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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Lazy Days Of Summer


Okay ,  I know it isn’t summer yet but the weather tells other wise lol .

This is how I spend most of my days in this nice summer weather .


Not much goes on here really so don't get to excited  lol . We have our moments were things are a bit shook up but not to often . Being retired has its ups and downs , more ups then downs though , especially when you live in the country with all kinds of nature around you and if your like me usually have camera in hand just in case .  Just wish Papa could retire now but someone has to put bread and butter on the table  and to be honest it was his idea, he said to me before we moved here that I can retire if I want to and we both agreed I would and be the home maker  , works for me . We both are homebody's and don't go  to very many places , but when we do it’s a real treat .I find there are times where I seem to be taking photos of the same thing , birds, flowers , butterfly’s and so on but as we all know nature changes so much and I don't want to miss capturing it. We have times where Papa is building something in his shop or we go to antique shops to see what we can find  ,all though we are running out of space to put things but that's the way it goes . We spend days on our porches  in our gardens or going for walks with our Miggy  and we all know Miggy is the sunshine of Our Cove and Harley , well she makes an appearance every now and then . All this I wouldn’t change for anything in the world .

                                            Simple Country Life but a rewarding  one !

                                Until next time , hope you all have a great day !

                                               Country Gal

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wordless Wednesday








                    Until next time, hope you all have a great day !

                                      Country Gal

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

After The Rain


Hello all .

Not much happening here at the Cove . We have had hot sunny days and finally some rain this morning with the odd thunderstorm. Every time they say it is to rain I swear it goes around us and we don't get a drop ! . I love the smell of everything this time of year after it rains , the sweet smell of flowers come alive after  and all of mother nature comes out from undercover and all is active once again , nothing better then the nectar from the sky's for the gardens .

The sun peeks out every now and then and there is a cool breeze from the south that carry's the smell of   lake Erie in it , I love that smell to . I went out side and took some photos as I sat on our porch in the back .


               My Knock out Rose Bush has so many buds just ready to pop !



    Have you ever seen a dog smile ? Well our Miggy does  as you can see here  lol ! She is laying under my lounge chair !


           This is Molly our little Wren that loves to nest in this bird house Papa built two years ago , it sits in our centre garden !


                                      She is soo busy in and out building her nest !


                                                  Molly knows I am taking her photo !


This  guy was busy courting and trying to attract this little ladies attention ! She didn’t seem to thrilled to me lol !


                                                      PSSST ! Has he left yet ????


                          It’s a daily giggle  and awe  at all the nature that's around here !

                                  Until next time , hope you have a good day !

                                               Country Gal

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Bit Of This & That


Friday was Papa’s b-day  and he said thanks so much  to all for leaving him birthday wishes in the comments . We didn't do much just puttered and enjoyed  the weather even though it has been hot . I made him his favourite home made cake  , vanilla blueberry . 

Today pretty much the same lol we are home bodies and enjoy our  home , gardens and nature that's around us very much .

These are photos  from around our yard I took the other day but never got around to posting them till now.


    I love Geraniums especially this salmon colour . I like to have them in hanging planters on our front porch .





                                                Wave Petunia's hanging from my potting shed !


                                      Papa’s Foxglove in our back garden !


                                             Sharing lunch by the big old tree !


            A  Cedar Waxwing in our tree, there is another one with his back to me to the far right !


           This little Wren has moved into our back garden bird house ! We call her Molly she is tiny but WOW ! what a beautiful song and trill she has .


    We have lots of these Purple Finch here as well as Gold Finch that are nesting now so we don't see them as much right now !

  Papa and I just love the nature that's here at the Cove and enjoy watching and hearing it every day !We also love and enjoy our gardens and all the colours to . 

                                    Until next time hope you all have a great weekend !

                                               Country Gal

Friday, May 25, 2012

Happy Birthday


Today is Papa’s birthday . He took the day off work .


                         Happy Birthday Papa


                                                  Love always

                                  Mama , Miggy and Harley , your girls .

                                          Country Gal

Thursday, May 24, 2012

GOTCH YA !!!!!!!!


The other morning Papa noticed that my planters around our big tree were tipped over and dug through . Then later I noticed the planter on Papa’s sky shed deck and it had been mauled over only there were tail like drag marks in dirt heading off the deck . That's when I new it was a Racoon searching for grubs in the fresh potting soil . So near our big tree I removed the planters and Papa set the live trap and we put some sunflower seeds in a bowl in it and I know Racoons love veggies so from our dinner I put potato peels in there as well .

Caught 05 24 001

      Well Papa came out early this morning before he left for work and sure enough look who got caught !

Caught 05 24 003

Papa said that he had a look on his face as if to say I am soo embarrass  I got caught ! Like he has done something really bad .

Caught 05 24 002

So Papa loaded him in the truck took him half way on his way to work and released him in the woods !  We don’t have any live stock here so it is a live trap we use and I really don't want to have to do the alternative as they are mother natures creatures and trying to survive in the wild the best they can !

                               Until next time , hope you all have a great day !

                                               Country Gal

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wordless Wednesday










                                                 Until next time, Hope you all have a good day 1

                                                                  Country Gal

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Finished Our Gardens


Over the long weekend Papa, Miggy and I went to the garden centre to get our flowers . We did most of the planting on Sunday and finished the rest yesterday . I took photos this morning .


                 Last year I planted flowers in the dirt around the tree and the tree took the nutrients from the flowers so they didn't  do very well , this year I put them in a few pots instead !


              Our centre garden that Papa and I built when we moved here three years ago . There were no flower gardens here other then the front .


              I cant wait for all the flowers to thicken up and bloom more !


              This is were I spend my summer days enjoying nature , our back patio !



      One day soon Papa and I will be putting a floor of some sort under our Gazebo and a water feature in the back !


             Our back garden that has a bit of everything !



                       Center garden from another angle !


             Papa’s planters , he likes the tall flowing grass plants in the middle of them with flowers around the edge ! I think they look good.


Our corner garden Papa made in the early spring .  We try to use what we have like logs and what not to make the edgings .This is the Forsythia bush his mom gave me from her back yard .


Papa’s work shop garden ! He picks out the plants and flowers he wants and plants them !


                                                  Our crazy driveway garden !


I still have two more planters to go in the front here . Papa is working on painting them a bright yellow for me ! Then all will be complete .



Well , that's all of our gardens around the Cove . Now just to sit back and watch them grow and enjoy. I will take photos later in the season when all the flowers have plumped up and are in full bloom !

                                      Until next time hope you all have a great day !

                                                     Country Gal