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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Playing In The Sprinkler !


Earlier today  Miggs had fun playing in the sprinkler and I had fun taking photos of her all wet and quite scruffy looking !

Spring 2013 (41 of 128)

I set the sprinkler up under our big oak tree so she can play in the shade !

Spring 2013 (43 of 128)

Spring 2013 (54 of 128)

                 Miggs cant to this day figure out whether she wasn’t to lick the water or bite at it lol !

Spring 2013 (64 of 128)

Spring 2013 (66 of 128)

                          She was having a blast and getting cooled off at the same time !

Spring 2013 (77 of 128)

Miggs took a bit of a break or may have been  feeling a little water logged lol  and tried to dry off a bit !

It didn’t take her long to get back in the sprinkler again though once she realized it was still going !

Spring 2013 (89 of 128)

Spring 2013 (98 of 128)

Spring 2013 (100 of 128)

                            Then Mama turned it off as she was looking a bit cold and kept leaving it !

Spring 2013 (110 of 128)

Hey Mama turn it back on I want to play with the water again or I can just lick what’s left on it !

Spring 2013 (114 of 128)

Oh well it was fun while it lasted maybe tomorrow Mama will let me play again in the sprinkler !

Spring 2013 (123 of 128)

                                             Oh those lovely sunny warm day’s !

                               Until next time . Have a fun day & Thanks for popping by !

                                            Country Gal

14 comments: said...

Last picture Miggs looks all tuckered out. I laughed all through the pictures. Thanks for sharing.

Mama was only playing with you Miggs.

Oh I am going to be babysitting as well my sons families dog Teddy Starting next Wed.

I wonder what she will be up too.

She is a real Mama 's sweet heart also. I hope she dont cry for her mama while they go to Florida.

I hope she dont get home sick for them.

Any suggestions while Mama will be away say she wont eat?

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

Our Sioux loves to play in the water too -- nice way for them to cool off. :)

missy said...

Great pictures..I'll have to try that with Mollie...

missy said...

I just left this comment on your cat post..Love these pictures...and your header..going to have to try the hose thing with Mollie..

Never So Simple said...



Willow said...

Oh so fun ! He looks like he is having a blast. Such a cute post. said...

Your Miggs looks like Benji.

Did you ever watch Benji?

movies from 1974 through the 2000s
That is why I have fallen in love with your Miggs.

Thanks for the help if I get stuck with Teddy in those two particular questions.

Just read your note to me.

Jane and Chris said...

Ah, that was a great set of photos!
Jane x

Michelle said...

That last picture is just precious!

grammie g said...

Hi Elaine...Oh my goodness that is the most comical sight to watch here at the sprinkler !!
Every photo is just great Miggs is great entertainment thanks for sharing these!! I also love your Harley post to !! Our pets are so cute !!
That last one of Miggs is priceless!!

Crystal said...

Aww thats adorable playing in the sprinkler!

fernvalley01 said...

what fun! she and Winston would be fast friends

Margaret Adamson said...

Hi Love the whole series of shots but the last one is priceless. He is saying, 'You turned off the water and stopped my fun, Ah well, she just might turn it on tomorrow again. Off for a snooze and to dry out now'! Margaret

Muffy's Marks said...

That dog has so much personality!!! He sure had a fun day playing with the sprinkler. That last photo is a riot, He looks ticked that you shut the water off.