Woods Country Cove

Monday, November 29, 2010



photo taken by Papa .

Today would of been my mums 74 th birthday.

She passed away suddenly 2 years ago on Thanksgiving in Oct may she (R,I,P)

The sun is shining this morning a beautiful orange pink color reflecting through the lightly  scattered clouds as it slowly rises to its glory. I like to think of the sun being my mum smiling down on us !  Love you always !


David said...

Grandma Smith. as i used to call her.

Kind loving Gentle woman, who was also not afraid to tell you how it is. a normal woman to most but to family she was everything. one of my previous posts was about a woman who helped to raise me as a child. and this is that woman. forever gone but never forgotten. Happy Birthday Grandma <3

Patsy said...

What a sweet face !

Verde Farm said...

What a beautiful woman. I am so sorry you lost your mom at a young age. My mom is 72 and I can’t imagine losing her yet. I lost my dad four years ago and it was the hardest thing ever. I am sure you have wonderful memories and times like now are very reflective and so important. I am sure the sun is your mom shining on you.