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Friday, July 5, 2019

I Do Love Summer

Hello everyone , Its been awhile hasn't it . I expect all of you have been busy in this wonderful summer weather to .

Miggs and I have been puttering about the yard early in the mornings and go for our daily walks then  taking it easy on the patio porch which I call my summer living room lol in the heat of the afternoons .
Gardens are doing well and full of  colour , birdies have finished their first lot of nesting and are entertaining me in their bird baths and at the feeders lol .

           Lots of activity going in the gardens as well , so much to watch and enjoy .

Chippy here was taking a bit of a break on our old maple tree trunk  , seems he has been in some fresh cut grass as he has green on his chest lol .

I have been taking photos here and there and  try to have a camera of some sort handy by me, be it my DSLR or my smartphone camera 😊

Here are a few pics from this past week .

These clouds showed up early one morning in the south west as the sun was rising in the east and their beauty caught my eye as they just floated over the field . These kinds of clouds are my fave and they are called Cumulus clouds I love photographing these types  of clouds .

The humidity off of the land caused a pretty fog rolling over the field as well and left dew on the grasses.
Last weekend was our Canada Day long weekend and our oldest son David his fiancée Cindee and their dog Duke stayed for the weekend , we had lots of games of cards out on the patio porch  and played with the dogs and had BBQ's it was a lovely visit . 

This is our grand dog Duke  he is a cutie , our son David rescued him from a nasty life and Duke now lives the high life , He is a long haired King German shepherd and is 6 years old and he and Miggs get along wonderfully .

                   Miggs after they visited , napping on the patio couch   .  A very pooped pooch 😃

                     She was so tired from all the fun and playing ball with Duke lol !

 It is very hot and humid here today and will be for the next few days and some thunderstorms heading our way , There is a heat advisory out by Environment Canada for the next few days , thank goodness for  air conditioning .

 Well that's about it for me for now hope you all have a great weekend and stay cool .

                                                           Until next time .

                                      Country Gal



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