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Thursday, June 29, 2017

To Our Fellow Canadian Bloggers

                              Hope you all  have a wonderful and safe Canada Day long weekend .
                                         Happy 150th Canada !   Proud to be a Canadian !

                              Country Gal , Papa & Miggs

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

A Bit Of This & That

It has been quiet here the past few days  and the weather has been up and down with lots of storms , high winds , cooler temps  chilly actually  and  rain , all though we have had hardly any rain here seems to keep going around us but the clouds have been spectacular as they float on by .

As they float over with thunder rumbling in them and rain holding off  from us mostly the birds and critters seem to get frantic and take cover only to have the sun come out again and no rain at all  .
 The temps have been on the cool side as these storms blow through a bit to cool at times for this time of year for us but all is good in the yard despite the strange weather .

  I was walking past our garden around our big old tree with my camera and if it wasn't for Mr Toady who decided to move I would never of seen him . 

                                         Mr Toady was eyeing a few bugs on the tree . 

All our gardens are doing well and the butterfly weed is so vibrant again and full this year , the butterfly bush will be blooming soon to . I have spotted quite a few Monarchs this year so that's good  we have lots of milk weed in the field next to us so when they bloom ya know where I will be lol ! I have seen all kinds of moths and butterfly's  this season so far many of the black Swallow tails to which are my fave .

The Tiger Lilly's are all in bloom to in the field and are about to bloom in our back garden to as are my giant pink Lilly's in the front garden .

These two have been staying around our yard and have been joining the other birds about the feeders . I have named them  left is  named Ghost right is named  Spirit  rare to have them about but have had others about the past few years only these two have stuck around .

Talk about sticking around .. well we have tons of these now and Miggs has been on the chase the past few days , unfortunately to much she has hurt her leg so she is to be lets say bed bound or couch bound more like lol for a while . In the mean time I am live trapping and Papa is relocating them as much as we can till they have been moved out  , if we don't they will take over our yard  , ya know the phrase breed like rabbits ,  its true  , ya seen one then before you know it there are hundreds lol !

    Well that's about it for me for now  . Looking forward to our long weekend this weekend  as Papa gets the Monday off as it is our country CANADA'S  150th Birthday July 1st  .WOW ! July is just around the corner already ?!  where do the days go ?!
                                                            Until next time .

                                        Country Gal

Friday, June 23, 2017

A Few New Things For Us

 We have a few new things about the Cove  this week . First the most exciting are the 3  new breeds  birds to the  yard and area .
Our next door neighbors and friends  Mr & Mrs H  who moved there  last year from Winnipeg  Manitoba  are also nature lovers and avid gardeners  and Mr H loves birding as well and has quite a lot of nesting houses he built when they moved there  , he also enjoys wood working in his shop so Mr H , Papa and I have a lot in common lol , any who Mr H was happy to share his birdies with me , he houses Tree Swallows and Purple Martins both breeds we have never had with in our yard just around them in the forests of the valley  . Now his yard backs on to ours as well as is beside ours  or vice a versa lol and we get to see and hear both types of birds which is amazing as we love all kinds of birds and welcome new ones to .

 The Purple Martins are the larges of the Swallow family and sound very different to any of the swallows . This is just one of the smaller houses Mr H has in the back 40,

 The are fascinating birds and Mr H is a member of the Purple Martin Association in Winnipeg Manitoba and here in Ontario as well .

This is the big house and  it is huge and the funny shaped cones called gords on it are also for nesting . Mr H has these houses on pulley system where he winds them down and up to check and clean them out and to see how many have eggs in them . Now because these houses are new to his and our yard they so far have only one couple nesting but he has seen more about which is good . Mr H brought the house down for me to see and take photos of the Purple Martin  eggs and how and what they use to make their nests .

                                                          Aren't they soo cute ?!

I wanted to be quick in taking the photos as I didn't want to bother the birds to much but Mr H said they just go and fly about when he is there and that's what they did  they didn't fret or panic at all over us being there and taking their nest boxes out to have a peek and Mr H to clean the others that weren't really being used  , he said some times they will just put stuff in the other boxes for no reason .

Then we went over to another house he has on the front of his property which is beside ours behind Papas shop .

Tree Swallow babies all snuggled up in their down filled bed snoozing   ! Soo cute . Mr H told me that Tree Swallows make their nests with these feathers and we know where they came from the farm down the street from the Geese .

So that was an amazing experience for me to see and take photos of these new birds we have in and about  ours and Mr H's yard .

Next we have  Doves  not just any  Doves white and tan ones and I think  these are raised Doves  who get released into the wild  who have been about here for some time and have hooked up with the wild Morning Doves and seem to be settling in just fine  I have no idea where these pretty Doves are coming from but over the years we have had quite a few about .

