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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Early Morning Bunny


Hello all .

Papa and I were up early this morning . I looked out the kitchen window as I was making our cup of tea and I could see these ears sticking up from the grass .  As I went out I took my camera with me … then this bunny pops up and looks right through me lol .

Summer 2013 (1 of 5)

I took this photo a bit farther away from him then I wanted to so I carefully crept up towards him  ever so slowly and kept him in my camera sight . I was sure he was going to hop away as he was looking a bit nervous of me being there and closing in on him !

Summer 2013 (2 of 5)

He did how ever sit there longer then I expected and was trying to see ever angle off me and what I was doing !

Summer 2013 (4 of 5)

I guess I got to close cause he hopped a bit farther away  and stopped by Miggs toy . Now I don’t know if he was thinking of playing with it or using it as a barricade lol ! I took one more step closer got the shot and off he went .  The yard has been quiet for  the past week as the birds seem to be in migration mode and not very many of them around , we get the odd finch and sparrow here and there and the Cardinal  the  odd Blue jay to  then we have the noisy crows who are back in full force  but even the squirrels have been a bit scarce  ! The Grackles have gone for the season now and the Starlings are not far behind them as they blanket the lawns feeding preparing to go on their long trip .

We had thunderstorms last night all though they didn’t last long some rain and of course fog . This morning has been overcast with the odd peek of the sun and the humidity is rearing it’s ugly head … still !

                                           Until next time … have a good weekend !

                                                      Country Gal

Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday Videos


It is still humid here and the fog has been rolling in through the mornings and evenings .

Country Cove on a hot & humid summer night

I thought.. oh what the heck I will give the night vision on the video camera a shot . I mainly did it so I could capture the sounds of all the crickets but some sounds of Papa in his shop are in it and I liked that to and of course our Miggs with her  jangles of her tags lol.

Early morning Fog in the valley

There just are some things you can not capture on photos so those times I try to use the video camera  to capture  the sounds as well as the scenery !

Miggs , myself and a cup of tea as it is foggy

The sun is trying it’s best to shine through all the fog but the fog seems to be getting so thick !

Miggs and I went for our walk in the fog and by the time we came back it was sunny and all clear of fog and frigging humid !

It is a long weekend for us .. nothing planned just going with the flow . I know Papa will be finishing the latest project of the cabinet he has been working on for a co-worker .. other then that it will pretty much be a puttering weekend . The kind we like lol !

                   Until next time …hope you all have a good day !

                             Country Gal

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Season Is Slowly Changing


I can’t believe this is the last week of August already ..where does the time go ? !

The kids will be back to school next week after our Labour day long weekend this weekend !

Parents may be thrilled of back to school  or not lol ! 

When Miggs and I went on our walk this morning all though still humid and sticky I noticed all the golden rod and wild flowers are bursting in bloom in the fields  .

Summer 2013 (1 of 1)-14

Summer 2013 (1 of 1)-15

The sun has changed it’s position when rising and setting now and some summer birds have left  us whilst others for fall  have already returned  !

Summer 2013 (1 of 1)-12

                     The hummers are in a feeding frenzy preparing for their long  journey back soon.


Summer 2013 (1 of 1)-11

Summer 2013 (24 of 35)-2

                         Some trees have already started to change their leaves and dropping them !

Summer 2013 (64 of 91)

                                         Wild berries on vines,bushes and trees are out in full force !

Summer 2013 (7 of 12)

         Soon  our valley will be covered in lots of brilliant colours of reds, oranges, gold's and yellows ! I love photographing  the ever changing seasons  .

Cooler days and nights are on their way with the fresh sweet smelling  air of the harvest of  pumpkins , gourds , hay , corn and all the goodies we love .

Here the crickets are singing all day and night as it echo's through out the valley .


And the Cicadas are buzzing like mad  in the trees .


Everything is changing and preparing for the next season which will be here before we know it … it is  just around the corner !

                                                                 Fall !


