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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

This & That


It was a mixed day of sorts yesterday  but a nice sunny day finally after all the rain we had all weekend !.

Papa had the day off in lieu of our Canada Day off tomorrow Wed which I think is wrong as his company is keeping families from celebrating the festivities  of Canada day with the rest of  province and country ! Not very family oriented here now are they ?  Just my opinion that’s all !

Any who  , most of the  flowers in our butterfly ,bee and hummer garden have bloomed and I am pleased to see so far the bees and butterfly’s enjoying it  , the hummer flowers are almost there so we shall have to see if the hummers take to them as they are taking to my Hosta flowers in the front gardens ! 

June 2015 (23 of 29)

June 2015 (17 of 29)

Miggs was having a good ole time rolly pollying about for some time as she grunts, snorts and snarls lol !

June 2015 (5 of 29)

Lord knows what it was she found to smell  soo lovely lol ! Ode to bird poop lol who knows but she was having a grand ole time with it ! And to think I let her on our bed  YIKES !!! LOL !

June 2015 (6 of 29)

June 2015 (7 of 29)

Looking a little worse for wears there Miggs as she just finished shaking all the grass off that she dug up and flung on her self  in the rolling process lol !

June 2015 (10 of 29)

All our gardens are doing well and are looking good again this year , except the constant weeding from all the rain we have been getting lol  which it is to rain again today but thankfully the rest of the week will be sunny but the birdies are feasting and singing and my windows are open so that’s is a plus  ,  I guess I will be out pulling weeds again and cutting grass as it has been growing like mad as well with all this rain . I am not complaining at all about the rains as some are dryer then a bone and need rain badly but I am wishing it would give us a bit more of a break in-between , but then I wouldn’t get my laundry or house cleaning done now would I lol ! oh well it is what it is lol

Miggs was running  about  yesterday evening on the hunt to keep a stray cat away form the bird feeders and the property she runs hard and fast  and after I had to finally go and chase it from the other side of the hedges Miggs then proceeded to walk to wards the house with a limp . Today she is stiff and a bit sore as we think she has pulled a muscle or has a cramp or what we call a Charlie horse  in her leg at her back right thy or even her hip  so she is moving very slowly and I am trying to get her to walk to maybe loosen it and work the blood flow through it so it helps to repair it as once she walks a little more it seems to get better for her  but we will see no running after anything today as I have her in resting and give her a deep message it the area every hour and a half an aspirin this morning in case of pain and discomfort , all she wants to do is be outside and go for a walk poor girl it so hard when they really don't understand why they cant . 

June 2015 (16 of 16)

                                                          Miggs is not a happy camper right now .

June 2015 (9 of 16)

The moon last night was lovely as the sun set and shone it’s orange glow on to the moon ever so slightly !

June 2015 (11 of 16)

                                          Then sun peeking through our hedges as it sets closer to the horizon .

Any who that's my This & that  jumbled bit for today  off to clean the house and keep Miggs comfy whilst she recovers from what we call it for her an ouchy  !

                                                                      Until next time .

                                                                     Country Gal

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Taking Shelter


WOW !  yesterday was  a day of high winds and torrential rains the entire day  . Mind you all is so green and lush now and the rains have settled for now and so have the winds all though still gloomy out and the temps have dropped quite a bit to just around 15C or 54°F . There are tree branches every where and the hydro kept flickering on and off  more so in the evening when thunderstorms popped up . The poor birds were finding any where they could to take shelter during this storm .

June 2015 (7 of 30)

I was able to capture these two baby Orioles huddling up under our porch on one of my plant hangers looking a bit chilled and wet . Reminds me of the child's poem two little dickey birds sitting on a fence one  named Peter and the other named  Paul .

June 2015 (17 of 30)

Fly away Peter   and there was Paul  and so on  , do you remember that little poem or know of it ?  any ways , he was all puffed up and drying off and resting  from the heavy rains and high winds that he had to struggle through to get to where he was going !

June 2015 (29 of 30)

Miggs was not a happy camper yesterday either as she loves to be out doors but not this day it was too windy and wet  she had just gone out long enough to do her business and then straight back in again and got  soaked  , yuk wet dog smell so I  dried her off and have a special spray to help get rid of that yucky wet dog smell  she was not impressed that’s for sure lol ! I had just popped out on our patio porch to take these few photos as it all settled down for a moment then it picked up again and that's when  I went back in .

June 2015 (25 of 30)

This is my east facing kitchen window that’s under our front porch and that never gets rain on it but the winds and rain were so furious yesterday everything got wet .

June 2015 (26 of 30)

Mrs Robin has two babies in that nest her second set this year so far . She was quite happy and sheltered from all the rain and winds !

June 2015 (27 of 30)

           Sparrows chirping happily as they huddle together from the rains and wind feasting under the flat feeder that's under our big old tree  ! By old I mean this tree must be at least over 100 as it is the original tree to this farm house which is also old lol !

June 2015 (24 of 30)

                    Every thing  is just dripping wet and soggy . Going to take a lot of days with  sunshine to dry all this , that’s ok I don't mind lots of sunshineSun  Smile !!!