They all have had different markings some are more white some have more tan or caramel as I like to call it and some have odd stripes of caramel colour but they all have been at my feeders and about the yard and are very pretty looking to . I had one last year I did a post about I named Snowy who ate out of my hand  and let me pat him .

Last but not least another new but not as exciting as these birds I found some pretty pillow covers/cases  for the living room  for the summer seasons .

 Would you believe I got them from the Dollar store one of my fave stores by the way lol  ! Yeah 2 bucks each that's all and they are made well . Cute Huh?!
   Just to give you an idea this is where I spend most of my time this time of year .

Not the fanciest of porches but I love it here , faces west and all the happenings in the back  gardens , feeders and yard go on here  , perfect for Miggs and I . I spent from sun rise to sun set here on this porch so when I say from my back patio porch now you know where I am coming from  lol so to speak .
 Well that's about it for me for now I had a wonderful week again this week  , finally got rain with thunderstorms last night and rain on and off today  , the weekend looks to be sunny  so out again we go to enjoy. Actually I love sitting on the porch on a rainy day to lol !
                                                                      Until next time .   
                                       Country Gal

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

In & Around Our Neck Of The Woods

I have been busy with yard work and my gardens and  well … just taking in all the beauty  this time of year has to offer as it is my fave time of year . The weather had been very hot and humid with clear blue sky's the past  week but yesterday the breezes were cool and the clouds to the north were wonderful as the sun set and shone on them  . I love the big puffy clouds with ridges and deep edges and the detail is amazing in each one as each one is  , one of natures many perfections .

                                                         Looks like a painting in the sky !

We had a drop or two of rain but nothing major just enough to relive the gardens of the dryness and plump up all my plants again . I have had to water them but nothing beats natures nectar from the sky's .  The birds and critters about have been busy at the feeders and with their nesting as well as keeping me entertained . I like watching the birds chase about bugs it’s soo funny and chipmunks well we have two new babies about which I haven't been able to photograph as of yet they are still quite shy and skittish and don't know what to think of Miggs .  Speaking about Miggs we have been enjoying early morning long walks and I love to pick wild daisies and  buttercups and bring them home .

                    Miggs  has been kept busy watching the yard and following me about.

                                                     And then... well being a dog lol ! 

               It is now officially summer WOOHOO ! Happy Summer to you all . 

Well that's about it for me for now.  I will be popping in and out of blog land over the next while and trying to post at least once a week as this time of year like most of you are away from the computer and outside enjoying the lovely weather ,
     I welcome a few new followers to our Neck Of The Woods at Woods Country Cove  and thank all of you for taking the time to pop by and or leave a comment .
                                          Until next time , have a great week everyone  !
              Country Gal

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Some Bits & Bobs About The yard

Well hello there , seems like a long time since I have been here but it was just last Wednesday I did a  post lol !
The weather has been hot and humid but I have still been busy outside enjoying it all in my yard and gardens .

My Peonies are all in bloom now as is pretty much all my other flowers  and the smell about the yard is amazing . I have 3 of these plants spread about the gardens .

    The sky's have been so pretty to with all the big white puffy clouds and different layers of them .

           One of the many small aircraft we get flying about in this hazy sky  this time of year !

We have lots of nests around this year in our trees , this is Mrs Robins she was out for the day lol . 


 Despite the heat Miggs still likes to soak up a touch of sun every now and then , more like as soon as I bring out my lounge cushion she steals it lol !

The moon the other night Friday night was lovely it was a full moon  called the Strawberry moon and a minimoon  . What is a minimoon you may ask?  Well A minimoon refers to a full moon that is at or near apogee, the point in the satellite's orbit where it is farthest from the earth . This is essentially the opposite of a supermoon, which refers to a full moon that occurs at perigee, or the point where the moon is closest to Earth. minimoons look up to 14 percent smaller than supermoons and are slightly less luminous than regular full moons. Cool huh ?! 

I was in the garden yesterday  weeding and I turned around to hear a click click looked and it was this fellow . Dragon fly taking a break soaking up the warm sunshine . Thankfully he waited for me to run and get my camera and happily sat there with his pose on lol !

      I love the buttercups and long grasses in the fields  as they sway to and fro in the winds . 

                          We have lots of these vine flowers in the field as well soo pretty .  

Well that's about it for me for now just popped in  to cool off  in the AC for a bit and to share some of the bits and bobs that we have about here going on now  .  It is to cool down a little for the next day or so , so up goes my windows again for the fresh cooler air and breezes  and more nature loving . 
                                                             Until next time . 
                              Country Gal

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

A Lick Of Paint , Blooms and Clouds

The weather has been cool the past few days and the clouds have been rolling in here and there  , rain has been falling every now and then and the sun peeks out ever so often but it is still lovely out .

