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Monday, November 23, 2020

Having Fun With Our Summer

 Well hello there ! It seems it has been about a month since I posted last  😐 Papa , myself and Summer are all doing well . Summer is growing like a weed and keeps us very active and entertained lol . 

 Summer is a social butterfly to and just loves people and other doggies as lots of our neighbors and family  have dogs and they all get along well , our next door neighbors have a Doodle mix  named Tucker and he and Summer just love to play in the yard as Tucker sits at the gate between our properties and then asks his daddy to bring him over to play with Summer and they have a blast . 

We had our first real snow fall yesterday and  Summer being of  Husky she just loved it. Papa, myself and Summer were outside having fun in the snow.


       Her full name is Summer Time Little Wolf    , her nick names are Summy , Wolfy or Sum Sum and she responds well to all .

                   Papa built a snow man as Summer supervised and they also had fun with that,

Summer was watching the snowman's stick arms very carefully as she loves sticks and was biding her time when she could ...

                                                                        Steel them 😀

Summer  turned 6 months old  two weeks ago and is fully trained now and is a very smart and loyal girl . Summer is going in for her spaying tomorrow so we will have to make sure she takes it easy for a few days after , we have special pj's for her to wear  to keep her from getting to her incision and to keep it clean whilst it heals the cone of shame I think wont be good for her as she is rambunctiousness and it will  cause more of a problem as she will take out anything in her path lol  shes like a like a bull in a china shop with out it lol   , she will be going in early in the morning and home the same day late afternoon , its going to be a challenge to keep her  on a low active regime till its healed but these days the incisions are tiny and heal faster then they used to be . 

This will be Summers first Christmas and we are looking forward to it all and she like the our other pets past and present will be getting her own stocking for Santa Paws to fill with toys and treats .  We will putting up the decorations the first week of December  which I cant believe is just around the corner . 

Papa and I have been only going out for essentials and he still going to work other then that we have been enjoying our little home relaxing or doing some projects about the place and of course enjoying our face time with part of the  our family once a week who are not with in our social circle . I am so  grateful for our family , friends and the wonderful yard and outdoors with all our critters and birdies in these crazy times of 2020.

Well that's about it for me for now as Christmas closes in I hope to post again soon .

                               We hope all are well and stay safe .

                           Country Gal