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Monday, October 12, 2015

It’s Been A Wonderful Long Weekend


It is our Thanksgiving weekend and a long weekend  to and it has been awesome . We had a lovely family supper on Saturday lots of good food and giggles . The weather has been fantastic , sunny warm with cool winds  and I am almost done my garden clean up .  I have left a few plants that are still in full bloom for the odd bee , butterfly’ and the odd Cabbage moth traveling through as we are on the migration path of both them and the birds !

OCTOBER 2015 (25 of 33)


OCTOBER 2015 (27 of 33)

OCTOBER 2015 (9 of 33)

Speaking of birds , the Robins are back about , they did disappear for a month or so but are hanging about here again for now , sometimes they leave  just before the summer is done and return in the fall  and leave again but the past few winters a few have stayed , I find if our winter is to be late and mild they stay and if not then they leave  so maybe we will have a mild winter I hope !

OCTOBER 2015 (19 of 33)

                                     The Bluejays are  pigging out at the feeders and being very cheeky to !

OCTOBER 2015 (21 of 33)

OCTOBER 2015 (22 of 33)

            Earlier this morning I saw hundreds of Starlings swarming to the tree tops to take a rest as they are on their migration path .

OCTOBER 2015 (1 of 4)

                  There were so many and they just kept coming over that I couldn’t get them all in the photo lol !

OCTOBER 2015 (17 of 33)

This is how nice the weather has been this long Thanksgiving weekend here . Just look at silly Miggs catching the fresh cool breezes on her belly as she lays there , crazy dog lol !

OCTOBER 2015 (2 of 4)

The leaves are changing fast now and falling like mad some trees are already bare as you can see here . Today is another beautiful day , clear blue sky’s warm sunshine , fresh breezes and the temps are 19°C Feels like 21 or 66°F Feels like 70, awesome so I am off now to enjoy this beautiful fall day .

                                                                              Until next time .

                                                             Country Gal


Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

The weather is glorious. We had our dinner yesterday, so leftovers for today. This morning we went walking down by the bay to check out the fall colours, the swans, the herons and the ducks. I've just been pottering about the garden this afternoon enjoying the lovely weather. Lots of birds returning .. juncos, nuthatches, more woodpeckers, lots of goldfinches, white crowned sparrows and chickadees. I love sitting on the deck and listening to them all chattering away. We also had those big flocks of starlings going through. We've even seen the odd flock of Canada Geese go over.

Terra said...

Your bird photos are brilliant. Happy Thanksgiving.

Deb said...

Enjoyed today's photos. Very interesting about the robin. I have not seen many around here all year. Oh yes...a mild winter. Wouldn't that be one more thing to be thankful for. "Happy Thanksgiving, Elaine."

Linda said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend, Elaine....
We ate yesterday...leftovers tonight! YAY! Will make soup tomorrow!
Just watching the game....GO JAYS GO !
Enjoy your week..
Linda :o)

eileeninmd said...

Hello, your flowers are lovely. and great collection of bird images. Your Miggs is so cute! Have a happy week ahead!

Linda Kay said...

Love the bird photos, and Miggs of course. The blue jays are always cheeky, right? It's 95 degrees here in Texas today, so really not fall here as yet. And we need rain...none in the forecast.

Back Porch Writer said...

Mm mm thanksgiving! Leaves are just barely turning here in TEnnessee. Glad u had a good weekend!

Michelle said...

That is a lovely Blue Jay. I still have a bit of garden clean up to do. It is endless :)

Primitive Stars said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!love the photo's, blessings Francine.

Gail said...

Wonderful pictures.

Miggs seemed totally unconcerned with the birds.

We have crows and Blue Jays stealing our pecans. I don't want a rough winter but the signs seem to be pointing toward a not too gentle winter.

Margaret Adamson said...

I see you still have some bees adn butterflies and I love to seeMiggs roling on his back

NanaNor's said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours Elaine! Our weather is slowly changing-warm days with cool breezes and fog in the morning. The leaves are dropping here too. Thanks for sharing the beauty of your world.

Pamela Gordon said...

Yesterday was lovely here and about 21! Today it's 15 but cloudy and rain is coming. Sunday was rainy and cold. So up and down. I've seen a couple of robins around but mostly just chickadees, a few sparrows and bluejays, and some starlings. Canada geese are flying over now and then too. Our fall colours are starting to peak, a bit late this year, and looking beautiful. Have a great week Elaine.

William Kendall said...

Miggs shall be Miggs!