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Friday, October 30, 2015

Trick Or Treat


                                    Hope you all have a



Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Girls On A Rainy Day Yesterday


It was a rainy gloomy day yesterday  the rain was coming down  from every direction and sideways to at times lol and it was heavy  with  puddles every where .  So I caught up on reading blogs , a bit of my book and puttering whilst the girls were doing this !

OCTOBER 2015  (12 of 14)

Miggs had just come in and had to be towel dried as she was soaked to the bone  so she went to go into her bed , and who was there like always ??  her sister kitty Harley .  Miggs has a look on her face as if to say .  Really ? again ? ok cat move over this is my bed lol !

OCTOBER 2015  (2 of 14)

                                    Harley looking at Miggs as if to say ,, do you mind ? I was here first !!!

OCTOBER 2015  (10 of 14)

                                               Harley .. you smell funny  ewe your nose is wet Miggs !!!

OCTOBER 2015  (11 of 14)

                                                                                 Miggs … what ever sis !!!

OCTOBER 2015  (13 of 14)

                                                                                            Nap time !!!

OCTOBER 2015  (14 of 14)

              Harley … do I have to share ? Miggs … it is my bed go in your own ! Miggs .. mum she is in my bed again !!!

                  Miggs got bored and then left Harley in the bed and flopped out on the kitchen floor after all that ! lol !

      The rain has stopped for now and it is very windy , there is a high wind warning in place, I was texting too Papa whist he was at work saying good morning and as I was doing that our patio swing flipped over from the wind gusts so I just left it  ,no point in putting it back up just for it to flip over again lol    the sun is shining for now I can see  a solid wall of  big dark clouds traveling along the south east going to the north east of us right now whilst in the west it is blue sky and clear  but boy oh boy  are the winds ever strong .

  Any who that’s it for now  the girls are napping once again this morning and I have got to get out there and clean and fill the feeders for the birdies as they were feasting all day at them in the rain yesterday .

                                                                        Until next time .



                                                                        Country Gal

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Wet Wordless Wednesday







                                                                       Country Gal  56275-clip-artillustration-of-a-cute-yellow-duckling-strolling-under-a-mushroom-umbrella-on-a-rainy-spring-day-by-pushkin

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

I've Been Mooning It !!


The past day or so the moon has been lovely over our valley   .  Last nights moon was a full moon in the Northern Hemisphere called the Hunters Moon  . Papa saw it and pointed it out to me as it was rising and some what hiding behind the trees at the top of our valley  so off I went with camera in hand  ,  mooning it lol  !.

  In skylore, every full moon has many names, and most are tied to the months of the year. But some moons are tied to seasons, such as the Harvest and Hunter’s Moons. The Harvest Moon is the full moon closest to the autumnal equinox. The Hunter’s Moon is the full moon after the Harvest Moon. For us in the Northern Hemisphere, the 2015 autumnal equinox came on September 23. The September 27 full moon – night of a total lunar eclipse – was the Northern Hemisphere’s Harvest Moon. So the full moon on October 26 and 27 is the Northern Hemisphere’s Hunter’s Moon.

OCTOBER 2015 (2 of 13)

Some Native American tribes referred to October’s Moon as the Full Hunter’s Moon, as it was the time to go hunting in preparation for winter. This full Moon is also called the Travel Moon and the Dying Grass Moon.

This is the first Full Moon following the Harvest Moon last month. It rises around sunset and sets around sunrise, the only night in the month when the Moon is in the sky all night long.


         I found the air and atmosphere  in the valley damp and so the moon took on different colours as it was rising  and had a glow to it that was hazy looking !

OCTOBER 2015 (13 of 13)

                        I find the moon fascinating and of course beautiful , nature never ceases to amaze me !

                                                                        Until next time .

                                                                       Country Gal

Monday, October 26, 2015

From My Kitchen Window & Front Lawn


Well it was a good weekend , Papa and I did a lot of leave cleaning  through out the weekend . Last night we had a yummy supper of roast beef  with all the trimmings then relaxed for a bit then it was time for me to get the dishes down  Plates and what not go in the dish washer but the roasting pan and pots I was by hand , so as I am doing this looking out the window over the kitchen sink I see this amazing sight and I start watching it .

OCTOBER 2015 (23 of 23)

This is  at the top of the valley  as the sun was setting  and shining a orangey pink glow on the clouds and trees I was in awe as the moon was up and in the perfect  spot , the view just seemed to fit and go together , I watched the clouds slowly drift in  front of the moon as they ever so gently hid it for a few seconds . Well I had to go out on the front lawn to capture this incredible beauty happening right in front of my eyes  so off I went with my camera !

OCTOBER 2015 (7 of 23)

Watching this  kind of nature happening I find fascinating as it was quiet and so serine out there and the odd bird would fly over and in front of it all  adding to the beauty of this scene.

OCTOBER 2015 (18 of 23)

The sky seemed to of changed colour right in front of my eyes as this was all going on , the sun setting in the west the moon up in the east over the top of the valley . Something about this just makes me smile a rare piece of beauty nature has to offer the wonders and the unknown of the sky's , to watch this unfold as the evenings darkness slowly sinks in and the day light disappears to reveal the light of the moon as all grow quiet and still .

OCTOBER 2015 (20 of 23)

I took a bunch of photos as each time the clouds , the light  of the sun and mood of it all just seemed to change second by second . I tried to capture every change I saw as it was happening ! I love the moon as much as the sun and to have them in the sky together  is amazing to me and the sight it creates is wonderful  , put it all together over our valley .. well ... there you have it .. Beauty !

OCTOBER 2015 (22 of 23)

                Not only is there  natures beauty on the ground and in the trees there is also natures beauty in the sky’s !


