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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Oh Phooey !


Well so much for the Harvest moon photos I wanted to take last night , it was as cloudy as heck here ! But the Harvest moon rises for three nights , last night, tonight and tomorrow night ! Tonight the moon is to be at it’s best so here's hoping !

In the mean time I took a few photos this morning ,


            My favourite candles made in a small town near by called Sparta . This candle store is run and operated by two women that started this company in 1992 in an old general store that was built in 1838 .  Sparta Country Candles is the name of the company  the candles are all hand and home made . This candle here is my favourite sent called Moms Country Kitchen it is a combination of the smell of  fresh home made bread and apple pie , yummy !



The leaves are slowly changing to their vibrant colours !


                     The dopey bees are still hanging around filling up before their big trip !


                                                          My fall flowers are going strong !


                                          And more are getting ready to open !

The temps at night have dropped to  6ºC or  42ºF and the day has gone up to 15ºC  or  59ºF with sunshine , cloudy periods and cool breezes .

                                              Until next time hope you all have a great day !

                                                   Country Gal

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Chilly, Fresh, Fall Morning

               Just a small post today

The mornings have been chilly now that fall is here  , the air is so fresh and all nature sounds echo as the cool air carries their sounds .

There was a bit of a fog slowly drifting in the valley forest this morning as the sun was rising  making it look mystical .



It’s going to be another beautiful day today . I have laundry to do and I will hang it out side so it dry's in the nice cool fresh air ! Papa and I also have lots of wood to chop this weekend still and  put in our wood shed . Right now Papa is working on our website so that the member's of our saddle club can see their new photos that we took from the last event of the season .

         The Harvest moon is tonight , so all you snap happy camera people come join me in getting out there and capturing its beauty !

                                        Until next time hope you have a wonderful fall day !

                                                      Country Gal

Friday, September 28, 2012

A Day With No Internet !


Yesterday we lost internet . So Miggy and I decided to go for a walk and photo shoot in the field beside us !


I have to have her on a leash . I clip an old leash around my waist and through her leash which is a  very long retractable one so she can have space to explore and I can take photos ! The leash is because   it is not our property and two the most important to me is  if she gets drift of anything she is gone and my voice doesn't exist when she is in hot pursuit  and I am afraid she will get to enthralled in the chase and go to far or get distracted by something else  and that leads her somewhere else ! This I fear she will get lost and the thought  of it all just kills me ! 

                                                 Back to the fun in the field !


                                                        The trees are slowly changing !


                                             Miggy’s siting quietly listening to the field !


                                             Watching a bee on the wild flowers !


                                                                                  On the hunt !


                                                           What's that over there ? !


                 The weather has been perfect ,  warm sun and fresh cool breezes !


                                               Miggy loves being amongst the wild flowers !

I got a lot of nice field portraits of Miggy amongst the wild flowers . We had fun frolicking in the field . Then we went exploring for a bit longer  and then came  home .

By then the tech guy had showed  up . He was here for a while putting in new wiring  and re hooking us up from the inside and outside . All brand new fixed up and happy !

                                     Another beautiful fall day today warm sun with a fresh cool  breeze!

                                                 Until next time hope you all have a great day !

                                                           Country Gal

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Ready ? And Action !!!



            When Miggy plays ball she plays hard ! The ball is somewhere amongst all that fur flying !




It's quite the challenge for me to throw the ball with one hand whilst have my camera ready in the other and to time that action exactly where I need it ! But I am always up for a photo shoot challenge !



                                               Doesn’t she look like a bear ?


                  She is so fast that she usually passes the ball and cant stop quick enough !



Miggy also loves to perform for the camera as you can see here in these photos . She really is my best photo subject !

                                    Until next time hope you all have a good day !

                                            Country Gal

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Miggy The Mouser !


                                             Quick Mum I found a mouse !!!!!

As I went to my shed this morning to get the feed for my birds , Miggy started to go nuts . Winning and carrying on like a banshee as she had her head stuffed in the shelves snorting and snuffling like crazy ! I am saying , Miggy what is it ? as she gets more and more excited . WOWA ! there girl , you found  a mouse didn’t you ? as she looks up at me as if to say  HUH ! HUH !!  yup and it’s there mum I smell it !  


    That poor mouse must of been huddled up so tight in the corner hiding soo scared out of his fur as Miggy insists on getting him  snorting and winning .

DSC_3619       He’s there mum , really , he’s there ! Ok Miggs   , well , leave him alone poor thing and I will get him later !   

DSC_3618             I can get him mum , I can , he’s just right there ! Miggs come on , let him be !

DSC_3628                     I see him mum look he’s there ! If  I  , can,  just , reach , him !


                                               I yell  ,  MIGGY !!! ENOUGH !!!!!!!


              Oh ok mum , but I want to play with him  . No Miggy he’s to scared come on out !!!!

