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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Early Morning Swamping


I got myself all geared up to go out and take photos of  a Crane or Heron , I do not know which one it was as I saw very quickly yesterday landing in the swampy forest area down the road from us when taking  Miggs for a walk .

I wore jeans , rubber boots , hooded sweat shirt , thin rubber  type gloves so I can work my camera with and a bug head net . Oh my goodness I looked like a swamp monster and I am sure the wild life that was there thought the same thing !

So off I go glugging down the road camera in hand taking practice shots for the lighting ! If only the neighbours could see me now and they thought I was weird before  HA !

I get to this swampy area and drag myself  through the bush , thorns and all and come to the edge of the swamp on a small embankment . Looking for this big greyish bird  there or to fly in ! I waited  and waited and waited but no big greyish bird . But I did however get photos of  a Pied-Billed Grebe  and some of the American bitten in their habitat . I just got so lost in this other worlds  beauty !

Summer 2013 (16 of 94)

Summer 2013 (23 of 94)

Summer 2013 (51 of 94)

These two must of thought they saw a big scary monster when they looked over at me and made sure they stayed with in a good distance !

Summer 2013 (28 of 94)

                                     The American Bitten was playing peekaboo with me !     

Summer 2013 (36 of 94)   

Then he decided to come out a bit more and take a look at me but from a distance of course !

I was hearing crickets , peepers and big frogs crocking and making a ruckus , who could blame them with me there looking scary !

Summer 2013 (10 of 94)

                                  Water beetles feasting on water gnats and mosquito larva .

Summer 2013 (9 of 94)

                                Mr spider taking an early morning sun break before breakfast !

Summer 2013 (62 of 94)

It is beautiful there with all the trees , different grasses  and wild life and the best thing is it is just a 2 min walk from Our Country Cove and close to the river .

Summer 2013 (76 of 94)

Climbing up and down embankments , grabbing on to trees to get myself up and down , what a blast ! Hiking in the swampy forest !

Summer 2013 (84 of 94)

I then moved to where I was on the edge of the embankment and found this concrete slab near the waters edge to stand on and take more photos , look and listen to the swamp . I was there for an hour or so and could of been there longer but I figured Papa would start to wonder as I didn’t take my MIC with me in case I slipped in or got stuck  , which I did get stuck for a bit . I stepped on  to what looked like solid mud , NOPE ! I got suction cupped  in it and wriggled my boot around to get air in the mud around my boot so I could just slip out and still keep my boot on lol ! I then continued to take more photos as I was in awe of the beauty of this deep swampy woodsy area !

Summer 2013 (87 of 94)

                  In the back  behind the tree  and half in the water with a pipe sticking out of the wall is what's left of an old concrete  building that was once a water mill back in the early 1800’s   .

                         Summer 2013 (75 of 94)

This  beautiful swampy area goes deep into the forest and  hooks up to the river that runs through and around our village !

So much life back there including bugs galore . I am so glad I dressed as I did  and Papa sprayed me down with OFF or I would of  been eaten alive lol ! I took lots of photos and had a fun time back in the swamp !

                                           What I looked like when I arrived home .

Swamp Monkey-3

                                Miggs is wondering what that funky smell is on me and why I am all muddy  !

I found my adventure  in the swamp funny cause I do love the TV show  Swamp people lol ! Well  ….not quite the Gator hunter but I have the swampy wet muddy boots and pants  .

Swamp Monkey-4

                                            Mama you smell funny  I think I will stay over here !

So that was my early morning adventure in the swamp . I may not of seen what I originally wanted or set out to see  but I did see a whole lot more then I ever imagined  and had fun to !

            I really have to get some camouflage clothing so I do not scare the swamp life lol !

                                              Until next time  … Have a great day !

                                                    Country Gal


Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

Wow, what a morning adventure you had. So many great photos. Love the outfit ... A new profile photo. :)

Jane and Chris said...

You look divine daaahling..but I'm surprised you weren't in your pajamas!!
Jane x

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

THAT was an adventure for sure--What a fun way to start the day!! It really does pay to be totally prepared, doesn't it--You got some great photos and brought back some great smells for your girl too!! :-)

Willow said...

I'd say well worth the adventure, and smell. Lol
Great photos !

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Lol...I couldn't help but laugh at your 'after' photo.
What great lengths you went to, but it paid off with those spectacular photos.
I would have probably got stuck in a patch of Poison Ivy knowing my luck !
Thank you for sharing your adventure with us.

grammie g said...

Hi Elaine... And you said you was running out of things to post
about : )!!
What an adventure, I would not want to run into you with that garb on in the swamp I might be frightened haha!!

Sorry you didn't find what you wanted, but you sure had a great time and got to show us with your great photo's what's going on in the "SWAMP" Hee-hee Glad you don't have alligators !!
How funny that my post was that I set out to see one thing and ended up with everything but too : }