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Sunday, November 7, 2010


Yesterday we had a wonderful day. Papa and I got up early knowing the weather was to be sunny with a bit of a nip in the air.We had a neighbour that was having a pot luck supper and they invited us and some of our other neighbours as well , so I made a pot of chilly in my slow cooker and I had it going all day whilst we were to be out. Then  Papa and I set out to do some photography  dressed for the cold. We went down to lake Erie and took some photos of what ever caught our eye. Walked along the board walk and the beach , it was great. The air was cold and a bit windy being near the water but we were so into our snap happy mode that neither of us really noticed it.  After we were done there we went for a drive to look for trees to photograph. We have joined a local photography club in our area and for our club members I suggested that we take photos of  trees that are weird looking or just catch your eye .  So that's what Papa and I did  as well. It was a good photo day ! We came home hours later imported our photos in our computers went through the ones we wanted to keep sat and relaxed for a bit then went to the pot luck supper. It was great , good conversation, company and  everyone's food was yummy and they all loved my chilly, our host even kept some for today to have for her lunch ! All in all it was a wonderful day !


                                     Papa taking photos on the beach !



                                        Rolly Polly pony !


Down in the town of Port Burwell . Around this area there are a lot of wind turbines !

These are just a few of the photos I took as I was still practicing taking them in manual the rest are on our K & E Photography blog.


                       Hope you enjoy them!

                           Have a great day !

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