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Friday, June 28, 2013

Just Like To Say



                      To all my fellow Canadians . Have a good , safe long weekend and a


                              Happy Canada Day !

                                    July 1st


                                                           Country Gal & Crew

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Thank you Mother Nature


        For your nectar from the sky’s !

We needed rain for sure as the day’s have been hot , humid and sunny and we all know water from the hose is good for our gardens and all but just not a s good as mother natures rains .

Summer 2013 (2 of 18)

Miggs and I were woken up by a big crack of thunder earlier this morning so we decided to get up as she was practically on me like an extra blanket by then anyways lol She doesn’t like thunder .

It is still humid with a bit of a cool breeze and over the river through the valley forest it is misty . so I got my cup of tea and my camera and we headed out to the back patio porch  . As I sat there sipping my tea with my camera ready just in case  , listening to the wonderful birds and rain coming down Miggs was wondering patrolling the yard loving the cool rain on her back.

Summer 2013 (6 of 18)

                               I was looking around for photos to take and I found some !

Summer 2013 (7 of 18) 

Summer 2013 (4 of 18)

                                                 I love taking photos of rain drops !

Summer 2013 (11 of 18)

Summer 2013 (13 of 18)

                                        I can hear my gardens singing with joy as every rain drop hits !

Summer 2013 (16 of 18)

Summer 2013 (15 of 18)

Everything seems to perk up and look soo fresh ! Like having the best shower you have ever had !

Summer 2013 (14 of 18)

                             I didn’t stray far from the porches front and back as it was pouring  . !

Summer 2013 (9 of 18)

And neither did Miggs as she is just under the porch enough were she wont get to wet and can still keep an eye on the yard !

Summer 2013 (17 of 18)

                                            Oh beautiful rain how our gardens love you !

                                                    and me to for photo’s hehe !

                                        Until next time , hope you have a good day !


                                                       Thanks for popping by !

                                                    Country Gal

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wordless Wednesday


 Summer 2013 (31 of 41)

Summer 2013 (32 of 41)

Summer 2013 (30 of 41)

Summer 2013 (37 of 41)

Summer 2013 (40 of 41)

Summer 2013 (3 of 41)

                                                                      Country Gal

Monday, June 24, 2013

Around Our Cove


Hi everyone , hope you are having a good day so far  and had a good weekend .

Today’s weather is lovey here as the humidity has finally gone for  the day , sun shining and the winds are  quite cool .

During the day yesterday Papa and I puttered and we all know how lucky I am from my last post  of my Sunday Surprise Papa made for me , I have them in my kitchen window !

I sat outside on the porch and watched the birdies and critters and decided to take photos , well what’s new with that as you all know I am a snap happy nut lol  and I was happy to get some good shots .

Spring 2013 (1 of 16)

This is one of the Red Breasted Grosbeaks that visit our yard ! They are so pretty and have a wonderful song !

Spring 2013 (4 of 16)

Then there is our Wren Molly , her babies were peeping loudly as they heard her there with a beak full of food for them .

Spring 2013 (8 of 16)

As Mrs Molly gets the food Mr Molly here keeps and eye on the nest and area and lets you know all about that as he does his warning chirping if anyone or thing gets to close !

Spring 2013 (14 of 16)

I left the Wrens alone as Mr Molly was getting frantic  and decided to have a look around to see what else I could photograph , then I saw this guy a Red Tailed Hawk soaring over yonder in the current of the winds !

Spring 2013 (11 of 16)

It was amazing to watch him as he stopped in mid air and hovered to get a birds eye view hehe of the field ! Then he would drop his wind just a tad and down he would swoop with the current again .

Spring 2013 (1 of 1)-60

Then came the evening as Papa and I were out there getting eaten alive by skitters taking photos of the full moon and it was humid and clouds were forming but us crazy  devoted photographers will risk just about anything to get that shot  ! Snap happy  nuts , I say lol !

                               So that was our Sunday  a typical day at Our Country Cove !

                                           Until next time . Have a good day !


                                                Thanks for popping by !


                                        Country Gal

Sunday, June 23, 2013

A Sunday Surprise !


Papa was busy in his wood shop doing what  , I had no idea  , all I knew was I wasn’t to enter unless I knocked  , ok I thought what’s he up to !

                                                         This is what he was up to !

Spring 2013 (1 of 1)

He surprised me with these cute weather vanes that he made . How cute are they ?

Awesome job Papa , I love them !

Speaking about the weather , it has been sunny humid and muggy here but there is a cool breeze so that makes it  bearable ! We were to get rain and thunderstorms but no go for us as it keeps going around us .

Until next time . Have a good day !


                                                                Thanks for popping by !

                                                                    Country Gal

Saturday, June 22, 2013



I was out watering my front gardens yesterday evening . The front faces the east . Whilst I was doing that Papa was out in the back yard and he was taking photos of the first day of summer sunset . This is the photo he liked the best . Papa doesn’t get much of a chance to do his photography but when he does they are always awesome !

