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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

A Lick Of Paint , Blooms and Clouds

The weather has been cool the past few days and the clouds have been rolling in here and there  , rain has been falling every now and then and the sun peeks out ever so often but it is still lovely out .

 My gardens have been happy with the rain it has been getting and are blooming to show their happiness .

                                 Everything is blooming wonderfully again this year .

I decided since my Open Live Writer program gave up the ghost and I can only use it to publish text and not photos I have been using the blogger template and find I am ok with it , I use Pic Monkey to do my photos to give them a pick me up then I do my posts  , It takes a bit longer but that's ok lol !
Any who back to blooms in my garden lol !

As I sit here making this post I have the window open and Mrs Molly our house Wren is serenading me from her house that's hanging on Papa's shop  oh now Mr Yellow Warbler has joined in   , I love the nature here ,  Any who yeah back to blooms , I get side tracked easily with nature lol .

          The bees have been busy buzzing about the blooms collecting as much nectar as possible . The butterfly's are still flitting about but will be feasting on the butterfly bush and weed very soon .
  As I had mentioned to you in the last post I have been slowly getting into painting , painting this and that , refreshing old to new . I have this old bird house that I got from a yard sale last year  and it was getting a bit faded in its paint .

   It's roof and decorative decal  was very faded so I gave it a lift and repainted it to spruce it up again . I left the rest a natural colour as I like the barn board rough  look  .

There now it stands out better from a distance where I like to keep it . I have been really enjoying painting and painting outside on the patio porch has been wonderful , what with my best buddy and side kick Miggs watching the yard and the birds singing all around the yard and feasting  the blooms reaching for the sky the sunshine popping out to greet them and the fresh cool breezes , heck whats not to love about it all this time of year lol !  I am now on the hunt for more to paint or freshen up now , good thing I have lots of old garden decor that needs a  new lick of paint lol ! I am searching the internet for lots of stencils to print  with butterfly's , flowers , birds, and all kinds of pretty decals  . I use carbon paper to trace it on and then paint them ,  like being a kid in art class all over again which was my favorite class  by the way hehe .
                  The sun is shining now after a cloudy early start to the  morning ,  blue sky's are in view to the west  as the cloud rolls to the east just under the sun but not enough to cover it  , so I will be off to go for our walk Miggs and I and to enjoy the day ,
 P.S  I would like to welcome a few new followers to our neck of the woods and to thank all of you for  taking a moment out of your day to pop by .
                                                         Until next time

                   Country Gal



Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

We are finally getting a nice warm day, your photos look nice all spruced up at Picmonkey. The wrens have their babies at our place and I've been tring to get a photo of both of them, but just not quick enough, maybe should try fir a little video as the flit around their birdhouse. I've git some little oaint jobs to tackle, the sign post especially so hopefully it will dry out a bit. Enjoy the day,

William Kendall said...

That birdhouse looks pretty! And those skies look ominous.

The Furry Gnome said...

You've got some very nice flowers there!

Linda said...

HI Elaine....
Your gardens are looking fantastic!
Gonna be hot and humid for the week! Enjoy...
Linda :o)