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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Morning Stroll


I did my morning stroll around the gardens  as I do every morning to make sure all is ok  and weeds are under control which  they are  some times hard to keep up with I must say  they seem to grow over night lol . We had some rain last night and the odd clap of thunder . The winds are blowing from the north  west and are nice and cool !

I had my camera with me … took photos and pulled some weeds , figured I might as well since again they  seem  to grow over night lol.

Summer 2013 (4 of 18)

    The sunflowers that we didn’t plant are almost ready to pop .   I love them in my garden !                  Thanks critters  and birdies you did me a wonderful favour planting these here !

Summer 2013 (5 of 18)

                 This is the tallest one of the bunch must be at least 6 feet  and has a huge thick stem .Now the funny thing is the sunflower seeds we feed the birds and critters are not supposed to reseed as they are the  oiled seeds .. well we knocked that theory out of the water and have proof even my in laws next door use the same oiled seed so it could of come from there to  !

Summer 2013 (8 of 18)

Whilst I was wandering around taking photos and weeding …. Miggs was just waking up from our walk  before  strolling the gardens .  Stretching  first then the shake after  to get the webs out  from napping  lol !

Summer 2013 (9 of 18)

The incredaball Hydrangea is slowly coming to an end for the season as the what was once white flower heads have all changed to a greening tinge !

Summer 2013 (10 of 18)

Most flowers are still doing well and spreading like crazy and have thickened up so much !

Summer 2013 (13 of 18)

A bit of rain still left on the flowers from the rains  of the night gleaming in the morning sun !

Summer 2013 (15 of 18)

I like photographing flowers in the morning sun with dew or rain drops still on them looks so pretty !

Summer 2013 (18 of 18)

I finished up weeding what was  there not a lot thank goodness and taking photos  for now  … stopped for a coffee and sat on the back porch taking in all the colours that are in the gardens , watching the birds and critters with the cool north westerly  fall like winds blowing  some times big gusts and the fresh sweet smelling air  it is carrying with it .

                                                Windows are wide open today  Open-mouthed smile

                                                         Todays weather !

                                        Partly cloudyPartly cloudy      18°C or  66°F  

                                         Wind  NW 30 km/h  or 19 mph

                                           Wind gust 48 km/ or   30 mph

                                               Humidity 68%


                                             Until next time  . Have a good day !

                                                   Country Gal


Pat said...

I love sunflowers! Think of it as a special gift from God that it is planted in your garden!

Love the photos of the water droplets on your flowers.

It's a gorgeous day here too, and all my windows are open. A/C is OFF!

Margaret Adamson said...

sounds a lovely way to start the day. Your photographs are lovely and colourful. Love the raindrops and number 7 is my fav.

Willow said...

Gorgeous stroll , delightful photos. I do the same thing every morning I walk around the garden , coffee in hand chickens following and I peek around and ponder there..
Odd that you mention oiled seed re seeding as our black oiled seeds did the same and for the first ti,e we had sunflowers too . It was a nice surprise.

Jane and Chris said...

Absolutely LOVE that hydrangea! We find pea plants all over...where the squirrels have 'hidden' dried peas.
Jane x

Linda said...

Lovely photos Elaine...
What a great garden you have...

Linda :o)

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

Sunflowers are lovely. We have a couple of ones planted by the garden critters. We had a brief rain shower and a couple of claps of thundet this afternoon. We sat under the gazebo and listened to it hitting the canvas top ... reminded us of camping days.