                                                                                Until next time

                                                                        Country Gal

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Leaves , Leaves & More Leaves !


Yup that’s most of what we have been doing this weekend , cleaning up leaves .  Papa had Friday off and we did , well … leaves lol then yesterday as it was a rainy day we  went to town did a bit of shopping then came home and relaxed . Today turned out to be a lovely day after the cloud disappeared and we did  … Yup  you guessed it more leaves . this time Miggs didn’t play in the leaves as we didn’t pile them up like we usually do , I just blew them with the leave blower into rows and Papa went over them with the tractor and scooped them up into the baggers and then go rid of them .  My  tractor Betsy and I were working  with the trailer dumping leaves  but Betsy is a little off as she may need to get a belt replaced and her gears are a little sticky  so she is out of commission  for now  . I just realized we are almost at the end of October  I cant believe we are going into the last week of October already .

OCTOBER 2015 (6 of 16)-2

Friday I had a camp fire going as I love the smell of wood smoke as we are out there and it helps to burn up some old wood that cant be burnt in the wood stove in side !

OCTOBER 2015 (4 of 16)-2

Papa went up onto the porch roof to get the leaves off of it as it makes a mess on the roof from our big old tree and the leaves  rot on there  if left  , which is not good for the shingles .

OCTOBER 2015 (14 of 16)-2

OCTOBER 2015 (11 of 16)-2

Miggs was puttering more today as the cooler damp air has been  making her stiff and ache a bit more all though she needs to learn to slow down and take it easy and not chase after critters as much when  she is sore and achy lol !

OCTOBER 2015 (8 of 16)-2

So not much really happening here just enjoying the birds , Miggs and the weather which has been not to bad so far and  just puttering .

OCTOBER 2015 (16 of 16)-2

                  Lots of trees in the valley are bare now , I think all their leaves end up on our lawn , seems like it lol ! I think we will have one or two more leaf clean ups then that should be that for the season .

OCTOBER 2015 (15 of 16)-2

All done for the day now , it is late afternoon and I will be putting our Sunday roast of beef in the oven for supper  , having veggies and roast potatoes with it and gravy YUMMY !  This time of year and through out the winters Sunday dinners are a roast of some kind with all the trimmings  then a nice Cuppa tea and maybe a sweet treat  then relax for the evening  with full tummies .


                                                                    Until next time .

                                                            Country Gal

Thursday, October 22, 2015

This & That


Holly molly I haven’t seen an invasion of bugs like this before . We have hundreds and thousands of lady bugs all over the house and all the sheds I look out the windows and all I see is lady bugs all over them !  Giving me the heebeegeebees! YUK !

OCTOBER 2015 (12 of 18)

The weather has been so warm and sunny here they  are in droves literally ! Funny how I don't see them on any one else's house HMM  !!  They look to get in to hibernate they don't lay eggs or mate whilst in side and these don't bite either they just want a warm place to sleep all season , they aren't lady bugs per say they actually are Asian Lady Beetle's apparently real lady bugs have only two spots on them   Huh who knew lol ! Oh well I call them lady bugs anyways lol !

Any who !! I have been busy with inside stuff  , yeah know cleaning and organizing stuffs . Our gardens are all done now and tidied  up for the season , all bare and sad BOOHOO !! But still cleaning up leaves !

OCTOBER 2015 (9 of 18)

                                                               Miggs doesn't seem to mind though !

OCTOBER 2015 (11 of 18)

Miggs and I have had lovely long walks all week as the weather has been so nice , enjoying what’s left of the colours !



          I was playing around with my camera on my phone and took a few selfies of me and my big camera .


Then as I was doing that I heard a very familiar sound . The peep , peeping of the Pine Siskins  THERE BACK !!

Hence the name PINE  Siskin , well that’s were they were in the big pine trees way at the back of the property !

OCTOBER 2015 (17 of 18)

Can you see them amongst all the pine cones  ? One in the center up a bit  and the other is at the far right just a bit down near the edge of the photo  !  No ? well let me show you !

                                                                                  OCTOBER 2015 PINE SISKIN  (17 of 18)    

  Kind of hard to see aren't they?  , but boy are they noisy ! There were about 15 in the tree all playing and bobbing about amongst the pine cones  !  They are soo cute !!

                   Well that's all for me for now Papa has the day off tomorrow we will be doing some shopping , get that done so we have the rest of the weekend to..  well what ever lol !

                                                                          Until next time .

                                                                        Country Gal

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Wordless Wednesday



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                                                                         Country Gal

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

All Done !


Yup , we are all done the gardens  now , they are all tucked up for the season BOOHOO ! But I did get a few photos of them when we got that bit of frost  over the weekend .

                                          OCTOBER 2015 (79 of 104)

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                                                    Then I went searching for more frosty things .

OCTOBER 2015 (81 of 104)

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OCTOBER 2015 (76 of 104)

That frosty morning was beautiful , the sun was shining the frost was glittering and the heat of the sun was melting the frost off the land creating  a low fog as the sun rays shone through it  .

OCTOBER 2015 (72 of 104)

OCTOBER 2015 (83 of 104)

OCTOBER 2015 (87 of 104)

                              Even the birds were enjoying the fresh  frosty morning , feasting in the sun light !

OCTOBER 2015 (91 of 104)

Yesterday and today have been warm even the winds have been warm temps have be 15C or 60F and haven't dropped much over night either and today  it is to reach 18C or 64F a lot different from the weekend weather we had , we get a lot of lake effect weather as we are only a 6 min drive from the north shores of lake Erie the warmest lake of them all here in Ontario and that can make the weather change , but this warm sunny spell I am not complaining at all about it is wonderful .

                                                                       Until next time

                                                              Country Gal