                                                    Until next time … have a good day !

                                                                Country Gal

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Muggy Humid Day


Oh my is it ever humid out there . The air is hazy and thick .  Miggs and I went for our early morning walk and then came in for a bit . Then we popped outside for a bit so I could walk the yard see how things are and of course get some photos !

Temps are 25°C  Feels like 34 or 77°F Feels like 93 with 80% humidity . We are to get some rain later and that always pumps up the humidity even more . By then the temps will reach a humid 27°C Feels like 38  or  81°F  Feels like 100  or more , nasty I say !

So as of now Miggs and I are in the cool cause I was only out for about half and hour and by the time we came in I was drenched and Miggs was panting like crazy !

Summer 2013 (6 of 35)-2

This is Theodore … our nosey little chipmunk who just has to see what we are up to as he peeks around the corner of my shed sitting up on a fence post !

Summer 2013 (25 of 35)-2

           Keeping the birdies water cool in the shade ! I put lots of ice cubes in their fountain for them to help keep the water cool  !

Summer 2013 (19 of 35)-2

Our sunflowers  that we didn’t plant are doing well . I think it was Theodore that planted them  .

Summer 2013 (23 of 35)-2 

It is so humid today there is dew on the plants ! Living in a valley with forest all around and a river running through it tends to hold moister ! The main reason we get so much fog here !

Summer 2013 (29 of 35)-2

This little guy is taking a well deserved break from the heat and having a drink from the dew on the leaf !

Summer 2013 (32 of 35)-2

I think this little butterfly is doing the same thing . Look carefully and you can see a dew drop on the  leaf beside him !

Summer 2013 (35 of 35)-2

And of course we have Miggs ..who does this if I am spending to much time photographing other things and not her , as she does this she is grunting and making all kinds of sounds to get my attention and camera on her .. from the looks of it , it works lol ! Silly girl !

                      That’s all for today my friends  , until next time , stay cool  and have a good day !

                                                                        Country Gal

Monday, August 26, 2013

A Horsey Of A Day


Yesterday Papa and I spent the day with our saddle club taking photos of horse & rider in events . Papa and I used to come from there with over a thousand photos each as we both photographed each event together but now we take turns  , he does one event and I do the other and that limits the amount of photos and is easier to load and go through !

Miggs was with us  again as she loved it the last time and was a good girl then to . She loved every second of it . All she wanted to do was kiss every horsey nose . One horse walked by and Miggs got up on her hinds and kissed the horses nose before I even knew what was going on lol Good thing the majority  of the horses here  like dogs !

Saddle club (207 of 258)

Papa and Miggs on the other side of  the arena by the announcing booth . It was a hot sunny day with the occasional breeze ! Miggs had lots of cold water to drink and places for shade to watch the people and horses !

Saddle club (10 of 258)

These three are all best friends and wonderful kids and asked me to take a photo or two of them standing up on their horses ! Each of them have been riding for a long time and part of their lessons is to have trust in their horses and for the horses to trust in them and they all have that . Most of the time these three are all over their horses and the horses just doze off lol !

Saddle club (27 of 258)

                                        The barrel toppled for a bit  but stayed up . Nice ride !

Saddle club (33 of 258)

                                      Nice tight turn around that ! I love watching the kids !

Saddle club (60 of 258)

                                   Last barrel , running for home to make the time !

Saddle club (110 of 258)

                                                       I do enjoy a good barrel race !

Saddle club (154 of 258)

        Don't you just hate it when ya lose your hat !

Saddle club (246 of 258)

                                                         These two above just dig in and go !

Saddle club (229 of 258)

                                                      What a stretch this horse has !

Saddle club (199 of 258)

                                    HEEHAW  ! Lets go Trigger ! Yup that’s this horses name  !

Saddle club (257 of 258)

                                           Some riders and horses dressed up for one event .

Saddle club (256 of 258)

                      Then at the end of their day horse & rider took a brake to watch others and rest !