So needless to say mousy never came out to play thankfully , I know Miggy wouldn't hurt him intentionally but being rolled over a few times by her paw may hurt him and he would get the bath of his life , EWE  YUCKY !! dog slobber I can here him say if she caught him !!!!! ! Mum or Papa will catch him later  Miggs , there's really nothing he can do in there other then slow his heart rate down now !

                               Until next time hope you have a great day !

                                     Country Gal

Country Cove’s Version Of Shepard's Pie !


Only with out the Shepherd and lamb lol !

The weather was chilly yesterday and Papa and I like to have hearty suppers when its chilly ! Kind of stick to your ribs type foods , keeps ya warm,  full  and cozy !

We were both raised by British and Canadian parents and ate hearty  foods in colder weather !


This is for two !  And some left overs as well hehe !

I have 6 medium peeled potatoes cut in half boiling , Half a pound of ground beef  with half a sweet cooking onion chopped cooking and  a cup of mixed frozen veggies ( peas, green beans, carrots and corn ) on the go ! I mix with my ground beef   a bit of whistashashire sauce ! that's what we call it lol and a splash of HP sauce or brown sauce  as they call it in England .


Once your meat and veggies are cooked combine the two in the meat pot with some of the veggie water for a bit of gravy and stir together . Then put in dish whilst you drain and mash the taters !


As you mash your taters add  one table spoon of butter or margarine and a splash of milk , mash and blend . After I mash the taters I like to use a fork to give them a bit more of a whipped texture ! Just something I learnt from my Mama Smith !


Place mashed whipped potatoes over meat and veggies and evenly spread with a fork  , then run the fork over the potatoes to get this design !


Then pop in the over just before supper time heat and bake at 350 for 20 to 25 min and it comes out piping hot and the  potato is slightly crisp and golden brown ! MMM !


                                  Then the part I don't like so much , the dishes !


I could put the pots in the dishwasher but knowing my luck I will need them at a later date lol !

I find that most dish soaps don't remove the potato starch that well  from your pots unless you scrub the heck out of them and by that time you just had a major work out  !

Mama Smith’s trick for getting starchy sticky cooked potato off your pots and lid  . Old fashioned Cow Brand Baking soda . Pour a little  in your pot and on the lid , gently scrub with your scrubby , rinse well and   Voila ! clean as a whistle !

Miggy was out side the entire time , but when I let her in she went straight to the counter and did the sniff , sniff  lick her chops, what smells so good mum ?



            Miiiggggyyyy ! Get away from that !!!!!! That’s Mama and Papa’s supper , if your a good girl  you may have some with your supper !

The weather is all over the place one day its chilly the next it’s warm , like today sunny and warm  Mother Nature is playing tricks on us again .

                            Until next time hope you all have a great day !

                                          Country Gal

Monday, September 24, 2012

Last Event Of The Season


As some of you know , Papa and I are members of a Saddle Club , Evergreen Meadows Saddle Club as their photographers at their monthly events . Yesterday was their last event for the season . It was nice and sunny but the winds were quite chilly . We both love horses and of course photography and this club gives us a chance to enjoy both and even sell some of the photos to the club members . We ask them to sign a Model Release form that gives us permission for us to use their photos as we please . They all have sighed . All of them are wonderful riders and we have made lots of lovely friends with riders , horses and the people running the club and events . The founder of the club Ron works with my mom in law and that's how it all started . My mom in law mentioned one day last year to Ron that Papa and I are photographers and he came over to see our work and loved our photos and asked us to join as the clubs photographers and its been wonderfully fun ever since !


               I get to cuddle as many horses as I want  . I am in my glory when with them !


They do all kinds of events  for junior, youth and senior . From Showman ship , Open Reining , Jumping , Barrel's , Dash , Poles, Texas's speed,  Novelty no point events to  point events and more .


Papa takes photos from one end of the arena and I am at the other end so we get all kinds of shots from different angles !


                         Some riders and horse do all the events and some don't  .



            Some have ridden in the events before and some are doing it for the first time !




It’s all in fun and they collect points and even ribbons for who did the best for each event ! The club has many different judges as they also judge many different shows and events else where .  It is the first season for this club and we are slowly getting more members  as we are  trying to do what we can to spread the word  of this club in hopes it grows !

                It is a fun filled day and we cant wait till it all starts up again next spring and summer !

       But we wont be without horse photos just because its over . Papa and I will travel to the riders house to take photos with what ever scenery they want in their photos as well , so that sparked a lot  of interest  with the riders when we told them !

                                        Until next time have a great day !

                                          Country Gal

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Barn Board Frames Take Two !!!!


  Hi all  !

I did a post of Papa’s barn board frame that he made for one of our Saddle club members last week !  Then Papa had only done one and made the other today and finished them  , but forgot that they wanted a certain written  message either on the photo or frame . So he has spent the day doing this and they look wonderful !


                                            The making of the Barn Board Frame post !


                                                       To these all done !


                      I love them , now I want some made for us lol ! Great job Papa !

                                       Until next time hope you have a great day !

                                                 Country Gal