                                                                       Nice photo Papa .

sunset first day of summer-1

Today the weather is sunny  & warm with cool breezes and  the sky is hazy . Rain for this afternoon and evening . This morning I got up early  filled my birdie feeders had my tea on the back patio and enjoyed the early morning  then Papa got up  had his tea and started the trimming  of the trees as they have grown so much and some branches were almost touching the ground .

                                      It’s going to be a day of puttering for us today !

                                              What are or have you been up to today ?

                            Until next time , have a good day & Thanks for popping by !

                                           Country Gal

Friday, June 21, 2013

Oh Boy !!!


                                                           Today is the first day of 


                                       Open-mouthed smile   SUMMER Open-mouthed smile


               I have put together a few summer collages from Our Country Cove to share with you !


Summer is a time for lots of pretty flowers ,  lot’s of birds ,  critters , buzzy bees ,  elegant butterfly’s , cool breeze, rain drops , sunny fun  and lazy day’s on the porch!


         Sunrises , sunsets   , moon shining bright , Thundershowers , puffy white clouds and clear blue sky’s  .



               Happy Summer !

                                          Until next time

                                                                    Have a great day


                                                                 Thanks for popping by !

                                                                 Country Gal

Thursday, June 20, 2013

I Finally Did It !


I was sitting on the front porch early this morning in my jammies wrapped in my blanket  as it was chilly enjoying my cup of tea with my camera in hand and my buddy Miggs by my side whilst the sun was rising . I have two Hummer feeders in the front as this year I noticed the Hummers were occupying the big tree at the end of the driveway that reaches over part of the front porch !

The little hummer was playing with me for a bit but I finally got photos of him and stopped his wings in flight  WOOHOO ! It has taken me a long time to get the right setting on my camera and time it all perfectly ! My settings were  ISO 400  Fstop 4.5  Shutter speed  1/2000 of a second !

Spring 2013 (16 of 17)

                           I love these little guys , they are playful when one has a camera on them !

Spring 2013 (9 of 17)

Then he decided to take a little break on the tiny hanger of his feeder and let me take more photos of him !                                    

Spring 2013 (1 of 1)

                                                        Tomorrow is the first day of !

                                                                   Summer Open-mouthed smile

                         and I am loving the beautiful weather and all the nature that goes with it !

                                          Until next time  have a great day & Thanks for popping by !

                                                               Country Gal





Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Playing In The Sprinkler !


Earlier today  Miggs had fun playing in the sprinkler and I had fun taking photos of her all wet and quite scruffy looking !

Spring 2013 (41 of 128)

I set the sprinkler up under our big oak tree so she can play in the shade !

Spring 2013 (43 of 128)

Spring 2013 (54 of 128)

                 Miggs cant to this day figure out whether she wasn’t to lick the water or bite at it lol !

Spring 2013 (64 of 128)

Spring 2013 (66 of 128)

                          She was having a blast and getting cooled off at the same time !

Spring 2013 (77 of 128)

Miggs took a bit of a break or may have been  feeling a little water logged lol  and tried to dry off a bit !

It didn’t take her long to get back in the sprinkler again though once she realized it was still going !

Spring 2013 (89 of 128)

Spring 2013 (98 of 128)

Spring 2013 (100 of 128)

                            Then Mama turned it off as she was looking a bit cold and kept leaving it !

Spring 2013 (110 of 128)

Hey Mama turn it back on I want to play with the water again or I can just lick what’s left on it !

Spring 2013 (114 of 128)

Oh well it was fun while it lasted maybe tomorrow Mama will let me play again in the sprinkler !

Spring 2013 (123 of 128)

                                             Oh those lovely sunny warm day’s !

                               Until next time . Have a fun day & Thanks for popping by !

                                            Country Gal

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Basking In The Sun


Miggs and I got up at 6:30 am and got our morning going .  We went for our long walk this morning as it was nice and sunny with cool breezes .

When we got back and Miggs was resting I came in to get myself a coffee and saw Harley basking in the morning sun as the breeze was blowing on her from the window . So I quietly got my camera .

Spring 2013 (3 of 7)

Spring 2013 (4 of 7)

She noticed me there and stayed there for some time and actually let me take photos of her as Harley really doesn’t like her photo taken cause most of the time she takes off but I guess she was enjoying the sun and the breeze to much .

Spring 2013 (6 of 7)

                                     She put a little show on for me as she rolly polled for a bit !

Spring 2013 (5 of 7)

                Spring 2013 (7 of 7)

Then she rolled right over and fell asleep with a content look on her face as she soaked up the sun with the cool breeze blowing on her . Nap Nap Kitty !

                             Until next time , Have a good day and Thanks for popping by !

                                               Country Gal