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Friday, October 15, 2021

Enjoying Every Moment Of Family & The Fall Season

Why hello there !

 I haven't been doing a very good job at keeping up with this blog these days lol . We have been busy with all kinds of things these days as life is getting back to more normal and we have lots of family catching up to do .

Our youngest son James came down to spend a week with us as he had the time off  which was wonderful and Summer got more loving and cuddles which she just soaks up lol . Every morning Summer would go into James room and wake him up by jumping on him and giving kisses which he just loved as they took a moment to have a bit of a play before he got up .



 James and Papa worked in the work shop on a project that James wanted to do . James made a cribbage board as he and his friends enjoy a game of cribbage every now and then and Papa helped out a bit to.

                                    And James helped Papa with yard work to  which was nice . 

  After the week James had to return home for his Thanksgiving as he was going to celebrate it with his partner and family this year then go back to work after  but it was wonderful to have him down for the week . 

Then our oldest son David  and his wife and our daughter in-law Cindee and our grand baby Colton came down for the thanksgiving long weekend  which was wonderful . They said they will be trying to come down at least once a month which will  be nice to see them and Colton more which is awesome and each time we see him he would had grown more and more and changed so much and the times that they are not here they send lots of videos and photos which is also wonderful . So once a month we get to see them and each time we, Papa and Grammy cant wait 😃

                               Colton (aka) Babas in his new 2 month old outfit for photos .

 Theses photos were taken over our Thanksgiving long weekend as they came down to stay and celebrate with us and Colton tuned 2 months old  the weather was lovely and we all enjoyed a lot of outside time on the screened porch as we all are pretty much the  outdoorsy type  .

    Summer just loves him and is always making sure he is ok, she likes it when he is on his piano mat and he kicks the buttons at his feet and makes music, coos and squiggles about Summer sits there and watches him as she wags her tail the entire time .


                                         We had a lovely thanksgiving dinner and weekend  .


The season of fall is well upon us but here we still have many leaves and they are still pretty much green on our trees just the odd tree has changed and dropped its leaves and the weather has been a mix of sunny and rainy days but all have been well above seasonal temps and some have bee down right humid still and our gardens are still full of blooms and pollinators .


It has taken 14 years for our kitty Harley to  attempt to come outside even if has just been on the porch . See Harley was a feral kitten when we took her in and we think she had a bad experience out side so she was very afraid of the outdoors but since we have fully screened in our back porch  last year  Harley had always seemed interested in coming out but still wasn't to sure, until   this year, and  she seems to enjoy popping out every now and then walking about and spending time with her  sister Summer as they both enjoy some fresh air quiet time together  . 

So as you can see we have been enjoying each and every moment with family and the fall season and are happy to get life back to as it should be .

                                                                Until next time 


                                                Country Gal



Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Hello its been a while

Hope all are well and are able to keep cool in  this nasty heat wave we have been under  FEW!
I cant believe I last posted in April , guess we just got to busy despite the ongoing covid . We had the birth of our first grandchild a boy his name is Colton to our son and daughter in law in August . 

 We haven't officially met him yet but his mummy and daddy have been keeping us updated and sending lots of photos  but come the September long weekend next weekend that's coming up soon WOW!  for us  they are coming to visit so we are looking  forward to that for sure, They also just celebrated their 1st wedding Anniversary .

Then our daughter go married to her dairy farmer  on his parents lovely  dairy farm , they had the corn field near the house cut in the shape of a heart and that's where they said their I dos  they had lots of friends that helped them with photos and using drones, it was a perfect sunny day with cool breezes then they had their reception at their little farm out in the field under a huge tent, the day was perfect . 

     This sign they are standing by is their farms new sign his parents got made for them  .

Then Papa and I had our Anniversary after all of this  then before all this Summer had her birthday in May she is now a year old and then earlier in August  Harley turned 14 .

 And Summer has had lots of adventures and play dates with her two best friends Willow and Tucker 

And I finally found the farmhouse oak and white table and chairs set I have been wanting for years on  Facebook Market place , it needed a little TLC but other then that its in great condition , They stopped making them here in Canada and to get them from the states which still do make them shipping costs a fortune .

So the beginning  of the summer was some what quiet with us just puttering in the gardens and building a few new areas   but by August we were super busy and now its almost September and things have slowed down a bit . We are looking forward to cooler days and nights now and the  changing of the trees  and sitting around the camp fire and the wonderful harvest foods from our local farmers and hopefully more family get togethers as the year and seasons roll on.

    Well that's about it for now I think I covered our little bit of excitement  from our neck of the woods , hope  you all have a great week and weekend . 