 My gardens have been happy with the rain it has been getting and are blooming to show their happiness .

                                 Everything is blooming wonderfully again this year .

I decided since my Open Live Writer program gave up the ghost and I can only use it to publish text and not photos I have been using the blogger template and find I am ok with it , I use Pic Monkey to do my photos to give them a pick me up then I do my posts  , It takes a bit longer but that's ok lol !
Any who back to blooms in my garden lol !

As I sit here making this post I have the window open and Mrs Molly our house Wren is serenading me from her house that's hanging on Papa's shop  oh now Mr Yellow Warbler has joined in   , I love the nature here ,  Any who yeah back to blooms , I get side tracked easily with nature lol .

          The bees have been busy buzzing about the blooms collecting as much nectar as possible . The butterfly's are still flitting about but will be feasting on the butterfly bush and weed very soon .
  As I had mentioned to you in the last post I have been slowly getting into painting , painting this and that , refreshing old to new . I have this old bird house that I got from a yard sale last year  and it was getting a bit faded in its paint .

   It's roof and decorative decal  was very faded so I gave it a lift and repainted it to spruce it up again . I left the rest a natural colour as I like the barn board rough  look  .

There now it stands out better from a distance where I like to keep it . I have been really enjoying painting and painting outside on the patio porch has been wonderful , what with my best buddy and side kick Miggs watching the yard and the birds singing all around the yard and feasting  the blooms reaching for the sky the sunshine popping out to greet them and the fresh cool breezes , heck whats not to love about it all this time of year lol !  I am now on the hunt for more to paint or freshen up now , good thing I have lots of old garden decor that needs a  new lick of paint lol ! I am searching the internet for lots of stencils to print  with butterfly's , flowers , birds, and all kinds of pretty decals  . I use carbon paper to trace it on and then paint them ,  like being a kid in art class all over again which was my favorite class  by the way hehe .
                  The sun is shining now after a cloudy early start to the  morning ,  blue sky's are in view to the west  as the cloud rolls to the east just under the sun but not enough to cover it  , so I will be off to go for our walk Miggs and I and to enjoy the day ,
 P.S  I would like to welcome a few new followers to our neck of the woods and to thank all of you for  taking a moment out of your day to pop by .
                                                         Until next time

                   Country Gal


Sunday, June 4, 2017

Some Of This & That

The weather has been glorious the past few days , more like summer then spring . I welcomed June with open arms and am happy that according to  meteorologists  June 1st was the first day of summer YIPPEE !  I like that lol .
All though the weather has been wonderful like I said it has been damp at night and early in the mornings and we have an infestation of  mosquitoes or mozzies we call them  BIG TIME ! I mean it has never been this bad , all over the house both front and back all hovering over the grass and flying about , you know it is bad when moi does not enjoy siting out side on her favorite patio porch even with the citronella candles going and Papa has to cut the grass with a face mask on so he doesn't get mosquitoes / mozzies in his face or in his mouth and up his nose lol !

                Now all he needs is to be riding a Harley Davidson looking like that  not a tractor lol !
                                    Lots of blooming going on here and we are so loving it .

   This morning when we woke it was thundering a bit  and raining but a nice rain the kind that the gardens like and I was able to sit out side on my patio porch  with Miggs , funny enough the mozzies weren't that bad in fact they were out from under the porch and in the rain on the grass  I was able to   have my tea out there and enjoy the birds and the rainy morning  .

 The  thunder got louder and more frequent and that was that , especially for poor Miggs she gets scared so of to her safe place in the house  she went  in thunderstorms .

I stayed out for a bit and took a photo or two more as the rain was falling even the blooms and gardens look pretty on a dark stormy morning .
I have been MIA from here more then normal as I have been outside mostly , I am more of an  outdoors person especially this time of year , I love to just wonder and take photos or putter in my gardens and now I am enjoying painting all kinds of things , like my little welcome sign on the bottom right of the puppies  it was badly faded and paint was falling off so I repainted it and now it looks brand new , so I have been going around finding all kinds of things to re paint lol !  Talking about Paint I forgot to show and mention Papa built me a new Paint caddie / box .

                   I will be painting  on this box , flowers a butterfly or two Country Gals Paints  lol !

Oh look sunshine is out and I just read that the rain and storms are done . So that's it for me for now  out we go to enjoy the day that was stormy  and turned out  sunny and will be for the day  WOOHOO !  .
                                                             Until next time , Have a great day !
                                         Country Gal