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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

A Bit Of This & That

It has been quiet here the past few days  and the weather has been up and down with lots of storms , high winds , cooler temps  chilly actually  and  rain , all though we have had hardly any rain here seems to keep going around us but the clouds have been spectacular as they float on by .

As they float over with thunder rumbling in them and rain holding off  from us mostly the birds and critters seem to get frantic and take cover only to have the sun come out again and no rain at all  .
 The temps have been on the cool side as these storms blow through a bit to cool at times for this time of year for us but all is good in the yard despite the strange weather .

  I was walking past our garden around our big old tree with my camera and if it wasn't for Mr Toady who decided to move I would never of seen him . 

                                         Mr Toady was eyeing a few bugs on the tree . 

All our gardens are doing well and the butterfly weed is so vibrant again and full this year , the butterfly bush will be blooming soon to . I have spotted quite a few Monarchs this year so that's good  we have lots of milk weed in the field next to us so when they bloom ya know where I will be lol ! I have seen all kinds of moths and butterfly's  this season so far many of the black Swallow tails to which are my fave .

The Tiger Lilly's are all in bloom to in the field and are about to bloom in our back garden to as are my giant pink Lilly's in the front garden .

These two have been staying around our yard and have been joining the other birds about the feeders . I have named them  left is  named Ghost right is named  Spirit  rare to have them about but have had others about the past few years only these two have stuck around .

Talk about sticking around .. well we have tons of these now and Miggs has been on the chase the past few days , unfortunately to much she has hurt her leg so she is to be lets say bed bound or couch bound more like lol for a while . In the mean time I am live trapping and Papa is relocating them as much as we can till they have been moved out  , if we don't they will take over our yard  , ya know the phrase breed like rabbits ,  its true  , ya seen one then before you know it there are hundreds lol !

    Well that's about it for me for now  . Looking forward to our long weekend this weekend  as Papa gets the Monday off as it is our country CANADA'S  150th Birthday July 1st  .WOW ! July is just around the corner already ?!  where do the days go ?!
                                                            Until next time .

                                        Country Gal


William Kendall said...

Cute little wabbit!

If you're not posting again this week, have a good Canada Day!

Linda said...

Great clouds shot Elaine...
Enjoy your long weekend...we are heading back down tomorrow...
Linda :o)

Rosella said...

Beautiful pictures. The rain and cool temps have kept us from gardening and the weeds are getting ahead of us over here! Crazy Spring ... Enjoy your Canada Day weekend - much to be thankful for in this great country of ours.

The Furry Gnome said...

Up and down weather here too! Glad to hear you've seen lots of Monarchs.