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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Miggy , My Scruffy Buddy !


The temps at night and in the mornings have been chilly now  but fresh. This morning I could see a bit of my breath when I was out feeding the birds .

Miggy loves this cooler weather also . It is nice to go for our walks and not sweat like crazy and Miggy panting her face off !


          Miggy enjoying her morning biscuit , she loves to take it out side with her !


                               Miggy is the most expressive dog I have ever had or known !


This is her , who, what where look when we tell her there's a squirrel or rabbit in the yard ! It’s like she doesn't believe us till she herself sees them !


Sitting patiently waiting for the squirrel to come down the tree ! Um Miggy , I don't think he will  come down whilst your there !


             Well I guess the squirrel took to long  , time for a nap in the cool grass !

That's our Miggy , the sunshine in our life and the most wonderful loveable scruffy dog with a whole lot of character that keeps us laughing and is my best buddy !  She loves the camera and does her best for me to get her good side lol .Who  loves hugs, cuddles , belly rubs and kids and adults all over her  and is always a happy go lucky dog with everyone, who always has a big tail wag for you  . Who really knows how to play up those teddy bear eyes and face with everyone !

                             Who's your best fur buddy that makes you laugh ?


                                                Country Gal

  It is September the 11th today a day to remember the loss . Please take a moment of silence for all !


Wendy S. said...

I'd love a Miggy too if I lived in a house still. Miggy is very expressive and you can tell she is one of the silliest and most loving souls around. Give her a big hug from me. And of course a biscuit too!

Teresa@oursoutherncountryhomeandfarm said...

You just described my Sophie to a T!! I think she and Miggy are long lost sibblings, lol. We even call Sophie Scruffy sometimes. Sophie will about jump out the window of the truck going down the road if she see's a squirrell. She will do anything to get to a baby or small child and give them a sugar. My Sophie does not like the camera tho. Hubby says I have hurt her eyes with the flash is why.

Lorilee said...

Mighty is such a pretty dog. My dog's like to chase squirrels too.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

We no longer have any pets, but in the past have separately owned cats and dogs. We may become pet owners in the future cause we do love them, but our frequent road trips would make having them difficult now. So, we enjoy all the ones in our neighborhood. One day I must do a post about them.