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Monday, February 1, 2021

Some Of This & That , Pets and Birds

Hello, I hope all are well .

 Welcome February   . The days have been getting longer which I like and the days and weeks are getting closer to spring which I really like lol  😃.

Papa , Summer and I have just been chugging along and taking each day as it comes  . We have kept in touch with our kids via messaging , face time or the odd long phone call . Things are going well with them all we just all miss seeing everyone and having them over for the weekends , hopefully we will be getting back to normal soon . This coming  August for us is going to busy what with the birth of our son and daughter in laws  first child and our  first grand baby and our daughters wedding plus anniversary's to  , exciting times to look froward to  .

In the mean time I have just been taking lots of photos and we have been enjoying our puppers Summer  (AKA) Summy and playing a lot out side and going for our daily walks  as we haven't had much of a winter here this year, very little snow but we have had many cold days  . Summy and her neighbour and  BF Tucker have a daily play date every late afternoon and they just have a blast together , its good for her to socialize and learn from her own kind as well as from us.

                     We got a big rope for them to play tug with and they just love it lol !

 Summy and our old  Harley are getting along well and actually hang out together from time to time . It took Harley a while to come to terms with this young bouncy whipper snapper and it took Summy time to realize that Harley isn't her personal chase play toy , but they figured it all out now and have become good friends . 

 As for our birdies the feeders have been super busy and that was a challenge for Summy not to chase the birds but she gets it now and can thankfully  sit out there and watch them with the odd reminder from Papa and I to leave them alone.  We being in a valley and on the migration path we get so many wonderful seasonal birds through out the year .

This time of year we get Juncos, 4 species of Sparrows , 3 species of Finch, Northern Cardinals , 3 species of Woodpeckers , 2 species of Nuthatch , Chickadees , Blue Jays, Northern Flickers, and Morning Doves and it gets noisy but I love it .

                                   We have hundreds of these little Juncos above this year .

  I can sit and watch them and take photos of them all for hours.

Each year we get more  male and female Northern Cardinals to I counted 7 males and 5 females and the males are starting to sing their spring mating songs already . 

Yup , Spring is in the air here  and I am counting it down and am looking forward to the arrival of our spring birds  , Robins , Song Sparrows , Red winged blackbirds and more and the change in lands appearance .

                                                       Until next time 


                                              Country Gal