                                                                   Until next time 


                                                  Country Gal

Friday, April 16, 2021

Taking It All One Day At Time

 My, my Its been a while , I didn't realize my last post was back in February  but then nothing has been going on really to blog about  either  thanks to this pandemic which I know we are all fed up with and have had enough of it all  . Just hope we all can get back to life soon .

Papa and I have been doing little odd jobs around the house as we can on the weekends as thankfully he still has been able to go to work  . 

Summer and I have been enjoying our walks and playtime/ training in the yard , she is growing so fast and is a remarkable girl, so smart , loyal, gentle  and very loving and she will be a year old  already next month . Summer loves to supervise Papa and I when we are out in the yard and she also loves to heard us when we are on the tractors lol she is full of energy and has quite the goofy character .

                                                                 Summer supervising  Papa

                                                    Summer loves to heard the tractor .

                                She also loves to sit by the camp fire and have quiet time .

Harley and Summer have become best friends now and follow each other around the house . Poor old Harley will be 14 soon .

Summers goofy side is rolling and then running about like a crazy dog and she loves to play fetch . She is mostly a quiet dog and doesn't bark unless you tell or ask her to but she can be very sassy and talkative .

Summer is our little jekyll and hyde with her ears and her two coloured eyes lol.


                                She really makes our days fun and keeps us active and busy .

All our spring flowers are have all bloomed  the trees and bushes are close to bursting , the weather is up and down all though we did have some summer like weather for over a week which was wonderful , all our spring birds have returned which is wonderful and we are keeping in touch with our kids via messaging , phone calls and video chats . Our eldest son and daughter in law David and Cindee are expecting their first child and our first grandchild in August and they have shared all they can with us through technology , it has been different but wonderful  they are having a boy and his name is Colton we are all soo excited and cant wait to meet him also we are hoping our daughter Leila who is marring her  dairy farmer Dan will be able to have their wedding in August as well  we are all hoping to be  vaccinated  by then fingers crossed and all get back to life but we are thankful for every second we can get  now  through modern technology.

         Well that's it for now from us here At Woods Country Cove  , we hope all are well and stay safe and hope we can all get back to being with and hugging  our families .

                                                                    Until till next time 


                                                Country Gal


Monday, February 1, 2021

Some Of This & That , Pets and Birds

Hello, I hope all are well .

 Welcome February   . The days have been getting longer which I like and the days and weeks are getting closer to spring which I really like lol  😃.

Papa , Summer and I have just been chugging along and taking each day as it comes  . We have kept in touch with our kids via messaging , face time or the odd long phone call . Things are going well with them all we just all miss seeing everyone and having them over for the weekends , hopefully we will be getting back to normal soon . This coming  August for us is going to busy what with the birth of our son and daughter in laws  first child and our  first grand baby and our daughters wedding plus anniversary's to  , exciting times to look froward to  .

In the mean time I have just been taking lots of photos and we have been enjoying our puppers Summer  (AKA) Summy and playing a lot out side and going for our daily walks  as we haven't had much of a winter here this year, very little snow but we have had many cold days  . Summy and her neighbour and  BF Tucker have a daily play date every late afternoon and they just have a blast together , its good for her to socialize and learn from her own kind as well as from us.

                     We got a big rope for them to play tug with and they just love it lol !

 Summy and our old  Harley are getting along well and actually hang out together from time to time . It took Harley a while to come to terms with this young bouncy whipper snapper and it took Summy time to realize that Harley isn't her personal chase play toy , but they figured it all out now and have become good friends . 

 As for our birdies the feeders have been super busy and that was a challenge for Summy not to chase the birds but she gets it now and can thankfully  sit out there and watch them with the odd reminder from Papa and I to leave them alone.  We being in a valley and on the migration path we get so many wonderful seasonal birds through out the year .

This time of year we get Juncos, 4 species of Sparrows , 3 species of Finch, Northern Cardinals , 3 species of Woodpeckers , 2 species of Nuthatch , Chickadees , Blue Jays, Northern Flickers, and Morning Doves and it gets noisy but I love it .

                                   We have hundreds of these little Juncos above this year .

  I can sit and watch them and take photos of them all for hours.

Each year we get more  male and female Northern Cardinals to I counted 7 males and 5 females and the males are starting to sing their spring mating songs already . 

Yup , Spring is in the air here  and I am counting it down and am looking forward to the arrival of our spring birds  , Robins , Song Sparrows , Red winged blackbirds and more and the change in lands appearance .

                                                       Until next time 


                                              Country Gal