It is 15 years ago today my dad passed away. He had struggled with cancer of the esophagus  for 2 years. He suffered from bad heartburn before he was diagnosed with cancer, back then Acid Reflux disease was not yet discovered. I to this day think that it was the Acid Reflux that  we called back then heartburn caused the cancer in his esophagus even though he was a smoker, of course that didn't help , but I still feel that if this disease was discovered  back then he may still be alive today, he was only 63 !

    Love you always dad !  Dad

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


This is what happens when your bored and in a goofy mood !

miggy pony tail

Poor Miggy ,all she wants is to have her picture taken as she likes striking a pose for the camera and she has no idea really what for this time ! She truly is our pretty country scruff !

Photo taken by Papa, hairdo by me !

Monday, November 15, 2010


It's Monday morning and all's quiet.  The sun is shining the air is crisp and cold . Papa is at work , Miggy is outside wondering around the yard and Harley kitty is fast asleep as usual, I still in my jammie's drinking my tea and reading through blogger friends posts and seeing what's going on in their neck of the woods. Not much planed for today. Figure out what to have for supper, do some tidying up, take Miggy for a walk , fill the bird feeders and maybe read my book or take some photos, who knows what today will bring !  What are your Monday's like, do you work or are you retired like me !  What ever your Mondays are like hope you have a good day !cat-being-friendly-with-horses

   My photography, I am  still practicing the manual settings on my camera . I have some black and white photos I took they  are  on our K & E Photography blog 

http://kandewoodphotography.blogspot.com   Hope you like them, let me know and please don't be afraid to say how ya feel about them I can take criticism ! it helps me become a better photographer !

Saturday, November 13, 2010


Papa got this old original country farm house  screen door from one of the guys at work..Papa said hey wait what ya planning to do with that door, the guy said get rid of it,   He was going to throw it out or cut it up for scraps!  Well , Papa said no don't do that  I'll take it, my wife would love it. So goes the story of the old farm house screen door that nearly got thrown out or chopped up. Papa is refurbishing it and then will paint it, that's what he is doing right now   . You cant get these original heavy farm house screen doors any more  with the detail and the good sturdy wood not as good as this one, thanks Papa ya always know how to make Mama happy !


DSC_0002 DSC_0004 DSC_0007               Can't wait to see it all finished !

  Stay tuned for the finished old country farm house  screen door !

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


            Canada's symbol of Remembrance Day !

images poppyflag




Veterans Day

                   NOVEMBER   11th   WE REMEMBER ALL !

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Papa put his photos on our K & E  Photography blog from our wonderful day photos post !  Take a peek ! 


The sun is rising right now and the land is gleaming with frost, the valley looks so pretty !  Today will be warm and sunny, a perfect day to enjoy the out doors. We still have some leaves left on the ground so I may rake them up and have a small fire of them in our fire pit, mmm the smell of an out door bond fire in the fresh air, one of my favourite smells ! I may even do some more photography, don't know quite yet what the days events may be, but I will defiantly be taking Miggy for a walk !   Until next time my blogger friends, have a snap happy day !


Sunday, November 7, 2010


Yesterday we had a wonderful day. Papa and I got up early knowing the weather was to be sunny with a bit of a nip in the air.We had a neighbour that was having a pot luck supper and they invited us and some of our other neighbours as well , so I made a pot of chilly in my slow cooker and I had it going all day whilst we were to be out. Then  Papa and I set out to do some photography  dressed for the cold. We went down to lake Erie and took some photos of what ever caught our eye. Walked along the board walk and the beach , it was great. The air was cold and a bit windy being near the water but we were so into our snap happy mode that neither of us really noticed it.  After we were done there we went for a drive to look for trees to photograph. We have joined a local photography club in our area and for our club members I suggested that we take photos of  trees that are weird looking or just catch your eye .  So that's what Papa and I did  as well. It was a good photo day ! We came home hours later imported our photos in our computers went through the ones we wanted to keep sat and relaxed for a bit then went to the pot luck supper. It was great , good conversation, company and  everyone's food was yummy and they all loved my chilly, our host even kept some for today to have for her lunch ! All in all it was a wonderful day !


                                     Papa taking photos on the beach !



                                        Rolly Polly pony !


Down in the town of Port Burwell . Around this area there are a lot of wind turbines !

These are just a few of the photos I took as I was still practicing taking them in manual the rest are on our K & E Photography blog.


                       Hope you enjoy them!

                           Have a great day !

Thursday, November 4, 2010


I have been testing and learning using manual and manual focus on my Nikon D60. I had always used auto as I  am still learning digital. Well I have ventured away from auto and am now taking and practicing in manual . I still have a lot to learn of my camera but thanx to Papa  who has the patience of a saint and who is teaching me, I am venturing out on my own and taking as many photos in manual as I can testing all the settings!  Here are just a few photos that I have taken that I think aren't to bad and that I am proud of for the first attempted at manual photography ! 



  Our little nut hatch, we have three of them here !




                        My Christmas cactus! It blooms early !


These are just a few photos I took in manual mode, I will be practicing in this mode every time I photograph something !  

                                      Have a great day !