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Friday, November 26, 2010



We have had the strangest weather here, its been raining like crazy,then windy as heck some what mild and cold ,cold , cold,  every thing is crispy and lightly frozen, poor Miggy couldn't figure out why her chew rope felt different this morning when I let her out. I forgot to bring it in when it rained and over night the temp dropped so now she has a frozen rope toy lol but she still insisted on running around with it like a mad dog lol  whilst Harley kitty watches her from inside through the window with a look on her face as though thinking to herself,( WHAT A NUT CASE, FORGET ALL THAT NONSENSE TOOO COLD ) ! as she curls up in her favourite spot on her scratch post.  There was a tiny snow flurry this morning and that was it. This time of the year 20 years ago we were buried in snow.I have noticed a great deal of change every year with our winters. The sun is trying to come out but there are big dark bluish grey clouds all around it and they are moving fast, makes it look really mystical.There is a difference in rain cloud color and snow cloud color, these were snow clouds, just waiting to find the perfect atmosphere to let go on ! I have no idea what mother nature has up her sleeve for us today, snow, rain, hail, sun, cloud, who knows, its still windy out there and cold, has a real winter bite in the air. We live minuets from Lake Erie and we get a lot of the winds from off of the lake . I guess I will just have to see what's in store for the weather today, no point in relying on the weather man they are usually wrong , good old fashioned farmers Almanac , instinct and  the teachings of my father  to look listen and smell the weather is how I determine what its going to be  for us !  So I guess we will stay in were its warm and cozy.    

                   Hope you all have a warm wonderful day !



Patsy said...

Here in Arkansas we had high wind sun and 70+ for half of the day. Then the rain came with more high wind. By dark the temp was down in 40's. I didn't think about you being in Canada on the other side of the lake, but I know now with the cute little mittens.
Hope you warm up today!

Crystal said...

Brrr, I dont like rain then cold, almost rather have snow. I like those mittens, they are pretty cute!

Farmchick said...

Hi there...hope things are well in your neck of the woods. :) Stop by my blog -- would love for you to join in my Have a Holly Jolly Christmas Recipe Swap. :)