             Another gloomy day here today but not as much wind or rain so maybe we will be able to at least sit on the patio porch and have a chiminea fire going and enjoy  the day  like we were camping only with the comforts of home lol .

                                                                     Until next time .

                                                                 Country Gal

Saturday, June 27, 2015

It’s A Rainy Day Today !


The winds are blowing and the rain is coming down side ways but it is a good day to kick back in our sleep pants , take in a movie or two , read a good book , catch up on blogs , do photos on the computer ,  do laundry , putter or take a nap .  My gardens are loving this rain as are all my birdies  , I filled up all seed and nectar feeders just before it started to rain so they are feasting in the rain  , chirping , chatting and singing and trying to take cover in the trees and hedges all at the same time !

                 I popped out as the rain slowed down for a bit and took photos of my gardens as in the rain they look soo happy and lush .

June 2015 (2 of 5)

June 2015 (3 of 5)

June 2015 (4 of 5)

June 2015 (5 of 5)

It is to rain all weekend and there is a high wind warning and a heavy rain fall warning in affect as well . I guess after all this rain I will have to get out there on Monday which is to be a sunny day and weed the gardens as they will grow like mad in all this rain . Nothing like mother natures nectar from the sky’s though to make your gardens lush and grow !

                        Well that’s all for now folks rainy days are for relaxing, chilling  or puttering so that's what we are doing !

                                                                                          Until next time .

                                                                                       Country Gal

Friday, June 26, 2015

Walking The Fields


Yesterday I went for a walk through the field beside us with my camera to see what I could see . There were so many pretty wild flowers , tiny bumble bees , moths and tiny butterfly's . I was in awe as I was surrounded by them all  buzzing and fluttering about  and all the pretty blooms .

June 2015 (8 of 33)-3

June 2015 (14 of 33)-3

June 2015 (28 of 33)-3

Then I heard a funny noise , a sound like a creak and a click all at the same time . I saw something small wiz by me but couldn't quite see it clearly as it was to fast , so I sat and waited and waited , nature photography takes a lot of patients in waiting and watching and hoping  lol I then was able to find what was making that noise .

June 2015 (24 of 33)-3

A grasshopper had jumped and flew onto a piece of long grass and stayed there very still  looking at me from the corner of his eye , me saying quietly ok buddy stay there so I can take your photo , yeah right like he understood anything I said  you nut , but it worked he sat there still  and long enough  I  was able to take two photos of him before he took off !

       The field is riddled with so much life and beauty and I totally got lost in it all  feeling  like a little kid playing in it !

June 2015 (4 of 33)-3

June 2015 (6 of 33)-3

So many colours and shapes of flowers and grasses that were tall and swaying in a dance like motion  in the breeze as the sun shined  and clouds floated over shading it all for just a second or two !

June 2015 (22 of 33)-3

June 2015 (7 of 33)-3


June 2015 (16 of 33)-3

The sound of crickets  chirp chip , deep in the grasses and the smell of all the blooms and grasses was wonderful !

June 2015 (17 of 33)-3

The feel of the breeze and sun on my face and the freedom I felt being in this field was amazing ! I am sure I had a big smile on my face and I took it all in and snapping photos like mad trying not to miss a thing !

June 2015 (11 of 33)-3

                            Every thing so green with explosions of pinks, purples, whites, yellows and browns !

June 2015 (25 of 33)-3 

June 2015 (19 of 33)-3

June 2015 (26 of 33)-3

I had fun in this field and could of stayed there for hours but Miggs wanted me home as she barked for me  , so home I went . I walked up the drive way and saw my Bachelor buttons have bloomed finally  .

June 2015 (33 of 33)-3

Then as I met Miggs with a wagging tail and said hello to her and that I wasn't gone long  silly girl  , I then saw a bunny by the hedges , Miggs didn't see him so I was able to get a few photos of him to .

June 2015 (1 of 33)-3

The weather has been quite pleasant , sunny with cloudy periods and not humid at all but with cool breezes , my kind of lazy summer days  and  taking in all the beauty that nature has to offer walking the fields in our valley  at the same time PERFECT !!!!! .

                                                                            Until next time .

                                                                       Country Gal

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

On A Hot Day There Is Lots Of Splashing !



                                               Going on here lol

June 2015 (2 of 33)-2

                                                                           Splish splash Miggs !!

June 2015 (5 of 33)-2

                                                                        Having fun in her pool !!!

June 2015 (7 of 33)-2

            June 2015 (3 of 47)

                    Even the birdies are getting into the splashing fun and hanging out at the watering hole lol !

  June 2015 (9 of 57)

We had thunderstorms last night lots of rain thunder and the lightening seemed like every second . Windy and humid here today with sun and cloudy period's !  Summer my favourite time of year !

                My that pool looks inviting ,  can I share it with you Miggs  ?  lol  ! Oh please, there will be no photos of that  thank you lol ! YIKES !!!

                                                         Until next time . Have a spashingly wonderful summer day !