                                            Until next time …hope you all have a good day !

                                                        Country Gal

Saturday, August 24, 2013

After A Brief Rain fall


          Summer 2013 (6 of 20)

                 I love how the rain drops sparkle in the morning sunshine off of the flowers !

Summer 2013 (8 of 20)

Summer 2013 (12 of 20)

                 Something  so plain  like this leaf ,  looks so much nicer with rain drops still on it !

Summer 2013 (4 of 20)

I just love the sunflowers we didn’t plant in our back garden . Mr Bee seems to like them to especially after a rain, he gets the best of both worlds here , water , nectar and sunshine all at the same time .

Summer 2013 (14 of 20)

The weather this morning is cool and a bit dewy . Papa is already in his shop putting the finishing touches on the cabinet he made for a coworkers daughter . The reveal of that will be soon .

        Miggs would like to thank all who sent B-day wishes on yesterday’s post to her and sends a big slurp to all !

Today we are just puttering , I am  doing laundry and preparing supper  marinating the steaks for  the BBQ . We have fresh corn on the cob to have with it and potatoes we got from another co-worker of Papa’s from their family farm !  Papa brought home from them a big batch of fresh corn on the cob , beefsteak tomatoes and huge green peppers to . Nothing like local  farm fresh veggies !

Tomorrow Papa , Miggs and I are off to our horse club for another day of snap happy fun . This time horse and or rider will be dressed up for the events . 

                                               Until next time  ….. Hope you all have a good day !

                                                                Country Gal

Friday, August 23, 2013

Happy Birthday


                                     To Our Misty  AKA   Miggs !



                                            Miggs was born on a dairy farm and was one of 9 pups  .

  This little cutie came home with us October 2009 and has been the sunshine in our life every day ! She was full of spunk then and still is . She has a wonderful character and loves to love and please .


The first time Miggs and Harley met each other was cute . Harley being  a few years older didn’t know what to do with this kid . Harley has a full set of claws and to this day has never used them on Miggs .

country cove 6 (116)

Miggs 2010

We knew she was a mix but didn’t know from the changes in her looks as she grew just how she would look !


Miggs  2011

                 Miggs and Harley are best friends  and love to play  . Harley always  starts it lol !



            In 2011 Miggs had to have major knee reconstruction surgery and was laid up for 4 months . That was hard for us all especially Miggs as she loves to run , play and be out side !


She recovered wonderfully and to this day  you wouldn’t know she had such a surgery as she runs like the wind !


2012     Miggs playing with Papa !

Miggs loves to play with her toys she has for  inside and out and when the fall comes she loves to jump in the leaves !



She loves going for walks and chasing squirrels no matter where she is lol   .


                                              Rolling in the grass and snoozing in the sun !


                                                            She jumps for joy all the time !


                     Loves to stick her tongue out whether she is asleep or getting her photo taken !

Spring 2013 (24 of 47)-2

                                                                      Always on guard !

Spring 2013 (7 of 10)

                                                                 Always the supervisor !

FAMILY  (1 of 1)

                                                                      Helps with computers !


                                                    Loves to herd Papa on the tractor !

Spring 2013 (58 of 128)

                                       Miggs loves to play in the sprinkler on a hot summer day !


                                              She goes crazy in the snow and loves to play in it  !


                                      Loves to have her photo taken . She is very photogenic !

miggy meets horse (1 of 1)

                                                          Enjoys meeting new friends !


                                     She likes  to stop and smell the flowers ever now and then !


                                               Loves to be towel dried and goofy !

Summer 2013 (6 of 6)-2

                                                       Loves long naps on her swing !

        Miggs loves to cuddle up with Papa and I  and greets Papa every day from work with such excitement , tail wag and kisses  !

                                    Yup this our Miggs full of fun ,wonder and character !

                                                               Our best buddy !

                                            Happy 4th Birthday  Miggs !

                             Love Mama & Papa