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Monday, July 29, 2019

A Fun Day At The Dog Beach

What a fun filled day it was on Saturday . Misty Papa and I went to the dog beach that's a few minuets drive from us down at our lake in the small town of Port Burwell in our provincial park at the dog beach , They have people beaches on the east side of the park which is part of town then to get to the dog beaches you have to enter the park and pay a day pass of $15 a car no matter how many people or dogs  there are in the car and that's for all out door activities there  like bird watching ,  hiking , canoeing , bike trails the dog beaches which that's our fave and Misty's  and much more  or a season pass for $125 which gets you all from April to October and it is all well worth it .

We had a blast , when we got there at 9am it was deserted. 

By 11am it was getting packed . very clean dog beach and all the dogs  had fun and are very good with each other and it was nice to chat to all the different pet parents to lol .

This photo above really caught my eye as a beach comer and his old dog sat and watched all the dogs and people and dogs enjoying the lovely day , he used a wood carved  stick as he and his old walked along the beach and settled not to far from us , it was one of those moments I had to take their photo .
 Papa had to pop back home to do a few things so Misty and I stayed at the beach for the rest of the afternoon , She was tired so she had a nap under our little fort we set up for her , she prefers the cool sand to the beach tent and like to be in  cognito, well she seems to think she is lol .

And above photo is when we got home from the beach after Papa came to pick us up . a pooped pooch .

Such a fun day for all , maybe next time Misty can stay awake to go to the ice cream shop Scoops in  our beach town of Port Burwell where all dogs get a special treat there . 

                                                             Until next time

                               Country Gal

Monday, July 22, 2019

Having Fun On Hot Humid Days


It as been a scorcher of a week and weekend . I am thankful for Air conditioning and for the shade of our trees and patio porch . I spend most of the summer on our patio porch as it becomes my summer living room , I just love it . 

I have been doing a lot of chasing bugs and butterfly's  in my gardens like a mad women taking photos of as many as I can just something I find very fun and relaxing to do on hot summer days. I also have been using my smartphone a lot for my photos as it is soo handy and takes really good photos . 

                            There are so many different types of butterfly's  I cant keep up lol .


              Butterfly's like the heat of the air as well as the sun as they use both for their energy .

                                                    I love the all flowers garden and wild .

                   And of course Fungi so many different types and shapes of them as well .

This week  it is to be a bit cooler and not have that stifling humidity which is good . I also cant believe how fast this month has been zooming by , I guess when your like me and spend most of your summer enjoying your gardens , wildlife  and running about chasing butterfly's and bugs to get photos time does zoom by !

                                                         Until next time πŸ˜ƒ

                                                                  Country Gal🌼


Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Playing With My Smartphone Camera

I like to use my smartphone camera in a pinch as I always have it with me and some times its just easier than lugging about my large camera .

                                           This little bee was enjoying my Cone flowers yesterday

Then early this morning it was raining and the toads came out to enjoy the rain drops . We get lots of toads on our patio when it rains or gets damp .

We had rain all morning and when it slowed right down to a gentle drizzle I got out there and had fun taking rain drop photos in my gardens .

                            Everything looked so happy and fresh with rain drops on .

                        I love the fresh feeling and smell of a good summer rain fall to .

             I seriously can spend hours just roaming about taking photos , I find it so fun and very relaxing lol.

                                                          Until next time

                                   Country Gal

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Summer Is On With This and That


Its been a while again lol . Hope your all enjoying the summer as much as we are . It is a hot and humid one today with thunderstorms on their way for later this afternoon and evening .
Over the weekend we dog sat Misty's cousin Jade , they had a blast playing and chumming about together .
  Jade is about 2 1/2 and is a very good girl , she can get a bit squirrely at times but she is still young Misty just looks at here as if to say really that's way to much energy for me lol  , Jade loves to run and fetch her toys and brings them back and could do this all day but Miggs well once or twice for her and that's that nap time lol ! We all had a good day .

The clouds have been wonderful for the past few days as rain threatens but seems to by pass our valley more often πŸ˜” hope we get the rain in these storms coming today .

                                           I just love clouds and cloud shelf's like this .
I haven't been taking to many photos as I have been busy with other things lately but I have managed to snap a few for this post 😁 My gardens are in full swing and everyone is enjoying them πŸ˜€

Nice to see all the wild life getting along at and under the feeders . I have lots of water features about for them all to as the  summer heat rises and I πŸ’“watching them play and splash in the water .Talking about heat I am soo thankful for AC as is poor old Miggs .

The Northern Flickers have been very vocal this past week and very active to up in our big old maple Manitoba tree  , I love the sound of them .

Mrs Robin is on her second batch of babies one of the many Robins we have nesting in our yard along with lots of other birdies as she stops for a well deserved rest with a beak full of goodies for the youngsters .

And last but not least I πŸ’“ the dollar store and this is where I fell in πŸ’“ with this printed  cotton table cloth , I had to have it as we all know I πŸ’” my butterfly's as well .

Well that's about all for me for now things are well as I hope they  are with all of you  .

                                              Until next time  have a great week !πŸ˜ƒ

                        Country Gal


Friday, July 5, 2019

I Do Love Summer

Hello everyone , Its been awhile hasn't it . I expect all of you have been busy in this wonderful summer weather to .

Miggs and I have been puttering about the yard early in the mornings and go for our daily walks then  taking it easy on the patio porch which I call my summer living room lol in the heat of the afternoons .
Gardens are doing well and full of  colour , birdies have finished their first lot of nesting and are entertaining me in their bird baths and at the feeders lol .

           Lots of activity going in the gardens as well , so much to watch and enjoy .

Chippy here was taking a bit of a break on our old maple tree trunk  , seems he has been in some fresh cut grass as he has green on his chest lol .

I have been taking photos here and there and  try to have a camera of some sort handy by me, be it my DSLR or my smartphone camera 😊

Here are a few pics from this past week .

These clouds showed up early one morning in the south west as the sun was rising in the east and their beauty caught my eye as they just floated over the field . These kinds of clouds are my fave and they are called Cumulus clouds I love photographing these types  of clouds .

The humidity off of the land caused a pretty fog rolling over the field as well and left dew on the grasses.
Last weekend was our Canada Day long weekend and our oldest son David his fiancΓ©e Cindee and their dog Duke stayed for the weekend , we had lots of games of cards out on the patio porch  and played with the dogs and had BBQ's it was a lovely visit . 

This is our grand dog Duke  he is a cutie , our son David rescued him from a nasty life and Duke now lives the high life , He is a long haired King German shepherd and is 6 years old and he and Miggs get along wonderfully .

                   Miggs after they visited , napping on the patio couch   .  A very pooped pooch πŸ˜ƒ

                     She was so tired from all the fun and playing ball with Duke lol !

 It is very hot and humid here today and will be for the next few days and some thunderstorms heading our way , There is a heat advisory out by Environment Canada for the next few days , thank goodness for  air conditioning .

 Well that's about it for me for now hope you all have a great weekend and stay cool .

                                                           Until next time .

                                      Country Gal