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Friday, September 28, 2012

A Day With No Internet !


Yesterday we lost internet . So Miggy and I decided to go for a walk and photo shoot in the field beside us !


I have to have her on a leash . I clip an old leash around my waist and through her leash which is a  very long retractable one so she can have space to explore and I can take photos ! The leash is because   it is not our property and two the most important to me is  if she gets drift of anything she is gone and my voice doesn't exist when she is in hot pursuit  and I am afraid she will get to enthralled in the chase and go to far or get distracted by something else  and that leads her somewhere else ! This I fear she will get lost and the thought  of it all just kills me ! 

                                                 Back to the fun in the field !


                                                        The trees are slowly changing !


                                             Miggy’s siting quietly listening to the field !


                                             Watching a bee on the wild flowers !


                                                                                  On the hunt !


                                                           What's that over there ? !


                 The weather has been perfect ,  warm sun and fresh cool breezes !


                                               Miggy loves being amongst the wild flowers !

I got a lot of nice field portraits of Miggy amongst the wild flowers . We had fun frolicking in the field . Then we went exploring for a bit longer  and then came  home .

By then the tech guy had showed  up . He was here for a while putting in new wiring  and re hooking us up from the inside and outside . All brand new fixed up and happy !

                                     Another beautiful fall day today warm sun with a fresh cool  breeze!

                                                 Until next time hope you all have a great day !

                                                           Country Gal


Amish Stories said...

Sometimes I wonder If losing the Internet at times is really all that bad! Richard

Lois Evensen said...

So nice to be back on line, right? We really miss our connection when it is gone, that's for sure!

Love your pictures with Miggy. She is a darling.


Faye Henry said...

Such lovely photos of a sweet dog.. Your fields looks like ours, Elaine..
I love how your pics are so natural..
Take care, dear friend..

MTWaggin said...

She sure is inquisitive. Your colors are really starting to change.

fernvalley01 said...

WHat a great walk, Miggy must make you smile a million times a day

Anna Hanley said...

Great photo shoot! Anna

Farmchick said...

Great photos! Thanks again for stopping by today. :)

Pat's Addition said...

Hope she doesn't catch any of those bees!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Not having wi-fi is not a bad thing I know because lately I often do not even turn on the computer for an entire day, aside from reading news or blogs in the early a.m. like now. Of course, that makes it harder to catch up on blog reading later, but bloggers understand there is more to life than an Internet connection. Your photos of being outdoors with Miggy were wonderful, especially the action shots of ball chasing. And keeping the leash on is a good idea because not only for here safety but other animals as well.
Enjoy the weekend, Elaine!