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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Early Morning Bunny


Hello all .

Papa and I were up early this morning . I looked out the kitchen window as I was making our cup of tea and I could see these ears sticking up from the grass .  As I went out I took my camera with me … then this bunny pops up and looks right through me lol .

Summer 2013 (1 of 5)

I took this photo a bit farther away from him then I wanted to so I carefully crept up towards him  ever so slowly and kept him in my camera sight . I was sure he was going to hop away as he was looking a bit nervous of me being there and closing in on him !

Summer 2013 (2 of 5)

He did how ever sit there longer then I expected and was trying to see ever angle off me and what I was doing !

Summer 2013 (4 of 5)

I guess I got to close cause he hopped a bit farther away  and stopped by Miggs toy . Now I don’t know if he was thinking of playing with it or using it as a barricade lol ! I took one more step closer got the shot and off he went .  The yard has been quiet for  the past week as the birds seem to be in migration mode and not very many of them around , we get the odd finch and sparrow here and there and the Cardinal  the  odd Blue jay to  then we have the noisy crows who are back in full force  but even the squirrels have been a bit scarce  ! The Grackles have gone for the season now and the Starlings are not far behind them as they blanket the lawns feeding preparing to go on their long trip .

We had thunderstorms last night all though they didn’t last long some rain and of course fog . This morning has been overcast with the odd peek of the sun and the humidity is rearing it’s ugly head … still !

                                           Until next time … have a good weekend !

                                                      Country Gal


Pat said...

He was a brave little bunny! I love the close up of him with your beautiful flowers in the background!

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

Cute little bunny, and brave to let you take photos of him. We have bunnies in the garden, along with baby squirrels that are getting quite big now, and lots of birds. There is a flock of youngish sparrows that love the trellis garden and the bedroom window sill. They peck on the wood and chatter away. So lovely to watch and listen to.

Willow said...

Nice catch. Love seeing him next to Miggs Ball.
Thanks so much for your comments today.

Willow said...

Nice creep up lol was great to see him pose for you.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams said...

When I see the bunnies on your blog, I think, oh I wish we had bunnies here...and then I see the chicken wire, and I guess I am happy there are no bunnies here.


Jane and Chris said...

He looks a bit confused!
I'm already missing some of the bird sounds...*sigh*.
Jane x

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

He's really cute. We have a lot of bunnies in the area, and some of them are so used to humans that they'll let you get really close. They are fun to watch and photograph, but they are trouble makers in the garden :)