Woods Country Cove

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Papa put his photos on our K & E  Photography blog from our wonderful day photos post !  Take a peek ! 


The sun is rising right now and the land is gleaming with frost, the valley looks so pretty !  Today will be warm and sunny, a perfect day to enjoy the out doors. We still have some leaves left on the ground so I may rake them up and have a small fire of them in our fire pit, mmm the smell of an out door bond fire in the fresh air, one of my favourite smells ! I may even do some more photography, don't know quite yet what the days events may be, but I will defiantly be taking Miggy for a walk !   Until next time my blogger friends, have a snap happy day !



Barbara said...

Such sweet photos, is it really cold there yet? My grandparents were from Park Hill Ont. and it got super cold there, have a great day and lots of hugs, Barbara

Rob said...

It sounds like a great day for getting outside, I hope you enjoyed it.